Probably, there is no such person in the world who has never heard about crop circles - huge mysterious formations arising from nowhere. The information obtained by Oris in Deep Meditation sheds light on the origin of these drawings and describes the mechanism of their creation.

Question: Are crop circles (geoglyphs, agroglyphs) somehow connected with the transfer of information to Earth? If so, are any of them related to the transfer of Iissiidiological Knowledge?

Before beginning of direct contact with the inhabitants of various planets, practically all cosmic civilizations supervising the imperfect (inferiorly developed) Collective Consciousness dominating the planet, preliminarily manifest special fulgnitards in self-differentiation of Space-Time - self-differentiating quantoms or quantom-plasma robotic "devices" encamped in strict order, that are programmed for certain manipulations with baryon-muon constant part of any substance (plant, a mineral material such as glass for example, air, the surface of human or animal skin, etc.) peculiar to it, in accordance with any specific task.

In approximately the same way, all types of viruses that are independently reformatted as existential conditions change, in order to continue to implement the primordially embedded programs within them, are created in the same fashion, and manifest at certain stages of development of humankind throughout various groups of Spatial-Temporal Continuums (STC’s). All viruses deliberately appear in our Space-Time at the right moments only in order to introduce into the bio-Creators of the immune system’s Focus Dynamics (FD) of various Forms of Self-Consciousness namely phagocytes (macrophages, neutrophils), basophils, eosinophils and lymphocytes, - the necessary programs for the correction and consistent orientation of the human FD in certain development direction, influenced by various cosmic civilizations.

Without this correcting epigenetic factor, the realizational process of our FD (Focus Dynamics) would very quickly lead us out of the lluuvvumichesky (human-like) Synthesis Schema into Consciousness Forms of other Proto-Forms. On the other hand, viruses inhibit these processes, preventing them from reaching the states of our retardation and birvulart* deconditioning. Quantoms, in the form of a virus strain (antigens, immunogens), necessary for a specific purpose, damage the corresponding part of our body, whose Bio-Creator activity has begun to outgrow the limits of its functioning control Program.

Once inside our body, the quantoms of variable viruses at the inflammation site come into direct contact with the Conscious Forms of phagocyte or lymphocyte Creators and reformat their structure into so-called “antibodies”, which we perceive as a specific immune reaction from our body. In reality, what took place – is the reprogramming of failed functioning program bio-creators into a general development direction program, peculiar only for our Synthesis Schema.

Among the Pleiadians, such crop formations are called “kallk-skullk” (abbreviated as “kallk”), and among the Siriusians - “vexi glumm”. It is these civilizations of two cosmic categories, that most often form in the Space-Time Continuums of our Planet such "crop circles" (kallks) that serve as peculiar civilization development level test assessments. Kallks also act as sources of exorbitant volumes of highly specific Energy-Information, the decoding of which requires the development in the brain of stable activity of highly vibrational micro zones of lateral prefrontal cortex Creators. However, there are many drawings, performed by other civilizations that are interested in our evolutionary development and are entering into direct contact with us in the future.

So how the kallk drawing process is implemented? In terrestrial space, only one plasma “capsule” of fulgnitard (a quantum-plasma robotic “device”) appears, which itself selects a suitable area for the implementation of its program. Then it self-differentiates into countless splenitons - plasma quantoms, programmed for individual operations in the general process: some affect the bio-plasma in a strictly defined place of each plant, which falls into the general matrix of the pattern (in cereals this is usually the knee), others provide an angle and character the slope of the stem, the third adjust the fit to the overall picture.

The high-frequency effect of splenitons creates a certain dehydrating effect at the tilt point (according to the principle of heating water in a microwave); the stem ring becomes more flexible and bends under its own weight. To make it bend in the right direction, quantoms-flexors enhance the activity of dipole water molecules on a certain side of the stem ring. Thus, in only a few minutes, sort of “by itself”, a pattern appears on the field, which we perceive as “crop circles” (kallks, agroglyphs). After completing their task, all splenitons are converted into gamma rays.

It can be asserted that kallks partially reflect the worldview, peculiar for each particular civilization, and are fundamental in the process of its development. However, this is not at all what mandalas are intended for, each of which reflects the geometry of a certain psycho-mental state. By tuning in, meditating on the drawing of the desired mandala, one can achieve the desired mental state.

Kallks (agroglyphs, crop circles) in no way affect the geometry of the surrounding space, there are no special fields around, or above them. Their purpose is the same as that of Sound Cosmic Codes², the task of which is to transmit holographic, multi-level information regarding causal relationships that determine the manifestation of certain phenomena, objects and relationships. Meditation on the kallk’s image initiates certain micro zones of the brain, causing the same effects as Meditation on Sound Cosmic Codes.

In approximately the same way, all types of viruses are created at certain stages of the humankind’s development in terrestrial space-time continuums. When conditions of existence change, they inevitably reformat on their own in order to continue to fulfill the primordially embedded programs. All viruses deliberately appear in our space at certain times only to initiate in our immune systems (phagocytes, basophils, eosinophils and lymphocytes) the programs, required for correction and consistent orientation the People’s Consciousness in the Development Direction, favored by higher frequency cosmic civilizations.

If it were not for this correcting epigenetic factor, then spontaneous mutations (under the influence of morphogenetic planetary fields) would very quickly lead us out of the human development Direction, however, viruses inhibit these processes, preventing them from degradation states. Quantoms, in the form of a strain of the virus (antigens, immunogens) required for a specific purpose, damage the corresponding part of our body, the bio-Creators functionality of which has begun to outgrow the control limits of the Human Development Program.

Once inside our body, the virus quantoms, located at the site of inflammation focus, come into direct contact with phagocytes or lymphocytes, and then reformat their structure into the so-called “antibodies”, which we perceive as a specific immune response from our organism. In reality, the bio-creators with a failed development program are reprogrammed into a general direction program, peculiar only of our Human development Vector.
Examples of potential reasons for the resonant interference of virus quantoms into the vital activity of our organism’s bio-Creators can be:

• Gluttony (antigen viruses infect the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, esophagus, causing ulcers);
• excessive aggression (antigens in the form of inflammation are introduced into the adrenal glands, liver, affect the amygdale complex, pituitary gland, initiate disturbances in the extrapyramidal cerebral system);

As well as other types of unhuman behavior and reasoning activity.
*Birvulart - the tendency towards the formation of multiple, mutually pervasive narrowly specific types of energy-informational relationships.

*Sound Cosmic Codes - certain combinations of letters that allow in meditation to gain access to the Level of the collective Subconscious on a relevant topic.

*Bio-Creators - according to Iissiidiological conceptions, all life forms, - from atoms to stars and galaxies, have their own unique Self-Consciousness, which is realized through the energy potential of Creators. Thus, the Creators - are the realization potential of Self-Consciousness. Each cell of our body, each organ and molecule has its own Self-Consciousness and, accordingly, the Creators, who ensure its evolution, while organizing all internal processes in accordance with its individual Synthesis Schem.


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