The chosen topic for this article was not accidental. In it, I wanted to share the results of my own life analysis through the prism of the experience of the phenomena, which the conventional medicine calls "clinical death" or the NDE - “near death experience”. Everything that is written here is intended primarily for the category of people who just like me, have experienced a similar phenomenon, but remained unsatisfied in the search for answers to their deepest questions related to this unique event. The purpose of this writing – is to attract the attention of specialists of various fields of science in order to consider adopting a set of completely new conceptual cosmological perceptions regarding the structure of the Universe and the human being, depicted in Iissiidiology, which, in my subjective opinion, contains convincing and logically reasonable explanations to many nuances regarding this phenomenon, while revealing the true essence of the conception of "death", and expanding the broader view for the conventional science regarding a comprehensive information provided by this Knowledge for the benefit of accelerated evolutionary development of the entire global human community. 


What exactly this experience has provided me with, where and how it led me in my search for answers and how did my life change since then? I will describe the dynamics of my psyche-mental emotions and thoughts before and after the event and its reflection onto the dynamics of my subsequent life in hope that the reader will be able to draw some similarities and parallels with this story line, which possibly would facilitate coming to more or less certain conclusions.

At all times throughout the history of humankind, there has always been a category of people, who always wondered: "is life on Earth finite? What will happen to me after death and what is "there" - beyond the Earthly existence?”. How and where can reliable and fully satisfying answers to these complex and sacramental questions be found by stubborn seekers of truth, who often turns out to be collectors and keepers of golden grains of Knowledge, ultimately providing other people with means of expending their Self-Awareness towards the deepened perception of the surrounding world?

Being young and full of energy for the ambitious creative achievements in my family and career development, I felt the life’s versatility and fascination, I imagined myself standing on the threshold of unknown discoveries and opportunities, provided to me by the whole world! And, it will be fair to acknowledge that quite frankly, the issues regarding death have rarely crossed my young mind, which, for the obvious reasons did not want to take a deep dive into these seemingly unpleasant thoughts, especially considering the fact, that I felt my life has just began and is so promising and wonderful! After all, we predominantly associate death with an older age, and for the young people it seems like a very distant occurrence…

I thought to myself “when the time comes then we'll see, but for now I do not want to waste precious time on solving these presumably unsolvable mysteries, so I should instead fully enjoy all the pleasures of life on Earth, since obviously that is why I was brought into this world!”. I assume that this is how most people think, vesting the acquisition of these vital answers to the will of Destiny. Of course, applicable to my personality, It (the Destiny, providence), did not hesitate to provide me such an amazing and extraordinary opportunity.

Predisposition: stressful conditions

In August of 1991, all the people of the former Soviet Union have experienced a crisis, related to the disintegration of the latter into separate, autonomous, and independent republics. The conflict of this situation was farther aggravated by not only previously unsettled international unrests, involving few different countries, nationalities, various cultures, traditions and different ethnic and religious confessions, but also by the people themselves, densely populating these areas in a highly mixed form, eager, by any means possible, to preserve the integrity of independence of their geographical territory. All this back then had resembled one huge boiling cauldron, where passions were running high, and according to my subjective opinion, this situation has gotten everyone, living in the former Soviet Union, and all neighboring countries, involved in it. Currently, many countries and their people are involved in similar circumstances, but this time these events have elevated onto the global scale.

Me and my Korean family (by marriage) have also experienced similar stress in that period because of suddenly emerged urgency to solve the array of vital issues of national, economic, social, linguistic and political nature. As a result of strong emotional upheaval, associated with an internal family conflict and subsequent divorce, an extraordinary event has occurred to me. In medical practice, this phenomenon is usually known under a common name - "clinical death", although among healthcare workers the opinions regarding the said event differ considerably.

