Today you have chosen to take part in the discussion, completely unrelated to the topic of either financial security, or business management; therefore I'm glad I have an opportunity to communicate to people, whose vital interests go way beyond the issues, related to primitive survival materiality, and whose inquisitive minds are aimed towards the horizons of the unknown.
The entire conventional mass-media industry is built on the human desire to survive, adjust and adapt to the socio-economic realities of today. In this respect, I am proposing you not to cave in to the system or adapt to any of its external conditions, but rather alter them determinately, while constructing completely new paradigm of social-economic relations.

However, it is impossible to build anything strong and solid over the weak perceptional basis, pertaining to the surrounding reality. Moreover, the radical perception change context is the cornerstone of my lecture today.

I would like to dedicate the first part of our discussion to the topic of immortality in the framework of the latest Cosmological ideas, pertaining to this subject. The second part of discussion will be dedicated to the essential topic of the social prosperity paradigm, considering the newly acquired human infiniteness knowledge, and the feasibility of such prosperity paradigm within the framework of currently existing social-economic relations concept of our global community at the given stage of its evolutionary development. The subject of immortality is still quite unusual for many, and I am certainly aware of the fact that most of us exhibit considerable skepticism in its regard. However, I am confident that this same topic invokes even greater interest, and since you are here, it is probably true. Let us commence with some numbers first.

Scientists have shown that it took roughly 3000000 years of its own evolution for the collective awareness we all share, to exhibit the first glimpses of human Consciousness in contrast to our animalistic mind. Then, during the next 30000 years, we have implemented as hunters and gatherers of everything, that nature provided us. Later on, during the next 3000 years we experienced the roles of being farmers and artisans. Then, within the last 300 years, humankind has made a real breakthrough in its development and has reached the heights of civilization we enjoy today. Finally, in the upcoming 30 years, humanity is destined to make a massive “quantum leap” towards the Cosmic Consciousness. Is it not an impressively powerful acceleration development trend? What exactly can we expect from a tempting perspective of the next 30 years?

The first and foremost important thing to understand is – we are immortal. Own immortality awareness is the basic and key criterion of our Space Consciousness achievement. Self-Consciousness Cosmism presupposes the Planetary and Interplanetary reasoning levels – the superior Responsibility for the decisions made. Within this coming decade the humanity will be able to make a decisive step in overcoming barriers of its own thought-creation, based solely on the postulates of the state and national interests. The nearest future will reveal that collectively we are all an indivisible and unified organism, hence all currently existing international visa regimes tremendously hinder our further development.

Self-Consciousness Cosmism assumes the mastering of such superior Knowledge that provides information regarding the structure of the Universe and the humankind, as its indivisible part, knowledge, proving us the information regarding the Laws of the Cosmos and the mechanisms, by which these Laws are implemented in our daily circumstances. The presence of such Knowledge would enable conscious manipulation with quality and speed of our own evolution - at this point it is all happening unconsciously.

However, the acquisition of the appropriate conscious Experience motivations requires the thorough comprehension of the fact that we are immortal and that our life continues forever. That understanding in turn would facilitate the planning of more harmonious periods of our own development. In part, that is because the overwhelming majority of people, currently operating within the framework of mortality stereotypes, believe that if they did not build their “American dream” financial security by the age of 30 or 35, it is already too late to begin anew. Many of them, by the time they reach 50, limit their existential objectives by the following vicious circle of “work-restaurants-TV-house, and again more work”, and their whole life unfolds in fear; fear of death, fear of God, fear for individual security, and so on. Now it came a time, when we should overcome this threshold of ignorance and understand, that our life continues on forever, with absolutely no possibility to end. However, in what capacity it will continue, depends only on us.

Issues of Life and Death, as well as the subject of immortality, have always thrilled the humankind, when the most inquisitive minds were painstakingly trying to solve the question of immortality with incredible tenacity. Fear of the uncertainty of death has always forced people to look for an elixir of youth, the Philosopher's Stone or immortality genes. Moreover, currently there are corporations, which are trying to synthesize an artificial human body, where, as they believe, a mere projection of consciousness into that artificial body would somehow revitalize it, and the individual will be able to continue to live forever. Unfortunately, none of the great explorers and scientists have come to understand, that immortality is in fact - an indispensable attribute of every single Form of Consciousness and is the fundamental principle, reflected in the structure of the Universe. Today we live in an era, when the Collective human Consciousness came about such level of its conscious responsibility, where innermost secrets, hidden from us for centuries and millennia, could be revealed.


We are talking about the mysteries, pertaining to Universe structure, giving researchers an understanding, that the Immortality Principle is the fundamental basis of the Universe existence.

All inquisitive attempts of deep understanding of the Universe’s Cosmological structure, always arrive at the necessity to answer questions, related to the subject of the Initial Cause of All and the Creator, who has created the Creation, all of which has always been the exclusive domain of theology and the consequence of still helpless science in this field of research. When it comes to issues, more or less related to God, various religions advocate their famous “God is unknowable” concept, and harshly suppress any research activities in this field of knowledge. However, it is simply impossible to inhibit evolution, and we can witness the collective human consciousness gradual emergence from the depths of ignorance to its development Levels, where vital information regarding the origin of the Universe and the humankind, are being revealed to us.


