If you have already began studying the Iissiidiology, you most likely have noticed that the language, in which it is written, is quite complicated, with unusually constructed sentences, multiple quoted words, non-standard use of punctuation, abundance of capitals and abbreviations, as well as absolutely new and unknown expressions. Preceding your questions, we decided to explain the nature of it all.

Today you have chosen to take part in the discussion, completely unrelated to the topic of either financial security, or business management; therefore I'm glad I have an opportunity to communicate to people, whose vital interests go way beyond the issues, related to primitive survival materiality, and whose inquisitive minds are aimed towards the horizons of the unknown.
The entire conventional mass-media industry is built on the human desire to survive, adjust and adapt to the socio-economic realities of today. In this respect, I am proposing you not to cave in to the system or adapt to any of its external conditions, but rather alter them determinately, while constructing completely new paradigm of social-economic relations.

“The choices we make dictate the lives we lead. To thine own self be true”

~William Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’.


The subject of incurable diseases, cancer in particular, is one of the most popular in modern medicine. Oncology, as an independent medical field of research, is developing rapidly. 

Part I. Introduction. Statement of Intention.

Мost people have wondered for years how to effectively direct their own life, destiny, to end up in such circumstances that they consider favorable and as such, what they decide is necessary for them. We will be discussing the so called materialization of desires.