In medicine, according to the resuscitation science, clinical death - is the last stage of dying. The academician Vladimir Negovsky so defined this phenomenon: "… the clinical death isn't life any more, but isn't death yet. This is an emergence of a new quality - a break of continuity. In biological terms, this state resembles an anabiosis, though is not identical to that concept". Clinical death is a reversible condition and the mere fact that the termination of breathing or the absence of blood circulation is present, can not serve as proof of death.”

Up until then, I imagined that physical death - is a dying of biological body due to various diseases, traumatic injuries to vital organs, heart failure, or due to other medical reasons unknown. Like most people on the planet, I have also linked "me" (the entire set of my emotional and mental reactions and accumulation of empirical experience) with the physical body, which I have associated myself with, the body of a certain external appearance and a particular (indicated in my birth certificate) date of birth and other distinctive features, which was born, gained some experience, and which, at the end of some indefinite period, was to die.

Generally, an individual is pronounced dead upon the medical examination by a physician, even though, according to multiple life experiences, we all know that death often happens not only in hospitals and medical institutions, but also in the most unexpected places, where it is impossible to provide real-time medical care, or simply due to absence of a medical personnel in the immediate environment. None of us knows for sure when and where this could occur. This is exactly what happened to me.


My girlfriend invited me over to relax, escape from the thoughts of despair and prolonged state of stress. The following morning after the party, when I tried to get up from bed, I suddenly fell down as if I was disconnected from the power supply, and after a moment, suddenly noticed myself being outside of my physical body, which was lying curved on the floor. My very Self (i.e. my Self-Consciousness) floated near the ceiling, looking down at my own lifeless body with surprise, carrying out an internal monologue: "Oh! Wow! How unfortunate I have sprawled on the floor! If someone comes in, what would they think of me?”. However, quickly losing interest of the body, laying on the floor, I began to ascend - beyond the ceiling and above – gradually increasing speed. Note that I did not feel any physical obstacles in the form of ceilings or other interfloor overlappings but only a clear motion effect, like in the high-speed elevator, while retaining a full consciousness of my own integrity as a "human body" with all necessary attributes, like hands, feet and eyes, capable of observing everything as usual.

It is extremely difficult to explain and describe in simple terms something, of which there is no experience and no Perceptions or “SFFUURMM-forms” (i.e. a set of attributes and characteristics, referring to object phenomenon parameters, life forms, and so on), with which it can be identified. Therefore my interpretation of an observed phenomenon was based on simplified archetypal ideas, which I have accumulated up to this point in my inner (within Self-Consciousness) information space, or ODS - OLLAKT-DRUOTMM system. For a while, I have sensed the presence of someone close, supporting me by the elbows, as well as the radial distribution of light around me as its source. Once I reached a certain limit, I begun flying  horizontally while also accelerating, as inside the tunnel, toward the gleaming and rapidly increasing in size, white spot, which was emitting a dazzling silverfish, golden-and-white “neon” light. Parallel to this, in my "head" at some point a telepathic dialogue began with someone, who then appeared in front of me at some distance in the form of powerful radiant and luminous Essence, producing and transmitting "euphorically-elated" state of extraordinary Joy, Happiness, Boundless Freedom and All-Embracing Love, incomparable with anything I have previously or later experienced on Earth. Shining light was so powerful that I could hardly distinguish the Creature, who also had something similar to the arms, legs and head, but I could not differentiate any other details of it.

The voice I heard in my head was impartial and non-biased. He asked quietly, if I realize that I have died, and could not get back to where I came from. I readily replied - "Yes, I realize!" And the same voice in my head sounded again: "And what about Eugenia? How will she survive?  “Yes, absolutely, Eugenia ... I'm sorry, but now I can not leave her, and renovation in my house is not finished yet!”- I replied emotionally, thinking about my 11-year-old daughter. Once again, I heard the voice of a luminous Being: "Well, then go. But remember, we will return for you!".

These words I memorized well.