So, what is a Creator? The Creator - is the Super-comprehensive, Super-intelligent Space Substance, aggregating within Itself Everything There Is. Everything there is – are the infinite amount of elements of its creative manifestation. This Super-intelligent Space Substance, The Creator, has allocated from Itself everything we define as Space, and It perpetually supports its Self-development throughout all uncountable Levels of Its Self-Consciousness. Everything commences with Creator, and occurs only within the Creator, self-allocated throughout the entire Universe as an infinite amount of the tiniest particles - as Self-Conscious Elements of Collective Intelligence. The entire spectrum of these Self-Conscious elements of the Collective Intelligence, joined in interactive cooperation, based on mutual Creative resonating Principle implement all the countless variability of Conscious Fields, structuring the Universe. All of these Collective Intelligence Self-Conscious Elements together form the material manifestation of the Creator throughout Cosmos as well as the Energy-Plasma, which, by definition is the actual Cosmos Itself

Energy-Plasma reflects everything within and throughout everything. There is only a single, unified Energy-Plasma, which we define as Life in its infinite amount of interpretations, and it is what we call “Creator”. Energy-Plasma represents an inexhaustible source of all Information, knowledge, our thoughts, emotions and Experience. Everything in this substance is alive and self-aware. Any manifestation of materiality has its own Self-Consciousness, is alive. And only because of our own ignorance we attempt to perceive the entire material world around us as either “living” or “inanimate”, associating the concept of "Life" only with notions, inherent to our primitive understanding, not realizing that everything there is consists of the same exact unified holistic Energy-Plasma.

The entire manifested materiality we see within and around us, has a unified atomic base and consists of atoms, which in turn are composed of elementary particles - the self-conscious elements of Collective Intelligence. Energy-Plasma consists of Energy and Information.


Energy plays the function of an Information’s carrier while the entire spectrum of Cosmic Forms consist of Information. In turn, Energy represents the factor, which determines the qualitative characteristics of any particular Form of Self-Consciousness. This means, that the quality of any Form of Self-Consciousness inversely relates to the quality of Information that Form of Self-Consciousness manipulates. Within the 3rd to 4th dimensional range, where we currently conduct our livelihood, the Energy-Plasma is manifested in the form of particle radiation. The roughest part of Energy-Plasma we are capable of perceiving, is something we define as a solar light. The condensed solar light emission is the cornerstone of any manifested materiality, hence it can be asserted with certainty that we all consist of Light. Therefore, the contraposition of Light and Darkness is absolutely pointless. All there is, – is a Light, while everything that we define as the Darkness, is merely various degrees of Light concentration, something, which at present stage of our evolution we are not yet capable of defining as Light, it is that simple. The entire Creation consists of Light; there is nothing in it but the Light.

- I do not really understand what a Light is.

- We are not the only Form of Self-Consciousness existing in the Universe, and certainly at this point, are not the most advanced one; therefore, we can only define Light within a very specific, low quality emission range.


- We can see black, can’t we?

- It is not that we can’t see black, it is that what we define as black, is a certain illusion, peculiar to the wave range we currently manifest through. In fact, there are many things we do not see, waves or electricity for instance. The geometry of the surrounding space has a dot-pixel structure, meaning it consists of virtually a countless number of holographic dots, each of which has its unique energy-informational parameter or, in other words – Configuration. The entire infiniteness of Collective Intellect self-conscious energy-informational elements can be roughly classified into twelve Pure Cosmic Qualities. In turn, all twelve Pure Cosmic Qualities are differentiated into various element types. So the different aspects of various Cosmic Qualities, while entering into various interactivity types according to the maximal Constructive resonating Principle, create the entire Conscious-Fields countless variability, which upon their subsequent interaction with one another, in turn create increasingly complex and more advanced Conscious-Fields, that structure the entire infiniteness of manifested Life Forms throughout the Universe.


On this diagram, we have tried to show what our Universe looks like, which is a conglomeration of countless star clusters and Galactic nebulosities, localized in the form of a Mobius strip. All Cosmic objects always remain in a constantly sphering state; therefore, to us they look like myriads of spheres. If we are to dissect this sphere in half, we will be able to take a virtual look into its internal structure. Within the structure of the cosmic body of the Universe, we can identify three very distinctive, in terms of their qualitative characteristics, Levels of Energy-Plasma - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Energy-Plasma.


As the distance from the center, (the “matrix”), of the Universe increases, the Energy-Plasma quality drops, it evidently becomes less saturated and less responsive to its primordial qualitative Information characteristics. The Universe Matrix is the original superior Information, pertaining to Pure Cosmic Qualities, structuring the entire integral body of the Universe. Conventionally, these Qualities can be compared with the genome, which serves as our individual DNA complex basis. Universe Matrix represents the original code - its primary Prototype; it is a holistic integral entity, which does not enter into any types of creative interaction with any other entity.


