In this article, Oris shares his thoughts on astrology.

QUESTION: Oris, thank you! I have a question in connection with the fact that in your books you indicate that astrology is becoming obsolete as a science; I cannot completely agree with this, although I understand what you mean. For example, I admit for myself that inferior levels will still be active for obvious reasons in my Self-Consciousness Focus Dynamics; additionally I will perceive outside reality and the chain of events occurring in my life in a certain fashion - in this case, as I assume, astrology perceptions still work, since Planet activations, their interconnections, retrograde and other aspects associated with a change in the arrangement of celestial bodies specifically affect me very strongly (according to the western calendar I am cancer / leo) and the so-called «predictions» of knowledgeable astrologers really work (in my case, almost 100%, even if I listen to them after the «event» so as not influenced by an astrologer). I primarily talk not about the «outer occurrences», but rather of «inner states of mind».

Thus, there is a question: How can one discard such a source of sufficiently specific (!) Knowledge and predictions regarding the nearest future, such as astrology, if so far no alternative has been proposed to replace it? This is not a stone throw towards Iissiidiology; however I still I would like to connect the dots and understand what the practical specifics of Iissiidiology are, except for its explanation of immortality and eternal future. The fact is that people ask for specifics, I begin to tell them about conscious refocusing, immortality and eternal existence, but I notice that they are not really interested in it, instead they require specific practical knowledge which would help them to deal with the burdensome «Earthly Karma», and which would be accurate to detail, minutely depicting all possible peculiarities, pertaining to tracking of all changes in their personal lives. Astrology actually provides them with all that, hence the question. Thank you so much for your answer!

Ayfaar, my dear! Unfortunately I do not recall as to who have said that a genuine seeker of Truth should be able to sacrifice personal views in order to achieve that Truth, and that for him a lucid profound conclusion should be valuable even if this conclusion does not meet his own views, although I completely agree with this notion. I have already mentioned multiple times that orthodox science is developing and improving extremely slowly, and many significant areas of Cognition, including Iissiidiology, astrochemistry and astrology, remain unaffected by it, ignored and perceived as fantasies or «pseudoscience».

For instance, only recently have scientists turned their attention to sunspots and flashes, and the most daring and sensible of them began to admit a massive influence of these phenomena on people's mental states. I have long been talking about what I know for certain: multiple radiations of various properties (including electromagnetic) coming to the Earth from near and far, visible and invisible Worlds, constantly and variously affect humans, animals, plants, and even «inanimate» objects with weak and strong generations of their SFUURMM-Form (perceptions) «projections». Therefore, instead of answering your extensive question, I will share some of my controversial ideas regarding this matter.

On one hand, there is fundamental knowledge that is rather deep in its conceptuality - it is serious, I would even say, ACADEMIC Astrology, which is not widely accessible due to its complexity and the need of obtaining a deep knowledge in this area of study, yet there is something like the so-called «yellow press», which has very little to do with this profound Knowledge. For instance, newspapers and magazines publish astrological forecasts and recommendations to everyone born under a certain zodiac sign, inviting them to follow the «directions» of the stars in their daily personal and business lives, despite the fact that among the millions born under a particular sign, there are no two persons, sharing the same fate, health, character and occupation traits. As far as I am aware, the popular predictions, published in the media and online, pertaining to various zodiac signs, are based on the position of the Sun alone at the time of birth, and many people do not even know that the compiling of more or less veracious horoscope (cosmogram), requires much more knowledge besides the relative position of the Sun. For instance, it also requires the position of the Moon, and coordinates of many other planetary entities, including dozens of other factors, as well as the exact geographical coordinates of the very place of birth, and its exact time, down to the seconds.

Reducing of all these factors to the mere position of the Sun in the zodiac is the same as the reducing of all mathematics to an arithmetic accounting only. I can even state that the separation of all people according to the twelve zodiacal signs is a substantial astrological profanation. Unfortunately, I myself, due to lack of deeper knowledge, made the same mistake about twenty years ago when I published a book series, under the title «The Soul in the Zodiac» (the link is provided for Russian readers only, these books are not translated into English – translator’s note).

For the sake of truth, it should be noted that no attempts to find a connection between the date of birth and the disposition of people, for example, to the certain profession, provided any result. Thus, a study of the biographies of 17,000 scientists and 6,000 political figures, conducted by the American physicist John McGervey, showed that their birth dates are distributed relative to the zodiac signs completely by accident. A psychologist from the University of Michigan B. Silverman studied the influence of zodiac signs on family life. He compared the data on 2,978 weddings and 478 divorces with the independent predictions of 2 astrologers and, not finding any coincidence with reality, concluded that the position of the Sun in the zodiac at the time of birth does not affect the formation of personality.