Leaving the “near-death” state. Revelation

Suddenly awakened as from a loud click, I instantly regained consciousness, experiencing the strongest cold and chills, not being able to warm up for a few hours. My mind was very clear and almost immediately came the understanding of an indisputable fact: "We, the people, are fully immortal!!! The primary fear, dominating over the entire humankind – is a fear of death as the total loss of the physical body, with which we identify ourselves, the disappearance from the physical plane and the complete destruction of our existence, without the possibility of the continuation of life - it's just the greatest of illusions, a huge mistake, it is our ignorance and greatest deception of an entire mankind!!! Seems like nobody is aware of this! Possibly only holy and enlightened people know this, but there are so few of them. How our immortal nature can be proved? It seems that the only prove there is– is an individual experience!!! Various conjectures were swirling in my mind: "Yes, we are immortal parts of the Soul, while our physical bodies serve the roles of certain conductors in the form of a dress or a suit, aimed at researching of given physical realities and our own nature!

A kaleidoscope of new unknown feelings washed over me - I felt euphoric powerful jubilation, state of the greatest insight, revealing to me the secrets of Genesis, tears of joy have filled my face, I wanted to jump up, run away and convey this stupendous comprehension to everyone around! However, at the same time anger and indignation have manifested as well: "Why is this knowledge not given to all people? Why it is so hidden and suppressed!!!" A moment later I experienced a flash of desperation by the fact that the brightness, sharpness and sensations of these emotions of revelation are gradually beginning to slip away from me; they were fading and was impossible to retain them and experience again and again!!! Everything has changed overnight!

Adaptation in a new understanding

The following six months of my life went on with the greatest difficulty; I was living on a stretch between sensing the touch of the greatest mystery and an absolute impossibility of talking about it with anyone, much less proving anything! I have already mentioned above about the ongoing events, related to the peak period of the collapse of the former Soviet Union and what impact it had on me. Spontaneous demonstrations, protest marches, instability and confusion on all levels of the slowly establishing new government were everywhere, and in addition - a family drama. Fearing and distrusting the surrounding people that could possibly report me as mentally unstable and incapable of raising a daughter (who could be then taken away from me if I was placed into psychiatric institution), I have refrained from trying to share the experience of what happened. I wanted to experience neither the fear of being misunderstood, nor the pitiful glances behind my back. I decided to leave it all inside myself, hide and do not share it with anyone. However, I could not forget or bury this knowledge within the depths of my Self-Consciousness as it constantly arose in me like an echoing alarm, clearly demanding action of confirming of once experienced emotions. Back then, while analyzing the past – the way I used to live prior to the previously mentioned event, thoughts and desires that have motivated my choices and actions at the time - I could not find a direct link. It seemed to me that my life is unfair, since overall I have evaluated my actions and myself as a positive individual, acting in accordance with constraining circumstances of the surrounding world.

Based on my existing knowledge today, I realize that all life choices for the most part were permeated with both open and veiled egoism, although they were motivated by acts, aimed for the benefit of others. That is because selfishness is always inclined to find any exculpatory motivation for its actions. Nevertheless, it marked the beginning of a fundamental revision of my entire outlook regarding the quality of my life and its summarizing feature – “death”, as being the two sides of the same coin. At the same time, I came across an additional range of various questions relating to the concept of God, religion, the nature of Luminous Beings, the physical birth and death, possibility of transition between different worlds, as well as questions, pertaining to the problems of humankind, such as the source of endless suffering, wars, disasters, injustice, and many other vital questions, which have now no longer allowed me to continue living peacefully and calmly as if nothing had happened. Considering all this vital material from the standpoint of my current iissiidiological perceptions, I conclude that these questions (Interest or Focus of Self-Consciousness) has begun shifting my consciousness in the development direction of certain existential scenarios, where maximal opportunities for its realization exist in abundance.

Iissiidiology defines Interest as the desire to undergo, understand and cognize certain unknown and unlived experience; the inquisitive need to find the underlying cause of things and events, comprehending their nature.