Any type of creative process throughout the Universe commences when the Matrix creates its duplicate copy, exactly repeating its initial Code, which immediately initiates the beginning of any type of constructive dynamics. All Levels of Energy-Plasma - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary - represent various kinds of Universes, structured by the countless amount of multi-quality Realities, each of which, in turn, is structured by the infinite number of specific diverse Life Forms. Our civilization implements its vital dynamics within an approximate 3rd to 4th dimensional range of Space-Time. As you can see, that dimensional range of Energy-Plasma layers are of inferior quality, and even schematically positioned very far from the Matrix, all of which allows us to assert with certain degree of objectivity, that our civilization is at the pediment of its evolutionary Path.


Our Self-Consciousness is the energy-informational structure, – a complex-configuration Field, consisting of a large number of smaller multi-quality Fields. Our Self-Consciousness is inhomogeneous in its qualitative composition and is divided into twelve quality Levels. The Dominant activity of inferior-frequency levels of our Consciousness is expressed through our desires, objectives, and our worldviews, expressed in the manifestation of various form of egoism, such as maintaining of individual stability and basic survival necessities. Our Self-Consciousness superior activity, mid- and higher range, is characterized by the fact that an aspiration towards selfless service to humanity, in various forms of its manifestation, gradually gains momentum, acquiring top priority. Various levels of our Self-Consciousness activity define the quality of Information we are operating in our lives, i.e. the quality of perceptions we live upon, which ultimately determines the quality of our lives in general.


The fact, that we identify ourselves with our biological bodies we see in the mirror, is, perhaps the biggest and the most fundamental delusion of the humankind to date, because in reality we are energy-informational structures, utilizing our biological bodies as tools or environmental shells for this Reality type research. Let us say if we wanted to explore ourselves within the marine environment, we would need a scuba-diving suit and other similar equipment. It is the same on all Levels of Self-Consciousness.


Therefore, we, being energy-informational structures, utilizing our protein-nucleic covers as a tool for this Reality type research, while cognizing ourselves in various conditions of these Realities. In order to conduct the research of other Realities, we utilize other Forms of our manifestation. The Universe, as a supramental Entity, has the same energy-informational structure and operates upon the frequency resonance principle. Imagine the radio receiver, where the slightest impact on the handle of its wave regulator leads to change of frequency, in other words - change of Information Flux. The Universe “operates” in a similar fashion. Given the example of dimensional wave range where we currently manifest, there is countless number of frequency bands within the 3rd to 4th dimension, each of which represents an independent localized reality with all the attributes we define as the World - with the similar sky, stars and the entire variety of surrounding manifested materiality. Each of these multiple, simultaneously existing parallel realities have within them our own representative, an individual interpretation, or Form-Duplicate – a Form of Self-Consciousness, encased within similar-looking biological body, (similar phenotype). It would be more appropriate to define our Self-Consciousness as aggregated or collective, within the framework of which it is differentiated into innumerable individual Self-Conscious interpretations of our Form-Duplicates, which in turn are energy-informationally related in terms of exchange of their existential experience, and which are completely unaware of each other's existence. The simplest example of this is the energy-exchange phenomenon that we call intuition. Intuition is the telepathic block of information from one of our Form-Duplicates, structuring some adjacent, parallel reality, where he or she already possess the experience of certain choice-making, pertaining to our situation at hand.


The “farther away” from the third dimension and closer to the fourth dimension the Reality is, the more qualitative, harmonious and more balanced it is in terms of its socio-economic and political structure. These are the Realities, where we are represented by more conscious and qualitative Form-Duplicates, operating with larger volumes of more qualitative Information, possessing more qualitative experience and therefore, having many more creative opportunities in our lives. Moreover, every single one of these parallel Realities has one of our Form-Duplicates existing there, who has his or her own unique life with its own development scenario. In adjacent and relatively close Realities, these are considerably the same Form-Duplicates with almost identical life scenarios; but, no matter how much resemblance they have, there is always a difference between them. However, in Realities, separated by a considerable “distance” in terms of the frequency range from the conventional dimensional point of reference, the aggregation of all these minor differences leads to the fact of completely different existential scenarios, which our multiple Form-Duplicates, (interpretations) experience there. For instance, our far away separated individual interpretations may be living in completely different geographical areas, have very different professions, different families (or absence thereof), and even represent completely different manifestation Forms, bearing different phenotype and qualitative characteristics.


Thus, every one of us has countless variations of our existential development scenarios, (something we call a destiny), and all we are really doing in life, is perpetually choosing the scenarios (existential circumstances) we wish to manifest in. That requires predominant conscious qualitative correspondence in our daily activities to the Form-Duplicate role model we chose. However, despite the enormous diversity of our simultaneously existing individual interpretations, we, at every moment of our lives, can only experience ourselves just as a single, supposedly isolated personality.


- So how and why this occurs?


- Energy-Informational structure of every our individual Form-Duplicates Self-Consciousness, in which we experience ourselves at every moment of our existential manifestation, is always very precisely coincides with the frequency characteristics of the biological body, through which it is currently being implemented. However, since we conduct our vital implementation within the framework of Energy-Information structure of the Universe, its Information Fluxes have a permanent impact on our Consciousness.


