The fact that we exist in the World, where wars, hostility, conflicts, violence, lack of understanding, poverty, famine and fear of death are still being our daily reality, speaks for itself – up until now none of the currently existing sources of knowledge has come up with anyhow logically well-grounded conception, which would consider the intellectually-scientific and the moral points of view of the modern human society in relation to its own vital issues.




We live in the wonderful era, when a blind faith loses its dominant role in an attitude of a man to the world and in interrelations of people.

- How can we change the existing interpersonal relations within a global human society onto the considerably more harmonious relations of the future?

- How can we construct the interpersonal relations within our global planetary society, which are based upon such Human qualities as positivism, loving-kindness, mutual understanding, clemency and highly-intellectual altruism, coupled with highly-sensual intellect?

- Is there a solution, you may ask?!

- Definitely! The solution is – the elevation of quality of the “individual” Self-Consciousness!

There is an experimental project International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center “Ayfaar” in Russia - the model of the profound balancing of social interrelations, which exists for a few years now. The essence of the project is based on the synthesis of highly-intellectual sensuality, coupled with highly-sensual intellect. The source of this synthesis is the universal Knowledge, called IISSIIDIOLOGY, which is harmoniously combined with the deep altruistic meaning of Ayfaar songs. On the basis of this universal Knowledge thousands of people are already implementing and rationalizing absolutely new kind of interpersonal relationships with each other as well as with the surrounding reality.

The IISSIIDIOLOGY consists of newest cosmological conceptions concerning the Universe and the “humankind”. It perfectly correlates with the Multi-World and Superstring Theories, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, social psychology and wave genetics; but in its specification, completeness and consistency of the transmitted Information, this Knowledge tremendously surpasses and exceeds all conventional scientific perceptions regarding the Universal structure as a whole and all living organisms in particular.

One of the axiomatic notions of the IISSIIDIOLOGY is being the Multi-World conception,logically explaining the primordial existence of the variable multitudes of Forms and events of our surrounding reality, either accessible, or not yet accessible to our subjective perception.

The practical application of the IISSIIDIOLOGY Knowledge facilitates the conscious choice making towards the more favorable scenarios out of the infinite multitude of them in any situation, by means of Self-Consciousness Focus “retrojecting” from one already existing Form into the other.

You can learn how to perform this from the IISSIIDIOLOGY, which rather soon will inevitably merge with science, providing it with more genuine perceptions regarding the true nature of all.

Then, the comprehension of the fact that the researched surrounding reality objectively doesn’t exist anywhere, but within our own subjective perception (in the same exact fashion as we actually imagine it), will lead our scientists to the understanding, that their experimental conclusions also can’t be considered objective and independent from the development level of their own Self-Consciousness.

Thus, the primary conception of the IISSIIDIOLOGY is an intuitive cognition, based upon the constant elevation of the mentally-sensual perception quality, in a consequence of which any existential Creation area, as well as the objectivity and veracity of any types of research, tremendously increases.

The comprehensive singing of more then five hundred Ayfaar songs considerably contributes to the development of high sensuality. Their lyrics are written onto popular melodies of the past century, also they are filled with profound humanistic meaning. The every day performance of these songs is the efficient developing method for the psychic, spiritual and physic state and its improvement, providing the necessary synthesis of the combined highly-intellectual sensuality with highly-sensual intellect.

It is well-known that any song or a melody – is above all a source of information, and the quality of this transmitted musical energy greatly determines not only the physical health and psychic state of an individual, but most importantly – all circumstances of his life.

The Ayfaar song lyrics contain absolutely positive and altruistic information, actively tuning the performer as well as the listener exclusively to the warm-hearted Joy, kindly Love, aspiration of Beauty and Harmony, benevolence and strive towards the high-frequency Objectives.

The performers become inspired with the essence of the songs, projecting their sublime feelings onto the surrounding reality, automatically concentrating their thoughts and senses on altruism and highly-spiritual state of mind.

We sustain our movement towards the humanism and tolerance strengthening within our global society by means of the expansion of Ayfaar songs together with an altruistic concert performance activity.The listeners enjoy the highly-sensual lyrics of our songs with joy and sublimed inspired mutual understanding, and all of us consistently become more perfect – more intellectual and more altruistic, - these “us”, already existing throughout the more favorable Realities of our “individual future manifestation”.

Thus, ALL OF US learn to maintain our inner consonanсe of the two constituents of our own Self-Consciousness - highly-intellectual sensuality and the highly-altruistic intellect, and on the basis of that we create and improve the new – Humanistic – interrelations.