Lifetime race in search for answers

I have reserved to the spiritual aspect of it at first, realizing that all the world religions of all times have promised people life after death and the liberation of their Souls, like sparks of God, from the heavy shackles of the physical body. I noticed that almost all written treatises of major religions (the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Vedas and others) have their own understanding, perception and description of the Soul and its immortal Essence and, as far as I can see, in any of them the Soul is depicted, in general, as superficial, expatiated and highly blurred descriptive image. The information in these texts was rather prescribing in its nature, determining the human behavior patterns, while I wanted to see more specifics regarding the Higher Spheres. In my quest for an explanation, I have addressed the religious leaders of various faiths and confessions, in hope to get the most convincing answers from them. After all, who but they would have to know everything (in my opinion!) regarding the immortality of the Soul and everything, that is associated with Its subsequent afterlife, but none of them could offer any convincing explanations to what I have experienced.

After a while, it became obvious that the religious representatives (governors, mediators and executors of the God’s will on Earth, as they called themselves) were totally incompetent in this matter and were only retelling everything they managed to glean from old-fashioned Biblical sources. Disappointed, I concluded that I could possibly communicate with these Higher Powers (the Luminous Essence, mentioned above, I have designated to the category of Angels, as It was emanating only pervasive Love, Peace and Happiness, not fear or any kind of danger) without any type of holy order dressed intermediary, or some special place (e.g. – a church, synagogue or mosque); I realized that everything IS within myself and that EVERYTHING is magically hidden inside me. The only thing I should do now is to find that coveted "key" that can open the door to these wonderful Worlds, which, as I was convinced, definitely existed. So, I have devoted all my efforts in the search for this "cherished key to the golden door" to the study of a variety of scientific, philosophical, esoteric and spiritual literature, as well as visiting a multitude of spiritual and yogic practices and seminars, in hope to somehow satisfy my most vital and undying Interest.

Undoubtedly, either way, these actions have helped me to extend my Self-Consciousness and recognize the fact, that the entire human activity in the world is not confined to the framework of personal ego survival and the establishment of a financial security; additionally, there exist yet another, deeper Meaning and broader Purpose for the entire humankind (as “homo sapiens” – a specie of “rational human beings”) in evolutionary terms, entitled “The Earthly life of humankind”. However, with persistent attempts to reach that deeper Meaning, my questions have only increasingly multiplied.

In pursuit of the satisfaction of my Interest I have moved from one country to another, simultaneously acquiring various existential experience through powerful stressful situations, and I think that very Interest has served as re-projecting (refocusing) mechanism for my personality, providing a transition between different life scenarios, as well as the relevant change of my "actual" Interest (Iissiidiology defines this process as Focus Dynamics).

Suspected causes of Interest origination

Also in my focus range were the medical literature and reference books, available at the time, but in them, I came across nothing, that even remotely resembled my previous experience. Perhaps this is the perfect time to tell you about the event, which occurred even earlier - in 1983, when I was indelibly impressed and virtually intrigued by it; the event, which, as far as I can tell now, possibly became one of the reasons for my near-death experience.

During a guided tour to the city of Tallinn in Estonia, I came across a very popular at the time, journal "Science and Life", where I found a small article, published by well-known heart surgeon, a renowned scholar and academician of Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov. Even though I do not recall the name of the article, I vividly remember the essence of his work, covered in there. The renowned heart surgeon was talking about the successful application use in his medical practice of special medical instruments, designed by him personally, which could make the heart muscles to contract upon the instance of a cardiac arrest. Similarly, the author mentioned that in certain cases during surgery, some patients have experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, remaining for a few minutes in a state of "clinical death", according to the medical definition of it, and then, after the application of his resuscitation methods, suddenly came back to life. This in itself became a sign for doctors to successfully apply this procedure into a newly developed practice of restoring the vital existential functions, facilitating the regaining of consciousness by the patient, which now is called the resuscitation (or critical care) medicine.

