There is a philosophical question: what comes first - a chicken or an egg? Indeed, if we think about it, there is such a contradiction: a chicken cannot appear if there isn’t an egg, from which a chicken should hatch out, and an egg cannot appear if a hen doesn’t lay it.  You can look at this point from different perspectives, and respectively,  the answers will not be similar. That is why the this issue is debated  since ancient times. Some people believe that at first it was an egg, the others say that it was a chicken.

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This is a digest written by Iissiidiology reader, who is participating in weekly meetings with Iissiidiology Author.


These weekly meetings are designed for active readers, who follow new unpublished information, to ask their questions, and therefore to add to the process of improving the material before its publishing. At the moment these active readers are reading through Iissiidiology Volume 5, which covers biology, brain, hormones, neurons, DNA, role of viruses in human Self-Consciousness evolution, the influence of our thoughts on our DNA structure, how non-human tendencies in a person affect the genome structure, how can genome of one person through torsion fields affect the genome of another person, the influence of short-term and long-term stress on our health, the role of enteric nervous system in person’s Self-Consciousness and in the formation of our memory, the role of various parts of cerebral cortex  and brain in the formation of our emotions, how regulatory genes connect us with more qualitative levels of our self-consciousness and higher dimensions, explanation of placebo and nocebo effects, and much more.


The first answer is characteristic of the scientific approach, because biologists believe that eggs generally existed long before birds. The second answer reflects more theological approach - an explanation on the basis of, for example, the Bible, where it says that God created all living beings and told them “to go forth and multiply”. However, there is a third answer to the question of the primacy of an egg or a chicken that gave the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

In his words, they appeared simultaneously. It's hard to say what reasons led this wise man to such a conclusion, but if we consider the issue from the perspective of Iissiidiology, the answer can be exactly the same, because generally Everything appeared in a Single Moment of Eternity. However, to understand how it happened in the inertia, Oris gives more detailed information. When we study it, sometimes there arise questions like the one, which I wrote at the beginning of this article.

So, at the seminar on December 13, we talked  again  about what is primary for a man:  thoughts that accelerate  production of certain hormones, or hormones, in accordance to which certain  thoughts appear. Our opinions differed, so we asked  the author of Iissiidiology this question at the colloquium on December 15. He explained that a thought is always primary, because the process of information unpacking  begins with it. In fact, a thought directs Creators of the cerebral cortex to one or another "scenario", and accordingly  appropriate hormones are produced.

For example, if the thought was negative, it will tend to provoke the release of such hormones  as cortisol, adrenaline, etc. If a person is able to change his thoughts to more positive ones, other hormones will be produced. Why did some of us think that hormones determine what thoughts appear in our Self-Consciousness? Because they do determine it. After all, if for example, cortisol is produced  in the organism for a long time,  it will promote not only failures in a person’s physiology, but  his thoughts also acquire depressing shade.

However, a man was created in such a way that no hormones can  completely determine the direction of his Focus Dynamics, that is, even after prolonged cortisol and adrenaline production, you can begin to think positively. That is why the idea is primary, since the occurrence of thoughts of another quality (compared with the current endocrine profile) immediately promotes the development of other hormones.

This is the bases of “two minutes rule” used in Ayfaar, when in the event of an adverse or non-positive reaction a man immediately tries to find any motivation to change this situation, that is, to annihilate the current tensor. And it works fine, although, of course, there are many nuances. After all, in order to change the direction of thoughts, you need to make some efforts and have interest in it. In addition, each of us has its own non-synthesized levels, because of which we sometimes just have to get one or another negative experience. In this case it is difficult for a person to stop till to a certain point.

But if there is a desire for self-development and sufficiently  developed willpower,  you will certainly get into a positive state. Perhaps it will not be from the first time, but it will work out. Actually, you can try it yourself. Such an experiment will have only a positive impact on your life,  and at the same time and you will be able to see how conscious you are and   how you can control your states.

But let us return to the subject of  primacy of a thought. We began to discuss how a thought is connected to a SFUURMM-form (some concrete notion of a person). It turned out that SFUURMM-form - is a part of a thought that reflects activity of certain brain areas. In fact, a thought is an intention, but how it is implemented specifically - is a SFUURMM-form, arising as result of certain hormones and neurotransmitters production.