Every new quantum of Information, introduced into our Self-Consciousness Configuration, permanently changes our Configuration, and hence alters its frequency characteristics. With the change in frequency characteristics of our Consciousness - as it ceases to comply with biological body’s frequency, through which it currently manifests, there is a dissonance between the body and the Consciousness arises. This dissonance is annihilated, (i.e. transformed into resonance and balance), by the certain Energy-Informational structure of our body, conventionally called the Focus of Close Attention.


Quite primitively, it can be compared to an energy beam that, throughout the simultaneous diversity of our individual interpretations, at every moment of our life, highlights the precise Form-Duplicates, where we experience ourselves at that instant. As soon as there is a dissonance between our Self-Consciousness Configuration and the corresponding biological body of visual manifestation, the Focus of Close Attention re-projects our Self-Consciousness into one of our next biological Form-Duplicate, which precisely matches frequency characteristics of our Self-Consciousness Configuration, enriched by a new quantum of Information.


The Informational impact on our Self-Consciousness occurs not only in the usual Form we perceive, such as during interpersonal communication or while acquiring information from various news media and other sources, but predominantly in our unconscious Form, on a deeply subconscious level. Thus, the Information affects our Self-Consciousness perpetually, at every single instant of our infinite lives. In this context, the notion of "instant" has a very specific definition and it approximately equals to 1 of 328th fraction of a second. In turn, that means, that each one of us alternates approximately 328 biological Forms of our manifestation every second. The differences between our constantly alternating Form-Duplicates are so insignificant that we are not able to track, or anyhow distinguish these differences.


In addition, at this stage of evolution, our perception organs and senses simply have no capacity to anyhow register or even notice such an enormous displacement speed of our Consciousness, so for us it is purely static.


As an example, think of it as a movie film, where the film consists of discrete photographs, positioned in a logical sequence. Once this number of discrete pictures is shown to us in a logical sequence at a speed of 24 frames per second, our visual analyzers lose the ability to track their discreteness, forcing us to perceive all these separate picture sequence as an uninterruptible continuity, as something we define as the video. Hence, since we are not able to track or anyhow notice a speed alternation of mere 24 frames per second, there is no way we could possibly notice, register or perceive our Self-Consciousness Focus dynamics at an enormously exorbitant rate of 328 quantum shifts per second. Obviously, such an unimaginable speed rate is far beyond the reach of our Consciousness. Everything within the Universe occurs according to the resonation Principle. Thus, primarily these Conscious-Fields, which have the largest number of similar parameters in their energy-informational Configurations, enter into corresponding interactions first. Commonly it is referred to as “the similar attracts the similar”, or the “Law of Attraction”. This fundamental Principle is valid completely in terms of Focus Dynamics of our Consciousness as well. If at any given moment of our life, we represent a Self-Consciousness Configuration with predominant inferior Level dynamics activity, this activity actually determines the overall quality of our Self-Consciousness Configuration respectively. What’s more, such inferior Configuration can only refocus into the same inferior Configuration at each additional moment of our lives, and so – virtually forever, until we brake this pattern. Remember, – “the similar attracts the similar”. Therefore, unless we consciously apply certain measures, aimed at the change of qualitative state of our Self-Consciousness, its Focus Dynamics will surely acquire an increasing tendency of shifting into even less favorable scenarios of our manifestation. I am sure you might have noticed that usually such periods of your life are commemorated by the appearance of various physical illnesses, followed by the whole spectrum of circumstances, which we define as setbacks, misfortunes or misery. However, if we consciously try to live our life in Love and Joy, accepting everything with a deep understanding of its evolutionary predicament and devoting our efforts to selfless service for the entire humanity, in this scenario, of course, our Consciousness Focus Dynamics manifest throughout Realities of superior quality, inevitably improving our own life. Our Self-Consciousness can only reveal through our various Forms and not outside of any Form of manifestation. This means that as soon as anyone leaves their biological manifestation form in this reality, physically pronounced as “dead” by everyone else, in reality that individual’s Self-Consciousness refocuses into consecutive group of his or her biological Form-Types within three hundred twenty-eighth of a second, obviously, without any ability of tracking any differences between these Form-Types. In addition, the memory regarding the utilization of any of our biological bodies, where we have previously manifested, is not retained, and we have absolutely no idea what happens to our biological Forms in realities, where we no longer manifest. The paraphernalia, which we call the phenomenon of death, entirely and exclusively connected to our biology. Hence, any processes, which we erroneously attribute to the phenomena of “death” due to our ignorance, have absolutely nothing to do with us, since quite obviously, we relate to our biological bodies in the same exact fashion, as we relate to the clothing in our closets. We can never experience ourselves as being dead, ever; the evolutionary path is infinite. Having exhausted the resources of one group of Stereo-Forms, we infinitely reemerge in the next. For instance, – imagine you are walking on the street, deeply concerned about something, when suddenly a huge truck, traveling at high speed, passes by within your immediate vicinity. You immediately come out of stupor as strong airwave hits you, and think - “Oh my, I almost got killed by that truck!” Your entire reaction takes about 3 seconds, but if we multiply 328 shifts per second on 3 seconds, we come to the number of approximately a thousand of different Realities, each of which constitute different variations of your destiny, where you are represented by a separate Form-Duplicate. That is, each moment of our lives represents a whole spectrum of various development options of our destiny, where both, – the most negative and absolute positive variants exist. Continuing with our example, probably the most misfortunate variation corresponds to the situation, where the police scrapes the body off the road. Little more fortunate, – when the ambulance was summoned, but the EMT’s did not arrive on time, and so on, all the way to probably the most positive outcome, when you simply experienced a slight fear from the airwave shock. The bottom line is – only the state of our Self-Consciousness directly determines the quality of our destiny’s variation we experience at any given moment. Any produced or experienced negativity will undoubtedly refocus us into one of the least fortunate existential development scenarios. It is pure physics, since everything throughout the Universe occurs according to the resonance Principle. Conversely, if we produce or experience positivism, our sequential development will continue along some of the positive destiny scenarios. That demonstrates our direct responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions.