At the same time, there was something else, which I found noteworthy. Following the surgery, most recovered patients have remembered seeing the bustling reviving activities as if from the outside, adding many additional details and nuances, which, in the opinion of the doctors themselves, these patients could not possibly know, because the medical computer evidence have shown all these patients remaining absolutely lifeless at the time. It seemed that these patients could not possibly know, feel, hear, and much less – see anything at all, considering their state of Consciousness. The academician has presented this question at the end of the article:

"... how can this be and what is beyond the Earthly existence?

Indeed, it was really a strange mystery to science and medicine combined, including the patients themselves, who have experienced this.

That article greatly excited me, forcing vivid emotional comebacks in an attempt to understand the mystery of this phenomenon: "The body is dead, but the Consciousness continues to live and, apparently think, and then, above all, the supposedly dead body suddenly comes to life!!!??? What would that be like, to experience this?" Currently I can say for certain, that back then I had manifested a clear Interest to go through such experience, and, sure enough, eight years later, after a variety of life events and the vicissitudes, the Destiny “has taken” me to one of the scenarios, where this very experience could be extensively realized. As it turned out, it was me, who has initiated the process of undergoing through this experience, by constantly fueling my Self-Consciousness with related thoughts, but because of the other events, far more important at the moment, I have forgotten all about this article, recalling it only when I was trying to explain to myself in August of 1991 of what was happening to me.

The scientific views regarding the "clinical death" phenomenon

A little over 10 years ago, information, related to this topic, began to surface from the scientists, involved in the study of this subject. The social policy of the former Soviet Union of the 1980s, has strictly forbidden any mention, let alone publication in the press of any information, pertaining to "the supernatural and paranormal phenomena" in the name of the science for political reasons, so the ordinary people had little, or no information regarding this matter. Scientific research of “near-death” states in general, and the phenomenon of "clinical death" in particular, as well as the human parapsychological abilities in Russia were then totally classified, obviously being an exclusive subject of research by the military. A group of leading scientists and experts was given the task to determine what contributes to the "clinical death" condition, as well as to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon of release of “Soul” from the body, equally experienced by people of different nationalities, races, ages and religious beliefs. Much of that data is still classified, and only recently, some of these studies became available to the public in the form of various publications and YouTube videos.

The more I immersed in the study of the topic, the more I realized that this phenomenon is not limited to the tens of thousands reported cases. It turned out that in the US alone, more than 8 million have experienced “clinical death” phenomenon, and what about other countries? Currently, a multitude of scientific publications of various medical fields, like neuroscience, neurosurgery, critical care medicine, molecular chemistry, thanatology, transpersonal psychology, and others, including philosophical, religious, metaphysical and esoteric treatises directly or indirectly can be found online, as well as discussion forums and YouTube videos of individual accounts of a vast amount of revealed experience, related to this subject.

All this became a great revelation for me, when I have realized the scale and magnitude of this phenomenon, covering the world's population, compared to the state of social information awareness even 10-20 years ago. Quite obviously, the rapid development of the Internet has facilitated to the incredible increase of information awareness degree. It is impossible to present a more holistic picture of the phenomenon in the framework of this article; however, I believe that some scientific excerpts, directly or indirectly related to the research of this subject, should be outlined herein.

One of the pioneers, who have initially disclosed information in relation to this phenomenon, was an American physician, psychologist and philosopher – Dr. Raymond Moody. His books, especially “Life after Life”, published in 1975, have incredibly quickly became bestsellers in the post-Soviet Russia. I have read them all. These books have cited of more than 250 individual near-death (“NDE”) accounts of "post-mortem" life; however, there was no real scientific explanation of the phenomenon itself.

