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If I refocused into some of the Pleiadian bioplasma civilizations, whether within the framework of tairrlidation (photon reformatting), or an IRR, then will I live only there? Will other civilizations of this manifestation level be accessible to me?

Continuation of the Part 18.

Please note that at different levels of development each of the space civilizations is facing its own evolutionary problems. These issues in most cases specially "invented" by the Creators of each of the higher manifestation Levels and serve as an idiosyncratic Test, or the preplanned Examination for the evolutionary maturity. Such an Exam is an effective way to propel a civilization to the maximum concentration of creative forces and abilities to overcome the obstacles encountered on the eve of the drastic evolutionary Transitions. Speaking specifically about our bioplasma versions and the reason why we experience certain difficulties during the process of our natural Transition from biological Forms into our bioplasma analogs, - is because of peculiarities of the functioning of the lower and upper Channels of the first pair of our IISSIIDI-Centers.

I suppose it is due to the sharp difference in the oscillation frequency generated by our lower 1-9 Channels (from 2Hz to 25-30Hz) and the upper 11-12 Channels. The 10th Channel in the range from 2.5 to the 3rd dimension generates a transient conditional positive psychomental behavior - a beta rhythm with a frequency of 15 to 40 Hz, and 11-12 Channels generate gamma-waves from 25-30Hz to 100-250 Hz. Moreover, the range between 2 to 30 Hz reflects the characteristic signs of human psyche-mental existence in the range from 0 to 2.5 dimensionality (low-frequency Levels of our Self-Consciousness). Gamma waves cover a fairly small interval of our manifestation - from 3.0 to 3.5-4.0 dimensionality (high-vibration Levels of Self-Consciousness). As if we are being hinted that it is in this evolutionary segment that we have to overclock the gamma-wave activity of our brain to the limit and ... then something good and useful will occur automatically. Most likely, we already know what that is.

In bioplasma forms, approximately 2-3 million conventional years ago, upon the Transition into plasma Forms (which we are not capable of perceiving due to the absence of any resemblance with our biological bodies) there emerged a considerable problem, which Pleiadians have successfully solved, provided for a successful experiment with the modification of the genome of the terrestrial primate. The essence of this problem is very difficult for me to comprehend; however, approximately, it consists of the following - because of some gene mutations in some part of the Pleiadian bioplasma Forms, reaching a very high level of Self-Consciousness, the Plasma Form Transition mechanism did not engage.

Surely they did not die (they do not have such notions as "death" or an "illness"), but thanks to constant rejuvenation, they were forced to remain in the Worlds, which could not provide them with anything in terms of realization of their Interests. Indeed, provided for their abilities and Wisdom, they occupied the most important roles in the structures of УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU]*, АССВААТ [ASSVAAT]* and АРГЛААМ [ARGLAAM]*, but the Transition problem still prevailed. At that point, all available “think tanks” were activated, and the solution was found. The root of that problem had to do with the peculiarities of the bioplasma and plasma Forms manifestation mechanism. Bioplasma Forms are manifested through the higher Channels (10-12) of the first pair of IISSIIDI Centers (Sound Space Codes: АРГЛЛААМУНИ [ARGLLAAMUNI] and ИНГЛИМИЛИССА [INGLIMILISSA], while plasma Forms are already manifested through the lower Channels (1-9) of the second pair of IISSIIDI-Centers - ОРЛААКТОР [ORLAAKTOR] - АИГЛЛИЛЛИАА [AIGLLILLIAA].

Mutations obtained as a result of a permanent irradiation violated the curvature (geometry) of the three higher sublevels of the 12th АРГЛЛААМУНИ [ARGLLAAMUNI] Channel and the three lower sublevels of the 1st Channel of ОРЛААКТОР [ORLAAKTOR] that play a key role in switching the Self-Consciousness of the bioplasma Form into the Plasma Form. The translation of the vibrations of the necessary genes from hybrid’s DNA, obtained as a consequence of genetic engineering, allowed the outstanding scientists of our Galaxy to solve this problem. It has only taken some 100-200 thousand of our Earth years to do this.

At the same time, we are not the only ones who are successful products of their genetic experiments. Almost 32-38% of the "local population", while in some of the Pleiadian, Siriusian and Andromedan highly developed civilizations – even up to about 50% (and this - is hundreds of quintillions of creatures from various 3-4 dimensional modes, simultaneously existing throughout different planetary systems of УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU]* Star aggregation), are the half-breeds - the results of a myriads of instances of various genetic engineering experiments.

These relentless Cosmic Geneticists and Breeders of new Forms of Self-Consciousness are manifested in our Self-Awareness systems through 10-12 Channels of the ARGLLAAMUNI Center from all Cosmic civilizations, (details of this process are described at the end of Volume 6 of the Fundamentals of Iissiidiology). But, in addition to bioplasma types of humanoids and humans, they have also created trillions of bioplasma species of simply incredibly beautiful, intelligent and kind animals, plants, mixed flora-fauna creatures, amphibians and many other Forms of Self-Consciousness, with which nothing from what I have already seen and know, can simply link up.

