What is an enlightenment? What are the peculiarities and prerequisites of its achivement? What changes in human perception after enlightenment? In the world, where virtually everything is for sale, it is very important to know the Truth about such a rare occurrence. In this article, Oris shares his enlightenment experience and highlights related topics.


While you positively perceive everything that is happening to you and around you, consciously suppressing simultaneously arising negative trends, the ventromedial and the entire lateral prefrontal cortex actively functions and develops. These areas of the brain are very important and vital in achieving a potential enlightened state. However, at the slightest signs of negativism, the management of individual Self-Consciousness returns to the Form-Creators of the dorsomedial and orbitofrontal prefrontal cortex with their active interrelations with the amygdala, provoking such qualities as irritation, insults and outbursts, as well as the entire cascade of irrepressible negative emotions, followed by completely unpredictable and inappropriate actions and choices.

Therefore, some enlightened people, maintain that state due to the increased activity of the ventromedial (in particular, infra-limbic) areas of the prefrontal cortex and the anterior cingulate gyrus of the brain, which depends on heredity and epigenetic factors. The presence and intensive development, from childhood, of this particular feature of the neural brain network’s characteristic interconnections, can be attributed to the starting mechanism for entering the enlightened state of a very small cohort of true Indian and Tibetan Great Teachers - (Amma - Mata Amritanandamayi, Mahavatar Babaji, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ganesh, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Swami Shivananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mahakala, Namsaray), who have left behind in history, culture and development significant spiritual footprint.

The rest of the “enlightened ones” are also, for the most part, quite kind and good hearted people, often very educated and insightful, however, they did not experience in their Life that key “starting point”, from which the individual Self-Consciousness has no way back to the usual worldly activities, and only aspires up above ... On the physical plane, I have experienced this as a very specific, inexpressibly comfortable and suddenly powerful light pulse in my head, accompanied by an unusually bright flash in my eyes. It reminds me of the effect that occurs with each act of dominant inter-Qualitative Synthesis, which also has some kind of special mechanism of mental influence on the quality of the person’s Self-Consciousness. I will try to elaborate it in detail.

A person, regardless of his whereabouts, suddenly freezes for a few moments, as if he is about to lose Consciousness, but at the same time he manages to speculatively “visit” some special “existential conditions”, surprising by nature and stunning in terms of their interpersonal relations. When he “awakens” back, it seems to him that somewhere “there” he has lived for many months, and the memory of this breathtaking existence accompanies his entire subsequent Life, passing from one scenario onto the next, from one act of “death” to the next, and so on.

It is possible that this very moment is also associated with revitalization (in this regard – “death” refocusing), which becomes a powerful factor immediately activating in the brain of an acceptor of new ampliatvnyy zones of the prefrontal cortex, new synapses, and therefore new spiritual abilities. A person at the same time immediately changes the current Paradigm of his Self-Consciousness, which usually is being immediately noticed by the surrounding people: his face becomes clearer and more peaceful; the dynamics of all parts of the body somewhat slow down, movements become smooth, while his voice becomes a bit louder and assured.

If we conditionally remove the subjective factor of chronological nature from this revitalization process (posthumous change of development scenarios), then an interesting picture turns out: beginning with one of your Interpretations, this “Impulse” does not fade, but increases, transmitted from the “deceased” person to the wide array of Self-Consciousnesses of its living Interpretations from the donor to the acceptor) and causing a similar Enlightenment effect, followed by identical memories, until the next revitalization (posthumous transition to another scenario), at which moment the same, but substantially mentally enhanced effect is being passed over once again, and so on.

However, one should not think that such an act of Enlightenment happens by chance or suddenly: it manifests itself within an individual Self-Consciousness only upon the stabilized presence of certain mental and, undoubtedly, genetic factors: certain cognitive abilities, hereditary predisposition to more subtle perceptions, coupled with profound thinking, as well as high degree of synthesis of inferior Levels of Self-Consciousness (lack of aggressiveness in behavior and destructiveness in reasoning) and so on....

After the act of Enlightenment, further developing of neural cerebral networks can occur quite intensively, in a variety of ways. Since the ventromedial and ventrolateral zones of the prefrontal cortex are somewhat easier to synchronize with their interconnections with each other, rather than with the dorsolateral ones, the enlightened person will develop his sensually intuitive abilities to a greater degree, without going deeply into the rational essence of things. In my understanding these are - sensitive Sages, who prefer the empirical path of cognition. They are more inclined towards communication with people, social gatherings and public appearances than towards reading, writing their own thoughts, publishing books, developing some specific educational and intellectual techniques or trends.