Apprentice professor and his successor, Dr. Bruce Greyson (one of the most prominent experts in this field), together with his colleagues has developed strict criteria (a certain index range if you will), for the interaction with other researchers in the field, which could facilitate the subsequent evaluation of and the compliance to the "near-death experience”, also known as an “NDE”. This index range has been comprised of the following constituents:

*         an overwhelming feeling of Joy, peace and Love, as well as Unity with the Universe, including freedom from pain.

*         the impression of being located outside one's physical body.

*         floating or drifting through darkness, sometimes described as a tunnel.

*         becoming aware of a golden light.

*         encountering and perhaps communicating with a "being of light".

*         having a rapid succession of visual images of one's past.

*         experiencing the realities of other worlds, where already deceased relatives or Saints, such as Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed can be encountered.)

According to Professor B. Grayson, he and his international scientific group, organized in connection to this research, has "risen an untilled virgin soil," when they have realized that an "NDE" phenomenon is much more common than they thought previously. In this respect, the newly developed index range has played a vital role in determining a particular type of an “NDE”, experienced by various groups of people. Thus, the scientists have systematized data, related to the description of various kinds and stages of this phenomenon and, for the most part, it was outlined as the following:

* "Observance of the clear light; possible voices; overall state of benevolence and pacification; a retrospective of past life is given; encouragement towards its analysis, which usually occurs in an instant, provided, allowing the precise determination of committed errors; indifference (for the most part) to the own physical body; sensuous harmony and an unforgettable peacefulness; telepathic conversation with other Beings and life forms (such as animals, trees, air, etc.). "

* Assessment of patients after the state of “clinical death”:

"Revaluation of existential values; setting up priorities and objectives; realization that the notion of "death" - is a sheer illusion, deception and a lie, including the understanding of the fact, that the definition of "death" should not reflect any state of annihilation, but rather the process of "transition from one qualitative state to another”.

Later on, expert studies have divided into two opposing opinions.

Some experts, inclining towards rather more skeptical standpoint, argue that every moment of clinical death can be explained scientifically, especially now, considering the latest discoveries in the study of the brain, its individual regions and neural connections. For instance:

- All the visions are attributed to the effects of aftershock, a lack of oxygen, incorrect administering of anesthesia, and others;

- Oxygen-sensitive parts of the brain begin to fail;

- People see the tunnel because it violates the blood supply of the retina;

- Calmness and serenity originate due to the failure of certain parts of the brain, and a powerful release of certain hormones that reduce pain while dying, thus causing a sense of euphoria and a joyful peace;

- The ability of observing self as from the outside arises because of the angular gyrus.

According to the neurophysiologist of the University of Western Kentucky, Professor Kevin R. Nelson, he found a scientific explanation of the visions, occurring while in the state of “NDE”: "It's kind of a dream - namely, its fast phase." – he asserts. He came to this conclusion after a survey of more than 50 patients who have experienced similar visions, and who have not been in any death-threatening conditions. Scientist has found that people who have experienced clinical death, as opposed to those who did not have similar experience, often have a very long emotional upheaval, related to the brain system, which in turn is responsible for sleep and wakefulness.

The medical resuscitator Nicholas G. Gubin in his article related to "terminal conditions", following the arguments and opinions analysis, which, according to him, almost all adepts of "life after death" and an "immaterial soul" adhere to, (namely Elisabeth Kubler-Rose  - "On Death and Dying," 1969, "Death does not exist", 1977; J. Meyers – “Voices from the Edge of Eternity: Unlocking the Mystery Behind Life After Death", 1973; R. Moody's "Life After Life", 1976, "Reflections on death after death" 1983; David Wheeler, “Journey to the Other Side: Life After Death ", 1977; Seraphim Rose, "The soul after death", 1982; P. Kalinowski "Transition", 1991, and many others), had concluded that:

"The vast majority of these books are based on a survey of people that "have undergone clinical death", however, the surveys are completely missing data regarding the exact time of the onset of clinical death. Obligatory registration of three components is necessary for ascertaining of occurrence of clinical death: a) lack of breath, b) lack of blood circulation, c) full hyporeflexia and/or areflexia. Therefore, data obtained during clinical interaction with these groups of patients, is simply incorrect, when it is associated with the notion of actual clinical death, because a pool of study could accidently include patients who have suffered various types of poisoning (for instance, psychedelic or γ-Hydroxybutyric acid GHB-like drug), deep coma, seizure, a psychotic crisis, hemorrhagic shock, etc. Even the researchers sometimes admit the fact that certain strange symptoms are not associated with clinical death, but somehow they do not objectively evaluate it”.

