In the coming decades other terrestrial civilizations, yet unknown to us, constituting unique and very individual intelligent, sometimes similar to ours, communities, who have long been home to the depths of the oceans and seas, will commence active manifestations and attempts to establish friendly contacts with people. An exorbitant number of various inexpensive raw materials, including chemicals, industrial and food supplies will become available for exploration from the Marine Environment. Generally, it will be a variety of chemical compounds, the light and processing industry material, as well as food, enriched with minerals, allowing producing a harmonious and balanced nutrition. As far as products of animal origin (red meat), they will soon cease to play an important role for our body (except for fish, shellfish and plankton). 

During this period of active fusion of terrestrial and oceanic civilizations, fairly simple surgery of implanting to all interested in it, of farmed synthetic "branchial-like” structures, will be conducted, which will be located behind the ear, in three rows of thin longitudinal sections: the first, stretching 4 cm down from the middle of the ear, the second - just below the first, 7 cm in length, and the third - the smallest of the three – of only 2 cm. This will be followed by conversion of the participant’s body cells by the preprogrammed nanorobots in such a fashion, that the amount of oxygen, sufficient to carry out normal, continuous 10-15 hour under water activity, would be generated within body directly from the water. Shortly thereafter, even greater results will be achieved with the help of activation of certain genes within specific areas of the chromosomes of these, who wishes to devote considerable amount of time to the study and development of oceanic depths, which are responsible for the oxygen supply function of whales and dolphins. There will be millions of people, wishing to explore and participate in this extensive research!

Over the vast depths of unruffled ocean surfaces, gigantic stationary research centers with domed transparent coatings of high-strength polymer-ceramic will be constructed. In them, thousands of specialists in various fields of science and industry will be able to live and work for extended periods. There also will be mining installations, aimed for mineral and ground vegetation processing. It is much more expedient than transporting raw materials to land for recycling. Thousands of floating city-modules will slowly run on the surface of the seas and oceans, where those, who wishes to learn the wealth of the Earth's water resources, will be able to live comfortably and productively. Each of these cities with a population of tens of thousands of people will have their own specialization and course. These floating cities are completely immune to any storms, tsunamis or tornadoes because the segmented domed pressurization system of all surface parts and the presence of a powerful submarine foundation, makes these city modules completely resistant to even the most harsh and powerful naval environments.

All this will be necessary not only in terms of feasibility of creation of the most comfortable conditions for those humans, whose creative interests have shifted in the direction of the water-land mode of existence, but also establishing of closer scientific and technological cooperation with ocean races, of which only three are actually "anthropomorphic" (that is – human-like). Upper half of their body closely resembles “human” organism structure, because they also have a head, shoulders and torso, however, there are also various differences in the structure of their other bodily organs, such as front limbs, eyes, ears, skin, hair, and in particular, the genitals. A vivid example of these creatures – is a mermaid (translator’s note).

The differences, existing between the representatives of aquatic civilizations and us, are the result of genetic mutations occurring in biological organisms due to the prolonged existence in different habitats. Because their DNA is now very different from the "human" DNA, reproduction of the joint offspring (in a natural fashion) will not be possible. At the same time, with the help of the latest advances in genetic engineering, both on land and in the water - the number of diverse “gill-enhanced” "Ichthyanders" whose genomes will become the embodiment of all the best and useful, which is typical for us and for them, will multiply exorbitantly.

Representatives of other Earthly civilizations do not exactly fit in the description, which many of us would project onto them, as their external appearance is far from the "human". The entire variety of their forms can be roughly compared with those, known to us marine life inhabitants as whales, dolphins and giant octopuses. Among them are four rather withdrawn races with an obvious bias in the kind of creativity, which we subjectively would interpret as various degrees of rationalism. Each of these races prefers to dwell in the depths of warm seas and oceans apart from the rest, therefore the relationship among them (and the people) is strictly regulated. It should be noted that over time, these deep-sea races will be substantially effected and quantitatively reduced because of powerful earthquakes, which will occur in areas of their habitat. In more advanced Space-Time Continuums, only those of them, whose configurations will be potentially ready to the close consolidation with other developed civilizations, will survive. In the more favorable “Space-Time Continuums" only those will survive, whose configurations will be potentially ready for productive mutual consolidation with other developed civilizations.

Future worlds: Humankind and sub-aquatic oceanic civilizations

Reorientation of Self-Consciousness of certain number of people in the direction of ocean life creativity will not occur at once - at the beginning, it will be quite diplomatic and ambiguous process, which will include various tensions and mistrust between the people and these ocean races. "Humanoid" civilizations, living under the Arctic and Antarctic icecap, are vitally interrelated with one another by means of mutual biological environment and unified systems of survival - in fact, it is a very long-time alliance of highly civilized beings, founded a few hundred thousand years "ago" by races, which existed on Earth in the "antediluvian" period. Some of them came out in different locations across the newly formed continents and had its own way to adapt to the new conditions, while the bulk continued to evolve and improve in the inaccessible depths of the oceans.

Because their existential interests have never intersected, contacts between the surface and underwater civilizations over time completely ceased, and has resumed only when people’s Self-Consciousness has reached the level of development, required to establish a creative mutual understanding, because “svilgs-sferatsiya” sub-schema Synthesis (of the same two mutual Dominant Qualities) between us and them - are different. However, a significant difference in the quality of Perceptions will not prevent the establishing of a unified creative consortium between an improved "humankind" of Earth and three oceanic "humanoid" civilizations in a more distant "future".

This partial creative fusion between humans, oceanic civilizations and races will occur due to the dramatic sea level increase  and the absorption by the water of the greater part of the land area (entire countries, islands, cities, forests, farmland and more will be submerged), which will force the rest of the "people" to pay serious attention to the possibility of the amphibian lifestyle. Such large-scale projects imply a very close collaboration with the developed sea and ocean civilizations for the purpose of the joined research and genetic experiments.

In some of the development scenarios, the most important condition to become a part of such community would be the compliance by all the participants with a mandatory aggression gene deactivation procedure within the DNA, aimed to partially suppress of certain genes, responsible for the enhancement of the inferior-frequency Perceptions within the individual Self-Consciousness. It is impossible to eliminate their functional activity in the genome entirely, because they are also involved in the proper functioning of an immune system as well as many other biological processes. Under normal conditions, the adrenaline allows us to exist in a physical body and perform various physical activities. However, when the Synthesis of the first two inferior frequency Level Energy centers will be completed, the process of deactivation of any aggressive manifestation (that is destructive Perceptions), will occur naturally.

Additional note: contrary to the widely known belief, the effects, which people address to the activity of the extraterrestrial life forms and other extraterrestrial civilizations, often visible in the sky or other places on the planet, are actually the signs of the TERRESTRIAL Forms of Self-Consciousness, which are described above. With time, their friendly activity will increase, so more and more people will have a chance to be acquainted with their presence. 

This is the extract from the Volume 15 of Iissiidiology regarding oceanic civilizations, inhabiting the depths of Arctic and Antarctic oceans, and our future contacts with them.