They also do not like loneliness very much; they always want to share their ideas with someone, experience someone’s solidarity and cooperation. If, at the time of enlightenment, the adept already has sufficiently activated dorsolateral zones of the prefrontal cortex, then his or her further development will have a more pronounced intellectual-intuitive tendency. Usually they are loners, fully engaged in their mission of transferring of their knowledge and understanding to others. They constantly write something, while giving lectures to narrow audiences; they do not like publicity very much and do not like to be seen, preferring solitude and the opportunity to be alone with themselves and their Thoughts and reflections.

I would call them Wise Sophists. In this category, the enlightened are much less than in the first. Therefore, people have the impression that all enlightened people are very sensual. Yes, it is true! However, the enlightened can also be intellectually sensuous! It's just that there are fewer of them, and most people do not see or know of them, as they always, at all times, are “not in trend” (not popular), although they are the Keepers of the Knowledge of Humanity.

I would also like to note that many people (there are hundreds of thousands of them if not millions), posing as "enlightened" and generally recognized as such, in reality are nothing but fraudsters, who have read some esoteric books and compiled various occult philosophy and techniques. Often they are very subtle psychologists; some have a hypnotic influence or even certain extrasensory abilities. Nevertheless, you should not be offended by them, because they are excellent managers, who are quite successfully meeting the needs that are very much in demand by our global community, since their entire business is built on the far-fetched and heavily publicized image for gullible and innocent masses.

Finally, let me remind you that the enlightened individuals, just like all other people, are also carriers of different evolutionary worldviews, since the original Sources of constant generations of the above-described high-vibrational “educational impulses”, reflect the interests of egregores*, belonging to the diverse Collective Cosmic Intellects. Some enlightened ones fully remain under the supervision of the Cosmic Entity Creators, whose realization Interests are, to a greater or lesser extent, oppose our Human Development Vector (ЛЛУУ-ВВУ [LLUU-VVU]-Entity).

From such an “enlightened” one can expect anything, including very subtle in terms of their Essence and perception, but very powerful and effective in targeting our Self-Consciousness, - destructive Programs, aimed at the complete subordination of people, who have resonated to them, by orders of any given egregore representatives. It works like this: people could be listening to what they say very carefully, pointing out all the right words and wise phrases, which reinforce positive opinion regarding this particular movement, but in the end, it turns out that you, just like all other gullible and trusting “seekers of the Truth”, were scammed and taken advantage of. Initially the subconscious, and then - highly intellectual Intuition, which are gradually formed during the Iissiidiological studies, will help you to avoid these involutionary traps and to understand people well.

QUESTION: Those, who call themselves enlightened, constantly focus on the need to direct their attention to the present moment. How important is it from the standpoint of Iissiidiology?

It is necessary to form and lay in our collective Subconscious the Program of your nearest future development, broken into gradual succession of an immediate Objective, as well as the few following ones, all of which should be minutely depicted and sensually saturated with positive expectations. Then it should be mentally processed to a sustainable Perception, for instance, - YES, I want to experience this particular Beautiful Future, therefore, everything will happen only in the way I desire it to be!

If this inner mental preparation is not performed, the dynamics of your Self-Consciousness, devoid of a clear perspective and implemented by tiny dashes under the influence of your immediate everyday Interests from yesterday to today, will be much more spontaneous, unpredictable and chaotic than it could be. The scenario of any individual variants of your “future” already exists in one of countless scenarios, so all you have to do is find the means in order to begin realizing yourself there.

At the same time, you, besides the mental potential that you constantly waste on the materialization of various sorts of superficial nonsense, have nothing else left. Life, however, functions according to the principle of a unison: every psyche-mental unison corresponds to each material unison, and vice versa. Therefore, in order to synchronize with the desired scenario (Form-Image of one of the Worlds of the desired Future), you have to actually plan your probable future - only then, at some point, you will physically experience yourself in it.

There are many examples when domestic cats, dogs and even rats found their owners who moved somewhere and even flew over distances of hundreds and thousands of miles from their former home. What led them in their wandering, attractor in their realization principle (even in many large cities) and helped them to, ultimately, find their much-desired Objective? The Unison!

They well remembered the vibration frequency of their master, intuitively traced by the Perception system his or her approximate location and, dodging away from multitude of dangers and temptations to stay somewhere and quit their goal, they once finally, located that someone, whom they had been searching for so many months and possibly, years.

The same can be said about the mothers, whose children were stolen, and who, without losing Hope, believed that they would one day reunite with them ... And it did actually happen! Let through the years, but the Image of the future meeting stored in the Heart, nurtured by constant and unremitting Hope, Confidence and Aspiration had vibrationally refocused them to a much-desired scenario. That is how you should also implement your immediate and global Objectives!


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