Are we truly immortal? What is awaiting us there – beyond the threshold of “death”?

Such concepts as world diversity, the multiplicity of our individual interpretations, multi-variance of our destinies as well as simultaneousness and instantaneousness of all our individual lives - these key perceptions can facilitate in expanding the knowledge regarding the change of your destiny, becoming more optimistic and successful, determine your existential priorities and, ultimately, find the true meaning of your own Life, which at first glance seems to be an incredibly complicated task...

"The supreme meaning of an infinitely long Life is the quality of Life itself." (Oris)



Ever since we looked up and saw a glowing picture of the night sky, we began wondering - who we are in the Universe, how the Universe is arranged, what is the meaning of our life, is there a true immortality, and if it exists - how does it function, what is our fate, can we change it, and finally - why things are the way they are?

The advent of high-tech devices, satellites, special lasers, gravitational wave detectors, X-ray telescopes and high-speed supercomputers – all that facilitates in obtaining of information regarding the nature of the Universe, however, the intuitive scientific research steadily gains momentum and perspectives as well. Some of the variations of world’s plurality will definitely see this cognition method as primary in our nearest future.

For instance, IISSIIDIOLOGY offers and advocates the intuitive cognition approach. This recently appeared Knowledge provides and supports the Universe’s many-worlds interpretation theory, which ultimately allows us to find answers to various mysterious questions that have intrigued humankind for so long.

IISSIIDIOLOGY’s intuitive conception introduces the paradigm of simultaneous existence of multiplicity of innumerable Universes, and among other topics, minutely elaborates the peculiarities of close relationship between the multilevel structure of human consciousness, space and matter.

It literally promotes revolutionary understanding of simultaneous and instantaneous existence of multiple Worlds and Universes, multiplicity of our individual interpretations and choices, as well as much more.

Multivariance - the key to understanding the Multiverse.

Various scientific standpoints regarding the parallel worlds and the Universe as multiworld structure.

In the 18th century, one of the characters in a work of Voltaire's "Candide," Pangloss, declaired: "this world is the best of all possible worlds”. I therefore strongly believe that the message of this passage implies that the world, where people currently exist, is not the only world out there. Since long ago great mythologists and science fictionists, cosmologists, astronomers and physicists intuitively and hypothetically experienced, assumed and described the existence of multiple parallel worlds.

Giordano Bruno, who was burned by the order of Catholic Church for his advanced cosmological ideas, was a great Italian scientist, philosopher, poet, an ardent supporter and advocate of Copernicus Universe infinity doctrine and the plurality of world’s theory, justifying the existence of multiple Worlds, similar to our Earth. While living in London, he wrote the book "On the infinity of the Universe and worlds» (“DE L'INFINITO UNIVERSO ET MONDI”), which in part reads:

"... the existence of this world does not require the existence of other worlds, however, for the universe to keep its existence and to advance, an infinite number of worlds is required. Therefore, the perfectness of any given world does not imply other worlds to be less perfected; for this world, just like any other world, is comprised of certain parts, so all of them together constitute a unified integral world".  

The idea of Multiverse hovers in the minds of modern scholars as well. Steven Weinberg – 1979 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, member of the Royal Society of London as well as the US National Academy of Sciences, in his book "Dreams of a Final Theory" asserts:

"…the path that led physicists from the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, to the Superstring theory and realization of the fact that our Universe, perhaps, coexists with other Universes… ".

Authoritative Japanese American futurologist, astrophysicist Michio Kaku in his book "Parallel Worlds” indicates the following: "Physicists and astronomers around the world construct various hypotheses about how these parallel worlds might look like, what laws they are governed by, how did they originate, and how would they eventually collapse. Perhaps parallel worlds are null and do not contain any vital components. On the other hand, they might be not much different from our Universe, separated from it by only a single significant event (occurred or not), which, in fact, became the very cause of their differences”.

One of the founders of inflationary cosmology, a Stanford University professor Andrei Linde has highlighted - "This is an endless, self-replicating process, consistently multiplexing an infinite number of Worlds – a Multiverse. The same fundamental physical laws there may be implemented in variable modes - for instance, an intranuclear force and the electron charge in other Universes may be considerably different from our Universe. This fantastic disposition is now quite seriously discussed by many physicists and cosmologists ".

Diversity and multiplicity of all our individual interpretations; simultaneous multivariance of our choices and multiverse.

The Universe – is an infinitely exorbitant diversity of various Universes, where various processes can occur differently, depending on the standpoint quality of an outside Observer. Moreover - there is an infinite variety of universal development options exist, for example, the degree of various density star formation in one type of universes occurred slow, while in others - little faster; in the third type of universe such formation did not take place at all, although all the processes in all diverse versions occur consistently and gradually, moving from one to another with little difference. However, all possible diversity options deserve the right to be! In addition, every "following" Universe differs from another Universe by a slightest fraction, which is completely inaccessible to our perception. At the same instant, we have a whole range of opportunities to act in many different ways, such as responding with kindness or show irritability. Any existential process has the ability to develop in a variety of options and an enormous diversity of various worlds. At any moment, we represent a new imagery: as soon as our mood or thoughts change, - new hormones and enzymes are discharged in the body. There are quite a few TV publications and movies, dedicated to this topic in existence; however, everyone can detect it many times in their life on the daily basis.