Now imagine the structural scheme of our Solar system. The Sun is in the center, while other planets orbit around it. Now recall, that the atom has the same exact straight-through structure, just like everything throughout the Universe. Our Solar System represents one of countless atoms of the Universe, which, in turn, represents one of countless atoms of even grander Super-Universal Entity, which in turn ... and so on. Additionally, each one of us, on the path of your infinite evolution, will eventually experience ourselves as an entire Solar System, then – entire Galaxy, Universe, and so on; however, regardless of the implementation Form, we will always know with certainty, that the Path of Evolution is limitless and the only feasible means of implementation within the framework of evolutional infinity is, indeed – Immortality.


Death - is the greatest of illusions. In approximately two generations from now, such notion as “death” will become a complete obsoleteness in our vocabulary. Only when we all deeply understand that each of us is merely a unique creative manifestation of never disappearing unified Energy, which by its very nature doomed to eternal Existence, only then, the most fundamental and detrimental to our consciousness, fear of death will gradually vaporize, opening the doors for All People into the more refined Worlds of Unified Reality. Fear of death - is the foundation upon which throughout history of mankind was erected and properly maintained the majestic building of all possible misfortunes of our socio-economic conditions, at the heart of which lay wars, hunger and poverty. However, this building has long decayed, and it is in our power to make it collapse irrevocably. At that, there is absolutely no need to conduct any kinds of revolutions, government overthrows, or, God forbid, kill anyone. What is desirable however, is that as many people as possible live by newer, more advanced perceptions, which in turn, is only possible on higher Levels of individual Self-Consciousness. Albert Einstein said - “you cannot solve problems using the same level of consciousness that created them”. Keeping that in mind while being aware of our Self- Consciousness immortal nature and firmly realizing that our life never ends, we shell aspire with all our thoughts and dreams towards the realities of the fourth to fifth dimension of Space-Time by gathering as much Information about them as possible. Humanity is on the threshold of these Worlds. The Worlds, where we all have bio-plasma bodies without any physical ailments; worlds with no monetary system and no survival engagement. Worlds, where the Human community represents a creative union of Space Creators, involved and Interplanetary Galactic creativity.


This process is already underway, evolutionary transformation of our Collective Consciousness propels with increasing dynamics, so each of us has the right to make a choice whether to become an active participant of this process. All you have to do in this case is to master the Latest Cosmological Knowledge, called IISSIIDIOLOGY regarding the Humankind and the Universe. The future is amazing and fantastic, and I am glad I can deliver this wonderful news to you!

Thanks to all, are there any questions?



- Please tell us more about you.

- With pleasure! My name is Vooull. I do not have any academic degrees, if you imply that. I am actually an attorney by professional trade. But at some point in life I have realized that all this everyday tinsel is meaningless, became interested in Cosmology and now I consider the most important thing in life – is to share the Knowledge with people so that they could change their surrounding reality perceptions, because it is a defining moment for our collective future. There is no way you could arrive to a better future without forming perceptions about it within your own mind first. Thought is material and is the only means of choosing our destiny.



- I would say that it is true and that we do attract certain events that happen to us thereafter. For example, there is a terrorist attack occurs in the subway, and in that train we have grandmothers with grandchildren, couples, someone is talking on the phone, and everyone has drastically different mood at the same time. Someone is quite dull, but someone else at that moment is full of life and really has lot of plans for the future. However, regardless of anything two hundred people die simultaneously. How would you explain this situation?

- Very simple in fact. Humans have holographic nature. I talked about this, when I was describing a pixel-point structure of the Universe. The approximately third dimension of Space-Time, where we are now experiencing ourselves, roughly represents the same picture as the Energy-Plasma, if we assume that instead of Energy quantums, there are infinite amount of Realities, each of which are represented by a separate pixel-point. That means that tertiary (just like any other), level of Energy-Plasma, is structured by countless number of various Realities, and we exist in every one of them by means of infinite amount of our own interpretations. Of cause, the development scenario everywhere is unique and is different from others. These development scenarios in various Realities cease to exist in various situations differently, it being an infinite perpetual continuity. For instance, in one group of realities, newborn baby turned out to be a stillborn, in other scenarios the same newborn was actually delivered, but died of “natural causes” in few seconds or few minutes thereafter. And so on and so forth. And in some development scenarios the same person had “lived” until he or she turned, let’s say, 18, and then was blown up in a subway terrorist attack, there isn’t any linear dependence here. Of cause we should not imagine it to ourselves so literally, and it is obvious, that in the same train (or any other place for that matter), there cannot be any two individuals having the same exact state of mind. This is simply a development scenario – one out of gazillions of them. Correspondingly, the given situation with a mass attack – is a necessary condition, necessary experience for everyone involved.