Thus, returning to the question of the composition of inhabitants in the three types of civilizations we have examined, I can state that former people exist in the Siriusian communities in rather insignificant quantities, representing various Earth races), and most likely they remain there temporarily. It is very difficult to recognize them in a crowd of tall outwardly resembling most of us - aborigines from the Cygnus planetary systems (the civilization of the Desyans) and less stately visitors and guests from other Orion Stars (Dzetians, Zarianians, Arians, Rigelians, Argons, Ars, Choks, or Mintaks).

I do not know anything about the presence of Earthlings among the Andromedians, since they live outside our “Milky Way” Galaxy. From 1-1.5 trillion star systems, their civilizations are scattered among more than 692 billion planets, suitable for comfortable living. In addition, 138 billion Andromedan civilizations are deployed in a multitude of mini-galaxies that are close to the nebula. And this is by no means all of their thousands of billions of civilizations, but only these, that we can detect within the visible optical manifestation range. Bioplasma civilizations are several times fewer, but they are larger and more grandiose in quality!

The same can be said about Orionians. People who ask about the "Orion civilization" apparently have absolutely no idea that the "Orion" is not only the planetary possessions of the brightest stars: Rigel, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, where in different types of the 3rd -4th dimensions, a one-third of advanced biological civilizations develops (more than 674000). Another two million civilizations of this type are developing in the planetary systems of Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak (surely, you understand that these are not their true names!). Additionally, about 800 thousand Orion biological civilizations develop on a set of Orion variables - Star Systems that periodically manifest in our Space-Time, as well as throughout numerous Star associations and fuors**, formed by a multitude of Stars. There are more than one and a half million Civilizations of bioplasma development level.

It is easier to understand the Siriusian way of life, since here we are talking about 24 highly intelligent bioplasma civilizations located in different continuums of the 3-4-dimensional range of the triple Star СИГГ-ИММ-ТОО [SIGG-IMM-TOO] (Sirius) planetary system of the Great Dog (Major Canis) constellation. There are three Stars with their Planets:

  • ЭЙАММ-АЙЯИ [EYAMM-AYAI] is a blue giant Sirius A, with four small planets with satellites, rotating around it, as well as two large planets- АРР-ЛУУ-ТОА [ARR-LUU-TOA] and ИЙЮ-ЙЙ-СП [IYU-YY-SP];
  • very dense Star from the category of white dwarfs - ПОЛЛ-ЛААТ-О [POLL-LAAT-O] (Sirius B);
  • A small Star АЛМА-ЛЛМ-СС [ALMA-LLM-SS] (Sirius C). Sirius B has undergone a powerful cosmic catastrophe over the past few centuries.

The eight most developed of these civilizations are most closely related to each other by common interests. They play a leading role in the activities of the civilizations of the Star groups, including the constellation of Orion and a number of nearby Stars (eight civilizations from each): from the Pleiades constellation (Alcyone, Pleione, Electra and Allgssiya), the Double Star from the Small Dog range, Procyon (Canis Minor constellation), and others. This powerful group of civilizations takes the most active and direct part in the life and development of people on Earth.

Therefore, in any of them you will find bioplasma representatives of humankind who arrived hundreds of thousands or more million years ago and gave birth to thousands of generations of descendants, more or less resembling us. In some, the upper parts of the skull have elongated or increased in size to various degrees, the eyes have also increased 2-2.5 times, the auricles lengthened, the nose diminished, the eyebrows disappeared, the size of lips increased or decreased. However, the prepossessing Kindness, a sharp intellect, sincere readiness to help at any moment as well as to offer Friendship and many other pleasant qualities, seem very significant, even considering the difference in appearance of former humans; all these changes are perceived naturally and harmoniously.

Have they remained in the True Human Development Vector ("ALL-Love" + "ALL-Will")? As I understand, those of the former earthlings, whose genomes were subjected to strong epigenetic deformations and mutations, switched to the synthesis of other types of consciousness. They acquired, in appearance and in the architecture of the brain, some cat, dog, cow, pig, squirrel, horse and other habitual signs, but also retained most of the features of human bodies, meaning that despite external and internal changes, a human being is easily detected in any of them.

From the experience of your Life, each of us has long had to learn that it is not the appearance that determines the degree of Humanity (Humanity = Altruism + Intellect). Millions of cruel nonhumans and murderers with beautiful bodies and attractive appearance mercilessly and cynically destroy our planet, while terrorizing all peace-loving people. They consider themselves as “super-humans", a certain "superior race", but in comparison with them, any of the above-mentioned altered bioplasma earthlings seems to be an Angel. Due to the absence in their Self-Consciousness of the influence of the low-vibrational fragmentational beings (ungs and ssvoons), they all seem very nice and pleasant, especially considering their high Intelligence, unique abilities (as we perceive them) and a profound understanding of the Purpose of Life.


* Sound Space Codes:
УЛГРУУ [ULGRUU] - The Higher Mind of the “Milky Way” Galaxy.
АССВААТ [ASSVAAT] - The Highest Intellect of our Galactic Sector.
АРГЛААМ [ARGLAAM] - The Supreme Mind of the 12 United Logos of Starry Rings.

** - Fuor - rare type of nonstationary stars.


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