But there isn’t only one thought in our Self-Consciousness. Our Focus Dynamics is very diverse, and often chaotic,  we often skip from one thought to another, and therefore different hormones  are produced. In fact, every moment we are a kind of  hormonal cocktail. Therefore, if this cocktail contains oxytocin and vasopressin, contributing to more positive and harmonious interaction with people around us, we cannot say that we are under the influence of our human Creators-Curators.

It  depends on what prevails in the hormonal cocktail. If oxytocin and vasopressin play a leading role, then a person will actually aspire to a positive relationship, not only with a narrow circle of his close friends, but also with others. However, the same hormones can be an  accessory  background and, for example, adrenalin can be a foreground. In this case a person is capable of  even aggressive behavior.

Oris gave such an example. When people come to Ayfaar, they have some endocrine profile. Here they dip into the atmosphere of altruistic-intellectual lifestyle, so no matter what hormones have prevailed at the beginning, in time oxytocin and vasopressin are gaining strength and begin to prevail. But if a person forgets this state and immerses into some non-positive state, oxytocin- vasopressin tendency decreases and production of cortisol and adrenaline begins, which prevents the development of oxytocin.

Yes, everything is not that simple, but we're trying to understand it and, mainly, to understand ourselves, because it is difficult  to understand what's going on with the other person. Although we more and more come to the necessity of empathy, because when you constantly live in a fairly large group of people, it is impossible to do without feeling them. In this regard, we had a question: what in fact we feel looking at the other person, how our feelings correspond to what this man really feels?

Oris explained that trying to feel the other person, we  always project it onto ourselves. In fact, the other person - is just a cause and thanks to him we begin to resonate with some our "personal" interpretations and Formo-Types, which are similar to the states of that person. In our system of perception there are regions, which at the same time belong  to our "personality" and to “our personality” in other variants of our development. Therefore, in case of coincidence of interests  some sensations are enhanced, which contributes to feeling of something new (for this "personality"). The Thought is always Primary

However, precisely  empathy becomes   the impact for this. What is more, it is mirror neurons  that help us  take the other person’s  state,  and the resonance  with other “us” is possible when ventrolateral prefrontal cortex is active. But the very desire to feel another person arises when  there is already sufficient activity of the ventromedial cortex. However, it turns out that we can never fully understand and feel another person, as we always resonate only with ourselves. Although in some ways these feelings necessarily coincide, which allows us to pay more attention to the person and to help him  somehow.

In this regard, in the 5th volume of  Iissiidiology there is an interesting example of the men, whose wives are waiting for  babies. When some of them try to feel their wife’s state, they themselves  begin to show signs of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that in the other development "scenarios" these men are manifested in women's Formo-Types, with which resonation connection is installed. Why doesn’t it always happen?  There must be an interest for any work of life, that is, for some reason it's interesting for men who feel as their wives. It may be an ordinary curiosity or deep feelings that motivate them to empathize with a close person. Those, whose Focus Dynamics is busy with other interests, don’t need it, although it does not mean that they do not care for their woman’s feelings.

In general, such  division into men and women that exists in our society is very conditional. We judge by a person’s form. Oris said that, in fact, none of NUU-VVU-Forms-type can be attributed to a male or female type, because in different "scenarios" we are manifested  differently. Therefore,  priority needs to go to a human psychological type. This is already being done in more qualitative human worlds. The study of a psychological type is a guide to occupational choice, or a type of creative work. After all, sometimes a woman can  fulfill  some man's work better, and a man can do  women’s work.

Nevertheless, even in the initial stage of formation of a fetus in a womb, there is anlage of external gender characteristics and brain structures that differentiate men from women. But after the birth of a child the influence of epigenetic factors  is so powerful that the original predisposition to something can change dramatically. Actually, these factors affect all of us for life, but as adults, we are already able to choose how to respond to some actions, what qualities to develop in ourselves, what to strive for. Knowledge is of great help in this case for those, who live in Ayfaar. As it is a foundation, thanks to which we can move on to our intellectual and altruistic future...


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