- So are you saying that such situation could be considered an exception to the rule?

- Yes, you can say that. As I have mentioned, every single occurrence or an event, is a direct result of the quality of our own state of mind, meaning that we are univocally responsible for everything within and around us, that is a fundamental Cosmic Law.



- I believe that there are many of our different interpretations throughout a myriad of Realities. For instance, in this Reality, I see you for the first time in my life, so how would you explain such connection in terms of our energy levels and someone at the same time being on the other side of the planet? Do we manifest exclusively in our different manifestations in different Realities? In what fashion are we connected with other people?

- We – are collective human consciousness. We – are all unified one single wholeness. You – are part of me, and I am – a part of you, in various manifestation variations. We have all disconnected at the present stage of Evolution - later on we all will definitely reunite – in order to cognize ourselves in the framework of these types of Realities through the prism of different structures of the single Whole’s active interaction. We, of course – One. So, for now we are all disconnected for a reason. However, in any event, while looking at the other person, you should learn to see yourself. Everything originates from One Single Source, and we all – are parts of it.



- Let’s say an elderly man’s body is completely worn out. He is dying. Where is his consciousness gone next?

- If we assume that before dying, he was often thinking about the most memorable life circumstances, it is safe to assert that most likely he has refocused into another spectrum of Realities of his own life, but in a new Form, when he is a child, living his life anew with no previous memory, but with slightly different life scenarios. This is called inter-age refocusing. Every childbirth creates virtually unlimited spectrum of Form-Types.

- In the same dimensional range?

- Not necessarily. If his Configuration, in terms of its frequency parameters is ready, then he can refocus into higher-frequency dimensional range. For instance, presently, the Humankind is at the threshold of Quantum Transformation, i.e. switching into higher-frequency range of fourth and fifth dimension. However, only these, who correlate with that higher frequency dimensional range in terms of their Configuration vibrations, will be able to refocus into it. All others will continue their lives in the same types of Realms as this one, on Earth, or other Planetary Entity, within the framework of similar training circumstances. Universe is very wisely constructed.



- For instance, in the process of living my life, I have achieved a state of higher quality self-consciousness, so I refocus into Reality of a higher quality. So, how the process of unifying with others occurs?

- Once you acquire a new energy-informational potential within your own Configuration, you immediately change the frequency characteristics. At that point, you realize yourself within a new body, since the one you have occupied previously, does not match your newly acquired Configuration quality. Similarly, it is impossible to transmit long or ultra-short waves through an older radio transmitter.

- Ok, I understand, the body also changes. What about the previously used body? In a higher frequency Reality, someone was also present there, right?

- Sure, that body continues to live in accordance with its primordial scenario.

- So, don’t we actually merge?

- Not really. Imagine that there are myriads of projectors, transmitting myriads movies simultaneously.

- Oh, I see!

- Yes, although each movie transmitted slightly differ from all others.

- We are all different regardless, correct?

- Yes, absolutely. The difference is always present; otherwise, it would not make any sense. Everyone is eternally shifts throughout infinite amount of Realities. In addition, the quality of surrounding Reality directly depends on the information an individual produces. The perpetual shift (refocusing) throughout the infinite multitude of Realities occurs because we constantly acquire additional information, which in turn, immediately changes our Configuration in such a fashion, that an older Form ceases to correlate with our newly acquired information.

- Therefore, as far as I understand, by being here tonight and acquiring the information you are providing, all who resonates with it, change their lives for the better, correct?

- You are absolutely right, even though it’s a tiny difference, but your Configurations do become better, indeed.



- You spoke about the diving suits we are able to select, but, at the same time, when people talk about others, they pertain to their biological bodies being the people themselves. However, when we are born, we do not choose the form of our manifestation, and it is the same with animals, trees and other forms of Self-Consciousness. So, after death, can we resurrect in a different form, a tree, for instance, or only human form? In this respect, who are the animals then?

- Animals - are similar Life manifestation Forms, like us. It is just they have different phenotype Forms, different Energy-Information Forms, different Experience for more qualitative Form-Creators.

- More advanced than us?

