This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

Quote #1 from Part 1 of the “Returning to our Pleiadian Home” article series:

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

QUESTION: What is our purpose in the higher frequency worlds where we consciously strive? Why are we needed there? Is our future life "there" is somehow connected with the experience we are currently obtaining on Earth? Is it possible to characterize our subsequent life as a distance curator of the current and other variants of humankind?

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

During an Ayfaarian Song Meditation I have vividly recall the words from one of the songs, named “To the New Reality calling”:

“While Remaining in Love, we gain happiness,
In this World all our Dreams are embodied,
All animals and people will be transformed by the Light,
Turning Our World into a bulwark of Beauty”

This article was adapted according to iissiidiological terminology.

QUESTION: how and why do we have an ability of transitioning between various Worlds?

QUESTION: Many Ayfaar songs, as well as multiple answers, provided by Oris, indicate the process of us returning to our native Pleiadian Home, located on Pleiades, within the stellar system of Sirius A, or elsewhere. In this regard, I have a question. Assuming that I, as the Pleiadian Self-Consciousness "Uullarg" (which resembles my “Sound Space Code”), took part along with many other civilizations in the genetic experiment on Earth and have utilized my DNA to facilitate forming of a "new" kind of intelligent beings (the present human society today), it is obvious that as a result of this experiment, a new Collective Consciousness of humanity will form, which will constitute a "new branch" of the development of the Collective Cosmic Intelligence of the human type, no longer resembling any of the civilizations that participated in the experiment.

There is a philosophical question: what comes first - a chicken or an egg? Indeed, if we think about it, there is such a contradiction: a chicken cannot appear if there isn’t an egg, from which a chicken should hatch out, and an egg cannot appear if a hen doesn’t lay it.  You can look at this point from different perspectives, and respectively,  the answers will not be similar. That is why the this issue is debated  since ancient times. Some people believe that at first it was an egg, the others say that it was a chicken.

If we recall the history of humanity (at least the history version we know from school), we can see how difficult it was to live during slavery and feudal system. In fact, during these times people were primarily surviving and not thinking about any intellectual and altruistic self-development. Although, of course, some examples of such intellectual and altruistic manifestations took place, however it did not concern the global tendency. Gradually, this trend has changed, and now we live in a society where more often than not the personal development of a human being becomes the object of increased attention.

The chosen topic for this article was not accidental. In it, I wanted to share the results of my own life analysis through the prism of the experience of the phenomena, which the conventional medicine calls "clinical death" or the NDE - “near death experience”. Everything that is written here is intended primarily for the category of people who just like me, have experienced a similar phenomenon, but remained unsatisfied in the search for answers to their deepest questions related to this unique event. The purpose of this writing – is to attract the attention of specialists of various fields of science in order to consider adopting a set of completely new conceptual cosmological perceptions regarding the structure of the Universe and the human being, depicted in Iissiidiology, which, in my subjective opinion, contains convincing and logically reasonable explanations to many nuances regarding this phenomenon, while revealing the true essence of the conception of "death", and expanding the broader view for the conventional science regarding a comprehensive information provided by this Knowledge for the benefit of accelerated evolutionary development of the entire global human community. 

The process of evolution and the harmonious development of every individual in particular as well as the entire humanity as a whole, is impossible without alteration of obsolete stereotypes and their replacement with more universal perceptions regarding the nature of the humankind and the Universe, based on the wisdom of past and future generations. 

In the coming decades other terrestrial civilizations, yet unknown to us, constituting unique and very individual intelligent, sometimes similar to ours, communities, who have long been home to the depths of the oceans and seas, will commence active manifestations and attempts to establish friendly contacts with people. An exorbitant number of various inexpensive raw materials, including chemicals, industrial and food supplies will become available for exploration from the Marine Environment. Generally, it will be a variety of chemical compounds, the light and processing industry material, as well as food, enriched with minerals, allowing producing a harmonious and balanced nutrition. As far as products of animal origin (red meat), they will soon cease to play an important role for our body (except for fish, shellfish and plankton).