I want to share with you my thoughts about immortality.
I believe that we will always perceive ourselves alive, because our consciousness will exist forever!
Many people think that our brain is our consciousness, but this is not correct. The brain has been very well studied to date, and scientists have come to a conclusion that it is the same body organ as any other body organ.

Many studies have shown that consciousness exists independently of the brain. Iissiidiology states that each object of the surrounding reality has consciousness, starting with elementary particles, atoms, molecules, body cells, plants, animals, and ending with planets, stars, galaxies and universe. All these and other objects have a way of perceiving itself and the world. They are all part of greater evolution. We cannot even imagine how for example water, minerals, animals, plants, stars and all around perceive itself. There are multiple life scenarios, and we manifest in the ones which mostly correspond with our current goals and interests, correspond with the state of our self-consciousness.

As a result our consciousness refocuses from one world to another. But so that we don’t get lost, don’t get mixed up as to who we are, our perceptual system is designed in such way so that we cannot see multiplicity of the worlds, and therefore we cannot yet see the different life scenarios and their outcomes.

"Death" - is a mechanism of instant re-projection of self-consciousness from one form to another, almost the same one, but belonging to nearby worlds. This is the psycho-mental jump, it gives a real opportunity to once again qualitatively change yourself. This mechanism allows each self-consciousness form, when making a particular choice, to be manifested, according to resonance, in life scenarios which the most correspond to its qualitative state. The worlds in which we are present now depend only on our synthesis and on our choices. And only we can change something in our destiny. Therefore, it is more beneficial to be good, meaning altruistic and intellectual, so that we more and more apprehend ourselves in better worlds.

Hopefully in Iissiidiology Knowledge about Immortality you will find your interest!

I wish everyone with all my heart to understand that you are IMMORTAL!


By Iusselddmiyya

Translated from Russian by Astiyraalls