Current presentation, created by the reader of IISSIIDIOLOGY, demonstrates introductory and subjective description of basic conceptions and principles of Multiverse formation based on the information, depicted in Volume 1 of “IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals”. Simple examples are used to describe the multitudes of instantaneous manifestation mechanisms of various opportunities or choices, according to which the refocusing dispersion throughout the variety of different Worlds occurs. Additionally, the process of own destiny or existential history (rotation cycle in terms of IISSIIDIOLOGY) formation, as well as the primary factors (individual Self-Consciousness conditions) that affect the quality of subjectively generated World scenario, is also reviewed.

We all enthusiastically dream about having enough time in Life for everything we wish to achieve trying to be in the right place at the right time – sort of hasten without a hurry…Our fantasy paints a whole spectrum of possibilities we would accept if only we had enough time for it. How many things we could do, if they were done on time! And how many quarrels and conflicts we would been able to avoid, if only there were no delays, errand and commitment postponements. If only, if only, if only…

So what separates us – late and hurrying – from us the punctual, concentrated and satisfied with our time management skills? What do we lose when we waste time so ineptly?

Have you ever been in a situation, when you having passed by a beggar received all sorts of curses from him? Or you decided to give alms, and did it, but then, instead of gratitude, suddenly heard cursing and insults as in the first case?

This article does not have an aim to give an unambiguous answer to the question: "Should we give alms?" It is merely a result of personal reflection on possible solutions. Nevertheless, these considerations may help someone to look at this ordinary situation from a different perspective. Maybe some people, who often get into a situation, when they need to make a choice "to give or not to give alms" just have never thought of the ideas, described below.

DEFINITION: International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center (thereafter IIAIDC) - Center for development, dissemination, conscious, highly intelligent and altruistic human improvement concepts, based upon the latest scientific perceptions.
PROJECT MISSION: development and popularization of highly positive and harmonious relations in society, based upon the intellectually scientific and highly moral educational programs. 


“Information of IISSIIDIOLOGY is expected to drastically reshape your entire conception regarding the surrounding world, which, together with everything existing within and outside of it – minerals, plants, animals, “humans”, distant Stars and Galaxies – in reality represents incredibly complex and stupendously dynamic Illusion, in no way more realistic, than your night dream”. Oris

The only thing that truly, objectively exists – is something we define as “Information”. What is Information and how it is related to “human” and all other Forms of Collective Self-Consciousness – you may ask.

Dearest friends!

This article is intended for these, who are trying to navigate through the fascinating world of iissiidiological concepts and terms. Let us talk about the Spiritual Assistance - a genuine human relationship phenomenon, which can greatly facilitate to the overcoming of time loops. What is a time loop? In short, time loops are the so-called “dissonance distances”, which currently exist between our current Focus Configurations; bear in mind that our visually manifested biological bodies are comprised of unlimited number of Self-Consciousness Forms.

Primarily let us reflect on the power of the spirit, conscious mastering of which undoubtedly allows attributing anyone to be considered spiritually developed "personality." 

IISSIIDIOLOGY conception, in its conveying of the new surrounding reality Perceptions, the nature of the human Self-Consciousness and the establishment of social dynamics, relies on all the very best, which the humanity has achieved for many centuries of its inertial development, including the scientifically-intellectual, as well as intuitively-moral cognition paths. Indeed, if we look at these “copybook” maxims, which any modern society is governed upon (commencing with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN), we can see that they are all exclusively based on moral principles, advocating freedom of speech and conscience, as well as penury and fear independence. Deep inside our Self-Consciousness each of us knows exactly what a true spirituality is, including all the moral principles, which govern the relations between “people” and which are reflected throughout all possible religious commandments. 

Any process of “giving" - is not a supposedly irrevocable, conjugated event, implying a mandatory loss of something, or an obligatory parting or sacrificing necessity of any of our possessions to some adverse life circumstances. Some of us are willing to part with many material values, however we are still expecting to get something in return; without that retribution we feel somewhat cheated, and our next choice in the direction of altruistic implementation process of “giving" and parting with something, will already be accompanied by more doubts and "infighting", reasonably imposed by our egocentric Perceptions.

The notion “meditation” is not new to anyone. However, what types of associations arise within your mind when you hear of it? Usually what do we correlate with the meditation process? Sitting in lotus pose, mantras singing and a quiet relaxing music. Is there any other meditation approach available – you might ask?