What is an enlightenment? What are the peculiarities and prerequisites of its achivement? What changes in human perception after enlightenment? In the world, where virtually everything is for sale, it is very important to know the Truth about such a rare occurrence. In this article, Oris shares his enlightenment experience and highlights related topics.


QUESTION: What is “enlightenment” in terms of Iissiidiology? In the Eastern tradition, it is a certain state, an experience, a certain transformation at a certain moment, when someone permanently transforms and feels no longer the same. It is interesting exactly why someone becomes enlightened spontaneously, others – by practice and meditation, and most importantly – what exactly constitutes an individual change from an ordinary to a completely different, much more conscious, state of mind?

I have never specifically studied this topic, but it seems to me that the phenomenon of enlightenment, as well as many existing “spiritual Initiation” concepts, consist of multiple instances of confusion and religious stratifications, preventing us from seeing their primary Essence behind popular terms and notions. At the current human Collective Consciousness development stage, the majority of people who are not familiar with the iissiidiological assessment criteria regarding the true Human Characteristics and their differences from other animalistic programs and influences they bestow on the human Self-consciousness, will simply not be able to understand this spiritual Essence per se. Misunderstanding automatically causes doubt and distrust, which can not be dispelled in brief. Therefore, I will not convince anyone of anything, but simply express a subjective opinion on this broad topic.

Enlightenment is not a sign of any particular religious denomination or the prerogative of any particular direction of spiritual development. This is a state of stable pacification, calmness and wise attitude towards any manifestation of Life, which once comes to all of us, and not to some chosen individuals, thanks to a self-conscious understanding of its deep Essence, carefully hidden behind a dense veil of suffering, setbacks, misfortunes and disappointments. When a person does not trust the justice of all annoying troubles and failures, he is not able to adequately assess his actions, because no mental efforts are directed inside of “himself”, but rather “outside”, where he thinks there is a hidden villain, who, for some unknown reason, wishes him evil.

Such a person is simply unable to understand the causes of the surrounding life circumstances, and therefore he becomes upset, out of balance, fearful and threatened by his own existence; additionally, considering himself being a victim, he is not capable of self-critical and constructive problem assertion, perceiving most events in his life as a tragedy and misfortune. Therefore, he is always ready to blame everything and everyone: officials, scammers, the devil, God, the Universe, Karma, - everyone but himself. It is much easier for such people to make a sacrifice of themselves than to honestly and consciously confess of their own wrongfulness, stubbornness, pure shortsightedness or ignorance, consciously instead of feeling responsible for what is happening in their own life.

Naturally, such a person cannot be enlightened, since all his personal Self-Consciousness is firmly fixated on the perception of external - illusory and deceptive - attributes of his existence. Behind the eye-catching entourage, he is not able to see the subtlest shades of magical colors of the surrounding reality, seeing everything only in black and gray dualism. Life and the whole World are perceived by him as a result of manifestation of hostile forces, wishing, if not to destroy him, at least enjoy his illness, sufferings, material deprivation and moral torments. To really be, and not seem truly Enlightened (while not pretending or impersonating it!), You need not only to know the essence of human Nature profoundly, but also have a deep understanding of causal relationships between the observed event and the possible - the invisible, but logically conforming - the root cause Factor, which prompted the participants of virtually any event to act in certain fashion, and not in any other way.

Individually perceived, these sources (Causes) are “hidden” (in fact, they are in plain sight!) in the structures of our Self-Consciousness, which is blinded by the apparent well-being of the current momentary present, and, sort of remains in a “blissfully unaware” state regarding its Reactions, Thoughts, Emotions and Judgments , manifested in the recent conditional past. In addition, since there has always been multiple esoteric, scientific, philosophical and other types of knowledge, the concept of “enlightened person” can not be interpreted unequivocally.

In fact, in most generally recognized religious denominations and esoteric spiritual trends, the corresponding dogmas are either carefully compiled misinformation, more or less successfully processed compilations of ancient manuscripts, or retelling of subjective information, being extremely deformed conjectures and other folklore “creations”. Currently the entire Internet is literally overflowing with an innumerable variety of purely fake materials, bearing the most convincing evidence and intriguing promises of obtaining a “real enlightenment” in just a few (but very expensive!) sessions. As a result, gullible people, led primarily by vanity (and there are millions of them!), receive at the end of the course a stamped certificate that he or she is a “master”, “bachelor”, “enlightened guru” or conveyors of some popular "spiritual" brand. Understanding perfectly the mechanism of such deception (as they say “Nothing personal! Only business!”) and similar credulity, I sincerely sympathize for such “enlightened” folks.

