Dear friends, today we will tell you about qualities of the Future Human.

Each of us can become that Future Human, who already travels through deep space and lives not only on our planet, but on other planets as well.

To continue our conscious existence in that Human Future we need to develop certain qualities of the Human with a capital letter.The opportunities that electronic communications and various scientific achievements give us today cannot be in any way compared with the opportunities available in the Future Humanity.

The relationships between people existing nowadays are deprived of warm-heartedness, openness, and deepness. At present people just have no time for spiritual experiences because they are totally consumed with technological innovations and all the benefits they give.
They are absorbed in rational-selfish realizations and have no idea about future they form by their life creativity. Most modern people have rational-selfish tendencies, which reveal in consumerism. In their choices they are guided, first of all, by personal benefit.
Each of us forms Future - by own thoughts and feelings. A separate alphabet letter does not carry meaning in itself, only in a combination with other letters. In the same way, we can create our life only in a joint activity.
Most people are not able to experience deeply high-spiritual states and do not even know what it is like. The standard of the most altruistic manifestations is considered to be mother’s care to her child. However, there appeared a tendency when many women become mothers due to some mercantile reasons. Maternal feelings are often dictated by elementary instincts, which are peculiar to animals as well.
In nature, there are many examples. Animals and birds are able to display no less love and care for their young, and even show non-human courage and endurance. Some species of birds search food for their nestlings 24 hours a day. Penguins do not eat or drink for 4 months keeping milk in their craw for a future penguin, at the same time they are holding the egg carefully in paws protecting it reliably from cold and damages, saving the life of a future pet.
There are still many other qualities such as loyalty that are common not only for us but also for animals. Everyone knows about the ability of cats and dogs to express a deep loyalty to a human. A dog or a cat can wait the owner who has left it for years.

We can not call such qualities «a demonstration of conscious altruism» because it is an expression of instinctive natural altruism, which has nothing in common with human altruism. Mother’s love to her child is not a demonstration of conscious altruism. This love is dictated by innate instincts to preserve its generation, which are typical of all animals. Blind mother's love can even harm society. Blindly loving mother connives all the pranks of her beloved child. As a result, when child becomes an adult he shows an extreme callousness, brutality and aggression towards other people. Because such love makes him unable to show even elementary compassion, empathy and understanding, which many species of animals are able to show. Such love produces particularly cruel, cynical and ruthless rogues in the human community. Fanatical love for own nation leads to the same tragic consequences, turning many undeveloped personalities into blind slaves of someone else’s will, who do not notice any victims of their criminal devotion. Their altruism is based on despotism and cruelty. Their readiness for self-sacrifice has nothing to do with highly intellectual and highly feeling states peculiar to Future Human.

Religious fans who skillfully manipulate sincere people’s Aspirations to spirituality for their own selfish purposes also exhibit very common type of a false altruism, which has nothing to do with conscious Altruism. Even today, world religions become hotbeds of categorically inadmissible and malicious ignorance, warmongers of intra-national discords and cruelest religious wars. Therefore, conceptions of Human development Directions are totally deprived of religious trends that somehow limit people’s Aspirations to self-improvement, intellectual and spiritual development.
It is simply unacceptable to take fanatical religious devotion and reckless self-sacrifice and savagery generated by it for manifestations of high-intellect and high-feeling states of the Future Human.

So, what is the Conscious Altruism?

When you begin to deeply feel the state of the vital need to give, to share sincerely with someone, then it will be a clear sign for you that you already have What to give and What to share, that you already have it all. The dynamic of your states refocuses you to those scenarios where this realization is maximally expressed, and allows you to refocus to more qualitative realizations.

It’s absolutely true that a rich person is not who has a lot (what you have now, you can always lose), but who gives a lot. Having given something you will never lose it, instead in the process of giving, you will gain something new, more valuable and necessary for you. From a psychological point of view greedy and avaricious people, no matter how big their wealth is, are poorer than a beggar, because they are not able to feel the joy of sharing with others.