- Absolutely. Remember I have shown a diagram, indicating an approximate quality wave range of our manifestation. These are the very basic, elementary levels of Energy-Plasma. Each superior qualitative wave range, while transmitting its emanations, creates an inferior wave range. The classic example of this is a college. There you have number of professors, who, possessing more knowledge and comprehension, transmits it down to students, who at the time, possess less knowledge and understanding. Returning to our discussion, I must state that there are Form Creators “above” us, provided for whom we manifest and who structure our Realities. However, they and we are the same, since once we possess equal amount of knowledge and experience, we will immediately refocus into more advanced Realities, and become “them”. You have asked me if we can become an animal or a tree through our Focus Dynamics. My answer is yes and no. This question is quite difficult, its elaboration requires advanced terminology, which I am not about to utilize yet. The Information transmission flow is vast and infinitely diverse. The humankind in this exorbitant Informational flow (can remotely be compared with the Pacific Ocean, for instance), represents an incredibly diminutive flow of information (can roughly be compared to a very tiny, almost inexistent creek) in the general Informational Flow of Life. The Collective human Consciousness in this Flow of Life represents only an incredibly small fractional aspect. So all this unlimited diversity of Life Information Flow represents a superior Form Creator (Collective Intellect of a certain Level of Self-Consciousness) without any visible, precise or univocal boundaries. At the same time, if we begin utilizing certain perceptions regarding ourselves and the surrounding reality, which are inherent to certain Proto-Forms, for instance, dogs or wolves, we can gradually (completely undetectable to us!), immense into their Realities. For instance, there are quite a few lesser-developed tribes exist, all of whom have their own totem animal they worship by mimicking all the behavioral habits and possible thinking patterns of that animal. Hence, people, who constantly utilize the perceptions, peculiar to animals, gradually shift into corresponding Levels of Self-Consciousness and certain development scenarios, in which case they begin to represent transitional animalistic Forms, not human.

- All of this occurs naturally, unconsciously, right?

- Yes, indeed. Moreover - all “mentally disadvantaged” (as our medicine defines them) individuals such as imbeciles – represent various transitional Self-Consciousness types, attempting to manifest in human Form for the first time. These are transitional state Forms – from the animal types over into human types of Self-Consciousness. Typically, each of their individual incarnation is impermanent, due to which they gradually acquire necessary experience to consciously manifest in meaningful and completely sensible human Forms by means of exorbitant number of incarnations over conventional unit of time.

- If a person consciously intended to turn into an animal, why would they behave in a humanly fashion?

- Well, I was talking about the way animals refocusing into human Forms. Those people, who refocus into animal-like Forms, also go through such distressed conditions, which we define as no longer a human, but not yet an animal. What medicine defines as an idiocy or mental retardation is in fact, the reflection of animal-like Self-Consciousness type of human incarnation. For example, if some people are born into tribes, then their subsequent incarnations will most likely be manifested among various types of animal Forms.

- Since we all are Form-Creators, having more advanced of our Form-Creators “above” us, then this it should not be considered a punishment, when some of us refocus in animal or any other manifestation Forms?

- Of cause not. No punishment, in our understanding of it, ever existed per se. This “punishment for sins” conception - is an artificiality of a primitive mind. No “punishment” for anything exist, since everything takes place according to the quality of our own choices and our free will. For instance, an inferior quality behavior patterns simply prevail in someone’s individual Self-Consciousness. He or she naturally immerses into certain low quality Self-Consciousness conditions, gradually refocusing into corresponding Forms, transitioning from one type of Forms into another. We exist throughout any possible scenarios and circumstances in any of our qualitative variations. In its totality - all that is a vast number of various qualitative Reality types. We experience different individual life scenarios throughout the infinite amount of these Realities, but with no conscious knowledge of it. Absolutely everything already primordially exists, however, the only way you can experience any of these realities, is by making conscious existential choices of a particular quality, driven by your sincere interest towards something.

- Drawing an analogy with the film and the frames, we can actually choose the frame we can refocus into, correct?

- Absolutely. All possible frames always exist. Everything, we can possibly think of, exists already. In fact, the mere possibility of thinking about something means that this something exists; otherwise, we would not have any meaningful Information about it, thus – no ability to think about it. Everything we define as mysteries, fiction or various tales, actually exist in myriads of parallel Realities.

- Can a transition into animalistic Form of Self-Consciousness be considered a degradation?

- Not at all. Because the evolution – is a unidirectional process. Evolution - is a specific set of Information, when one day we can have certain volume of Information, but the next day, after communicating to someone like me during presentation like this, for instance, we automatically increase the amount of our Information, thus improving the quality of our Self-Consciousness Configuration. It is simply impossible to truncate the Configuration to a lesser volume of Information. That vividly indicates that the state of degradation is completely impossible per se.

What we subjectively define as degradation, while observing someone’s behavioral patterns, degenerative, for instance, is in fact, a sign of transition away from a human Form, a gradual shift into some of the proto-form development scenarios. That happens when a human being commences utilizing the existential perceptions, which are not typical for humans; hence, he or she begins to manifest into a corresponding Form, which other human beings can define as “degraded individual”. However, the degradation in its usual meaning does not occur. Such individual is still evolving, but in a slightly different flux with different time and other parameters.

- So, is it then, when such individual begins to exhibit sadistic inclinations towards the surrounding world?

- Yes, because these behavioral patterns are completely typical for animals, but they are not typical for Humans and usually people condemn such way of life. Therefore, the gradual shift towards any of the proto-forms occurs only within a certain wave range. However, constant augmentation of Information continues permanently, therefore, the same “degraded individual” just like everyone else, constantly gradually increases the quality of his or her Self-Consciousness Configuration by acquiring additional quantums of Information, thus merging with more balanced and advanced Forms of individual Self-Consciousness. Remember, the evolution - is a strictly unidirectional process.