Well, this is also one of the many possible, but false, individual Ways to the future true states of spiritual Enlightenment and spiritual Initiation. It is only necessary to gain more patience, endurance, moral stability and inflexibility before the vices and inferior passions, self-sacrifice and Altruism (relieving from egoism), deep penetration of the mind and much more, in order to correct and reprogram your personal Self-Consciousness until you acquire your own intuitive ability to experience and verify the validity of already existing perceptions. However, that requires various efforts, extensive reading, comparison and analytical skills, as well as critical thinking ability.

I am more than convinced that you will often be very disappointed and grieved if you discover that you have spent so much time “in vain” on learning something, which simply “has no place to be”. However, your chagrin will be in vain, because absolutely everything in our Life happens for a serious Reason. Of course, in my opinion, the most sensible solution would be to dive as deeply as possible - with all the fibers of your Being - into this area of global space Knowledge - ААЛЛММААЛЛАА [AALLMMAALLAA] immediately, without postponing it any farther, not fearing the seeming difficulty to master a completely new Information, one of the versions of which – being Iissiidiology, adapted to the peculiarities of our current version of the human Collective Consciousness.

Indeed, without that unique and detailed information regarding the deepest Essence of human nature itself and its narrow specific inseparable relationship with the rest of the Universe - sacred, ever changing and indivisible -, which you will find neither in ancient manuscripts and scrolls, nor, in modern scientific or religious opuses, no one can become a truly wise and Enlightened Human Being. The primary characteristic of the truly Enlightened Human being, in my opinion, - is the high degree of Humanity. Achieving higher degree of humanity requires the profound understanding of all peculiarities, related to the seemingly familiar practice of relationships, manifested through character traits, attitudes, moral and material priorities.

None of the currently available types of knowledge, except Iissiidiology, provides such a wide array of multiple important topics, deep in their Meaning and detailed reasoned answers that amaze me with their consistency, logical integrity, stunning even my tempted Imagination with balanced interrelation with everything else. However, the realization of this fact does not come immediately, but only after a sufficiently long time, fully devoted to the persistent and comprehensive immersion into this truly vibrant and ever renewing, like the Life itself, - sacred Knowledge. I am sincerely glad that I managed not only to understand this Information myself, but also to transfer it to many future generations for further in-depth development - as a recommendation to all, who wishes to improve themselves spiritually not blindly, at random, but purposefully, aspiring into the True Human Perfect Future.

These of you, asking this question, need to understand that there is no single definition of “being enlightened”! There is no such category, which, as if one size fits all, would possibly describe everyone, who might meet such farfetched criteria. “Enlightenment”, in my understanding, - is not some specific distinctive “sign” or deserved “title”, but a natural, positively balanced state of your Being — the very Essence of your current Existence, which you simply can not leave, because then it will no longer be you.

Additionally, there exist no equally enlightened people, because each such spiritual state is based on a purely individual life Experience, consisting of personalized Perceptions regarding the self-image, as well as the Universal worldview. Such features include peculiarities, pertaining to a person’s religious, genetic, ethnic and cultural traditions that are natural to him or her — the source of the individual worldview and world outlook formation, the depth of own Knowledge and comprehension, regardless where this information or set of Perception originated from – own research, media sources, hearsay or intuition. In addition, we can include the very nature of Life and the circumstances that served as the true Reason for the attainment of an inner psycho-mental equilibrium, as well as many other things, which we do not know about, but what makes each of us a unique being.

The state of the enlightened Self-Consciousness itself also can not be stable and constant, since as long as there is at least a small activity of the inferior Levels of the first two IISSIIDI Centers (without them, none of mikstumnyy* biological organism would simply function!), there always will be a source of internal psychological triggers and mental tensions, which provoke various internal conflicts, regrets, doubts and fears. An enlightened person is not a callous “living mummy”, but an individual, who has mastered to quite effectively manage and subordinate to his Will, within his own Self-Consciousness, of various types of undesirable manifestations of selfish Thought- and Sensual-Images of Collective Unconscious.

If, for example, an enlightened person does not cry at a funeral, it is not because he or she does not care about the emotions of others! This means that such person has positive motivations that are different from those around him, which allow him to see this situation from a completely different angle, presently incomprehensible to other people (due to lack of specific knowledge). This makes it possible to “project” Form-Image of “Death” into the positive area of own Perception system and continue to remain balanced and absolutely confident that the current “dramatic” occurrence has its objective Reason, which means it is all fair and natural, therefore it is unnecessary to worry so much. In this case, the question: "what was the reason for this particular occurrence" has no meaning and simply irrelevant, because such individual knows for sure that absolutely everything happens for a Reason, and is beneficial per se. If you support this motivation by a profound Iissiidiological understanding regarding the importance of True Human qualities and Perceptions - (highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect), constantly applying it in your Life, it will be much easier to achieve enlightened states of Self-Consciousness.


* mikstumnyy – are Self-Consciousness Forms mostly biological, but also having some abiotic features, for example: humans, animals, plants - all of them possess certain types of Self-Consciousness, which are mixed in the process of continuous transmutation, on the basis of a single genome.

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