In addition, back in 1958, English scientists studied the data of more than 2,000 people born with an average interval of about 4.8 minutes, and their life events were traced accordingly. According to astrology, such people should be close in mental abilities, habits, have similar professions, etc. Observations were made on the state of health, level of intelligence, occupation, marital status, ability to music, art, sports, mathematics, languages, etc. - in total, over a hundred parameters were taken into account. As a result, no similarities were found between such twins - they turned out to be just as different from one another as people born at different times under any other sign of the Zodiac.

Since I myself was actively keen on horoscopes in my youth, now, after I «forcefully» introduced the Iissiidiological Knowledge (which, should not be mistakenly perceived as an INDEPENDENT SCIENCE!) Into the Collective Consciousness of humankind, I have developed my own opinion on this subject. Astrology is studying the effects of the Sun, Moon and other planets on various processes taking place on Earth: biological, social, meteorological, geological and others, and in this regard, I believe that I have no right to speak (even in the chat «FUNDAMENTALS OF ISISSIIDIOLOGY») as an opponent of astrology. This, as well as the opposition to Iissiidiology, should be performed by specialists in various fields of science, who, in the context of long historical periods, study the processes of Life both on Earth and in the Global Cosmos - biologists, physicians, physicists, chemists, sociologists, historians and others. Only they can confirm or deny the existence of correlations between the positions of celestial bodies and events on Earth.

Therefore, I will start not with criticism of astrology, but with the fact that an outstanding Russian scientist - one of the founders of space science, a biophysicist, the founder of space biology and heliobiology, aeroionification and electrohemodynamics, an inventor, philosopher, poet and artist, Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, who throughout his life was engaged in scientific proof of the influence of the Sun on various processes taking place on Earth, one of the first discovered the indissoluble connection between the history of humankind, sociocultural processes occurring on Earth and cosmic phenomena. After analyzing historical events (wars, revolutions, revolts, epidemics, reform periods, etc.) over the period of several thousand years, he clearly showed the presence of an 11-year cycle in them, coinciding with the cycle of solar activity. The scientist believed that the testimony of the Sun is infallible and universal, so state powers should align their activities to the two «arrows»: diplomacy - to the monthly, while strategy – to the daily one.

Chizhevsky noted that the cycles of solar activity manifest themselves in the biosphere, changing all life processes, starting from productivity all the way to the morbidity and mental health of humankind. However, the causes of solar changes are still unknown. There are studies (for example, the work of John Nelson, an American radio communication specialist who developed a method for predicting interference of radio communications from magnetic storms using angular configurations of planets), showing the relationship of solar activity with the location of the planets throughout the Solar system.

He managed to find a correlation between the occurrence of magnetic storms and the position of the planets: if one positions the Sun in the center of the circle, it becomes evident that most of the storms occur when two or more planets (including the Earth) are at an angular distance of 0°, 90° or 180° from each other. The more planets involved in these specific configurations, the stronger magnetic storm is to be expected. He proved that planets, when in certain positions, are the cause of changes in solar radiation, which, in turn, affect the state of the Earth’s ionosphere. This study is in good agreement with the profound astrological concept of accounting for the angular distances between the planets. In astrology, it is generally accepted that the Sun controls gold, the Moon controls silver, Mercury, quite obviously, controls mercury, Venus controls copper, Mars controls iron, Jupiter controls tin, and Saturn controls the lead. An interesting study in this regard was carried out by the German chemist Lilly Kolisko, who hypothesized that the primary aspects (0°, 90° or 180°), which include the traditional seven planets (including the Sun and Moon), will affect the corresponding metal. She proved that by showing that when Saturn forms interrelations with the Sun or Moon (0°), the crystallization of lead salts is suspended or completely ceased.

The English chemist Nicholas Kollerstrom conducted a series of experiments in which interrelations of various metals and various aspects were involved between Mars and the Moon, the Moon and Saturn, as well as Saturn and Mars. He found that the Mars-Saturn interrelations, which are not as transient as aspects with a fast-moving Moon, produced particularly noticeable effects, usually lasting several days. Helena Roerich considered astrology the science of the future. I also believe that there are already multiple facts in favor of the seriousness and usefulness of the development of academic astrology, and that it is time to begin to systematically study the patterns found, look for new ones and try to explain the reasons for the influence of the Cosmos on Earth processes. I also believe that astrology, like any fundamental knowledge, cannot freeze in the Truths once found, but must systematically develop.

Current scientists, armed with modern scientific research methods and computer technology, should review, in the light of recent scientific achievements, astrological patterns accumulated through long-term observations, and give them different explanations than those made by magicians and occultists of Antiquity and the middle Ages. Indeed, in the same way, at one time, from the ancient «pseudoscience» of alchemy a very important and serious science was born - modern chemistry. That concludes my reasoning about academic astrology. I also want to add that, like Iissiidiology, this knowledge has a legitimate right to exist and to acquire loyal and deeply studying followers.

Translated by Arbbaykllua – [email protected]