For example, someone can either make it on time to catch the bus in the morning at 8 o'clock or be late by 15 minutes - each of the choices has many various developments, which in turn mean various destiny scenarios. As you can imagine, multiple unexpected events may occur in these 15 minutes. Similar, even the most insignificant changes, occurring not only at the level of actions, but even at the levels of a slightest desire, results in the fact, that we "current" realize ourselves differently than those of us, who have thought or done something in a different fashion, but in a different world, inaccessible for our perception. At that, the entire subsequent life of "those us” develops slightly, or completely different way: in some scenarios we decide to quit the job because we are late for work; in some other scenarios we get to the hospital or even die. However, the "current you” do not even know about such transformation of your destiny, occurring with other individual embodiments of your other scenario variation.

Peculiarities of iissiidiological perceptions in the Multiverse interpretation

We gain various experience in our lives at the expense of those diverse occurrences. Our other individual interpretations may differ from us to a slight, or even to an extreme extent. Because of the difference in the DNA activity we can not combine with them in any way, however we can intuitively feel each other on a psychic level.

When we supposedly “die” in this world, where others can observe our dead body, in reality, we instantaneously refocus into other of our multitude of physical bodies, existing in the other, frequency proximate, world. No death actually exist per se, just as no one can experience being dead in any way, shape or form. As I have mentioned at the time of “death” our consciousness instantaneously re-projects into the “nearest”, our very similar physical form, existing in some parallel world, hence, “death” is nothing more than an optical illusion. We infinitely and eternally evolve into more qualitative forms of our development. This is the primary argument of the Multiverse and our destiny’s multi-variance in favor of human immortality. We do not know the individual lives, where we have “died”, however, one way or another we can feel or somehow experience the events, occurring in our other individual interpretation’s lives. Thus, we can, and we always experience ourselves alive!

Re-projection of consciousness occurs continuously, both - into more qualitative, as well as lesser qualitative realities, the resonance with which directly depends on our choices. Manifestation of such qualities as jealousy, revenge, resentment or sorrow and apathy will result in re-projection into such variants of our destiny, where the surrounding scenarios quality is unlikely to delight anyone. However, if you are curious to explore the most desirable existence versions of your marvelous future, it is possible if you commence to apply the new type of reasoning and sensuousness, developing your qualitative existential forms, which will allow for more profound self-expression and the ability to create the surrounding reality, according to your own discretion and understanding.

“Cease looking for miracles and fairy tales regarding a magic immortality, but carefully and persistently seek the reliable Knowledge, depicting your own individual immortality; the Knowledge, which has always been, is, and will be with you; the Knowledge that was originally given to and never left you. Everything that people prefer to define as miracles - is nothing other than a variable degree of yet unknown Knowledge".

As for me, I must admit that IISSIIDIOLOGY has literally turned my worldview standpoint completely upside down by its unique interpretation of the notion of immortality and multiverse conception. Before that, the only thing I could learn from the conventional esotericism was the immortality of the Soul, and even that notion of “Soul” is very vague per se. Contrary to that, IISSIIDIOLOGY asserts that we always experience ourselves in a specific Form of Self-Consciousness within a specific world, a particular realm out of their infinite diversity.


It is my strong belief, that IISSIIDIOLOGY promotes a logical alignment of multileveled and heterogeneous image of the Universe, emphasizing its Multiverse paradigm. Such terms as "multi-variance" and "diversity" give us the opportunity to understand that any, even the most insignificant event that happened to us or anyone / anything else in the universe, has a probability of accomplishment with some variation as to what we are doing or seeing. In this respect, all other unfulfilled event options take place not in the world that we can observe, but in another world that we are not able to observe, which differs from our world by a minor conditional frequency our perception systems are not able to perceive.

Many-Worlds interpretation in IISSIIDIOLOGY, as well as the entire IISSIIDIOLOGY in general, is based on the reasoning of Consciousness while the Consciousness formation structure laws description constitutes an invisible foundation of IISSIIDIOLOGY, serving as an indispensable fundamentality of this system of Knowledge.

The entire surrounding World is formed within our own Self-Consciousness, which has been recently postulated throughout such scientific disciplines as psychology and physiology, particularly in the field of the brain research.

Absolutely everything throughout the Multiverse is fully conscious, not only people and animals, as the orthodox science believed for centuries. Any material entity is conscious, there is no such thing as an inanimate object whether it is a constituent of a micro, or macrocosm.

Everything in the Multiverse constitutes of Self-Conscious life, however every form of Self-Consciousness perceives the surrounding reality in its own unique way, very subjectively. No Universe is inanimate, but rather a Self-Conscious essence, extending its boundaries throughout the entire visible and invisible immensity of Space.

In this exciting period in our history, the science has initiated a qualitative information technology leap, radically changing our way of life and expanding our horizons way beyond the scope of the Earth, dispersing over to the entire Solar system, Milky Way galaxy, other galaxy clusters, and so on. The imminent construction completion of the new particle accelerator of the size of a city, assures physicists that we are entering a golden age of cosmology, considering the fact, that perhaps another such global expansion can occur as soon as tomorrow.

Information – is the primary mechanism of our Self-Consciousness expansion. I had discovered it for myself in IISSIIDIOLOGY, which talks about immortality, the structure of the universe and much more. Provided for it, I became more apt for the unexpected existential circumstances, because now I can explain a lot of what happens around me.

I also believe that anyone who becomes interested in IISSIIDIOLOGY will find answers to many previously unexplained questions.

Author - Firoksanta