- Then it looks like that this individual’s mind is fixated onto certain type of experience, and he or she is not able to escape from this “vicious circle”; so where is the evolution here?

- The entire evolution is within that individual’s Self-Consciousness. It so happens that we judge upon other people’s behavior only from the position of our own perceptions, but most of us do not know that a human set of perceptions is simply one of many such sets of perceptions. We are not the “crown of Creation” as our leading scientists think. Along with us, manifest myriads of other Proto-Forms within the same wave range. Hence, what we subjectively define as degrading is simply a shift towards one of these groups of Self-Consciousness types with the aim of gaining specific existential experience, unavailable in other Proto-Form groups. It is not the degradation from the constant continuous Information density acquisition point of view. If such shift occurs, the individual commences to operate with corresponding (animalistic, for instance) perceptions, peculiar to that Proto-Form’s Self-Consciousness group, that is all.

- My understanding of evolution – is when a human being has departed from his or her animalistic constituent due to the shift of their interest towards more balanced and harmonious perceptions, correct?

- Yes, it is correct from the iissiidiological point of view.

- So, is the fall into an animalistic Self-Consciousness Form is kind of a degradation, correct?

- There is no “fall”, only a transition along the specific Flux of Energy-Information. This Flux is unidirectional by nature.

- Am I correct when I assume that our Sub-Consciousness is involved in this?

- Yes, indeed. We all exist provided for our Sub-Consciousness’s ceaseless transmission.




- I wish to admit that this conception seems interesting and logical. However, my question pertains to the currently known 26 types of relationships, or constants. Planck’s constant, for example. So, where the “328” quantum shifts per second figure came from?

- This information came from the higher Levels of Consciousness. In the nearest future, this Information will be commonly known even on levels of preschool among all young children (although, of cause, the entire educational system will be completely reformed and much more advanced than the currently existing one – translator’s example).

- I wish to enter a slight correction. The figure of “328” quantum shifts per second is not a constant, but rather an average value.

- Absolutely. This is definitely an average value and we evolve around it depending on the quality of our individual Self-Consciousness Level. The more qualitative we are, the less this value becomes. At every instant of our lives, we constantly master more profound volumes of Information. Hence, the more advanced individual Self-Consciousness Configuration is, the larger volumes of Information it can process, thus lessening the quantity of the required quantum shifts needed to process the same volume of Information.

- So, the more profound the Meditation is, the less this quantum shift value becomes?

- Indeed.

- How can we calculate it?

- We can not. This is the Information from the higher Levels of our Self-Consciousness, period. Why do we have to calculate it? It is enough if we simply know its interaction principle. If we know that, then the quantity of shifts per second becomes somewhat irrelevant.



- If all that we do, if everything that happens to us, depends entirely on our choice and that there is no recourse and no progress but simply a constant motion (refocusing dynamics process), then is there any sense in psychiatry? When a person exhibits any such medical issues, does it make sense try curing him or her of these problems, since apparently it was this person’s conscious or subconscious choice to come upon any given medical issue?

- Yes, it always makes sense to provide various medical assistance, since this is a specific development scenario, upon which a medical professional administers to specific individual certain amount of Information through specific medicine or any other substance or service (massage or acupuncture for instance), by means of which that particular individual becomes more advanced. The only thing, existing throughout the entire Universe – is Information. There is nothing throughout the Universe except the Information. Therefore, any medical intervention has 100% Informational effect.

- Is it true that the purpose of this ubiquitous Substance in everything that that surrounds us is its self-defined manifestation?

- No, the existing purpose of any Self-Consciousness Form throughout the entire Universe – is self-cognition. That means that the meaning of Life – is self-cognition, while self-cognition in turn – is a constant procurance of experience. These of our superior interpretations, which currently (for us “here”) dominate the more advanced Forms, constantly transmit their Self-Consciousness into the lesser qualitative, inferior frequency range Forms and gather the necessary experience, which is then utilized for their (our) infinite existence, and vice versa (but differently). We all become more advanced only by perpetually acquiring additional experience. For instance – the rock is also a Form of Self-Consciousness and the manifestation of life and evolution, except that it implements this evolutional process differently than we do.

- Well, is it self-cognition or self-development?

- It is the same thing.

- Can we cognize but stagnate at the same time?

- No, we can not. Remember – the evolution is irreversible unidirectional process, and even if you think you are not doing anything, and not reading even a single page of Information, nevertheless, the acquisition of new quantums of Information still occurs on our Subconscious levels. That is because the Energy-Plasma, which structures the entire Cosmos, consists of quantums of Information. We all exist within the Information Itself, and every time we experience any type of desire, resonates with certain quantums of Energy-Plasma, where this specific Information is primordially embedded. By incoming into our Self-Consciousness, this Information permanently alters our Configuration, thus increasing our Experience density.

Thank you all, this is the end of the first part of our discussion. There is a second part as well, see you all there.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Vooull. (discussion)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Translated from Russian by Nikolai Fandorin