Charity is just one of infinite variants of partial satisfaction of that imperishable internal state, of this spiritual need to do good not expecting gratitude, honor or recognition. That need doesn’t decrease, on the contrary it constantly increases with every did.

Same regards intellectuality: there’s no point in living if it is not used.

The Altruism and Intellect are two inseparable parts of a single highly creative Flow in which one cannot exist without the other. The Intellect opens up the possibilities of continuous mastering ever more complex information. The Altruism allows experiencing the deepest and highest Feelings. A reliable mean of their simultaneous realization is born in the dynamic of close interaction of these two forces. That is a biological type of the Future Human.

Let’s see what can happen without high logical-analytical and intuitive Motivations, without the presence of unconditional Desire in Self-Consciousness to Serve gratuitously other “people":

  • the state of Responsibility can easily turn from a burning and unconditional spiritual need into a forced requirement that does not differ from the responsibility of a watchman, an accountant or other "materially responsible person" who puts own "personal" interest in this feeling;
  • Love and Mercy will be replaced by compassionate affection only to the “closest people” and can turn, for example, into a blind maternal devotion only to "own precious child", which allows indifference or negativity to all the other children and their parents;
  • Respect and Decency will become ostentatious, generously flavored with hypocrisy and the desire to look better, more successful, more intelligent, more "spiritual" than it actually is;
  • Perseverance will sink to the level of dull pig-headedness in achieving own profit;
  • Aspiration to higher Ideas and creative spiritual realizations will be replaced by the powerful selfish desire to publically protrude own deep-rooted status seeking, throwing in face fundamental truths none of which can be deeply understood or applied in Life.

Gradual mastery of the states of high feeling Intellect and high intellect Wisdom takes us beyond any selfish realizations. It determines our potential readiness to active creative participation in those Cosmic Programs that are no longer limited to the Creativity Spheres of only our Planetary Entity; they allow us to realize Altruistic Wisdom consciously and purposefully, simultaneously in many Formo-systems of the Worlds that structure "Star-Galactic" Levels of other Realities and Continuums. (15.17370)

Those who are reading or studying Iissiidiology already know what rapid time we are living in now and how fast eras are changing at present - due to the intensive improving of our thinking and feeling quality. If earlier transitional periods between eras lasted decades, now a few years are enough for Earth population to change unrecognizably, and for relations in society as well as the society itself to radically transform.

However, considering that everything exists in accordance with the Multiworld Law, there are many options for the present humanity development and correspondingly there’s a multitude of scenarios that humanity needs to live through.

If we want to be People with capital letter and to continue our creativity in truly Human Worlds we need to envisage the qualities which Future Human has and think what we need to change in ourselves in order to  acquire them. Otherwise, if we do not begin to change consciously, we will change unconsciously, shifting naturally and automatically into nonhuman worlds, where we will either become bio-robots or will experience a variety of natural disasters, pandemics, wars and other adjusting Planetary Mechanisms.

Major orientation cues on the Human development Way are high feeling Intellect and high intellect Altruism. These are elements of our mental-feeling dynamics that advance us to the real Future Human. Our task is to begin developing these qualities in ourselves and apply them in our daily choices.

Collective creativity takes an important place in this process of mastering Human qualities. After all, human is not able to approve himself as a human if he is alone.

For such collective creativity, there established IIAIDCs – International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Centers - where everyone can broaden not only their conceptions about themselves and the surrounding world, but also to contribute in our mutual Future by means of active participation in the joint collective activity of people who want to build together a Human Society based on Iissiidiology ideas and principles.

Thank you, dear friends, for your attention. We express our gratitude and want everyone who watches this video to feel the full degree of responsibility and importance of the time we find ourselves. We embrace you and wish you Understanding, Patience and continuous Spiritual Growth for your good and greater good of our human community.


These are translated (from Russian) quotes from the Iissiidiology books series “Immortality is accessible to everyone” volume 15)

Translated by Dmitry Gerasimov

Proofreaded by Elaine Morgan