Additionally, some doctors believe that the clinical death can be triggered with the help of special equipment without the experience of dying. It is only the matter of time. There was an experiment, where a special helmet was enhanced with electric contacts in such a fashion, that they were feeding electrical discharges into specific areas of the brain, creating certain type of disturbance. It was expected that this helmet should help to reproduce an “NDE” experience; however, so far no conclusive results were observed. According to the scientists conducting these experiments, the brain of an individual, who has transmitted through the “clinical death”, is a bit different than the brain of other people, it has a unique activity (similar to the brain of nuns who have dedicated their lives to God), but the reason for that is not yet known.

“NDE” researches - Dr. Imbanom Louzhen from Holland in collaboration with Dr. Sam Parnia and Dr. Peter Fanwick from the UK, came to the conclusion that previously existed assertion regarding the fact, that the brain is the generator of consciousness and memories, is actually wrong, and it is time to reconsider this point of view, as the brain, in their opinion, can be attributed to the receiver of Consciousness, which in itself is revolutionary. Dr. Pim van Lommel has expressed a similar opinion in his report, "The mystery of perception during a near-death experience" at the scientific conference "Science and the nonduality", held in the summer of 2013 in Doorn, the Netherlands.

Rene Johannsen from Denmark, the founder of the nonprofit organization of public information and research of the “NDE”, has experienced this phenomenon personally in the year 2000, following which he has asserted that”:

"... all beings represent the same Unified Self-Consciousness, which is totally holistic and interconnected throughout the entire Universe. Scientific experiments prove the general principle of quantum mechanics - although the particles are separated throughout the space, they are still linked informationally, which is called quantum entanglement and non-locality. All the particles in the Universe are interlinked, and although they may seem as separate physical entities, in reality they are linked and interrelated”.

Another account of unusual experience of an “NDE” is attributed to the article, located on the website of a prominent Russian parapsychologist and writer – Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev. In it the author talks about an individual account of “NDE”, experienced by the leading  developing engineer and physicist - Vladimir Grigorievch Efremov, at the Russian experimental design bureau of cosmic research “Impulse”, which became a stupendous sensation for the Russian scientific community. The article reads in part:

“This experience has allowed him not only to adopt a fresh worldview, but also helped to solve a technical problem, on which he worked for two years. Interestingly enough, that this happened to the man who has predominant technical inclinations, and, as a rule, according to analysts, it is the people of this type in science tend to deny all "other-worldly and mystical”. His scientific publications, where he has described the afterlife with the help of mathematical and physical terms, were published in St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University Journal, following which the scientist has disclosed full account of events to the scientific congress".

Professor Robert Lanza from the Medical School of the University of North Carolina, USA is firmly convinced that we believe in death only because we have been taught about it from childhood. In his "biocentrism” theory, Space, Time and our surrounding World represent a holistic illusion, created by our own subconscious. The scientist asserts:

"Once we understand and acknowledge that in addition to the familiar world there exists yet another, of more subtle energies, it will become apparent that there is no death. Many experiments in physics show that the Universe has a long list of Laws and constants, very well suited for existence, and provided for that, great mysteries of science can be solved by including in the equation the opportunity to continue Life in another Form and another Consciousness".

Here I have shown a small variety of opinions existing in medicine today, which show sufficient fragmentation of views and ideas of different scientists in regards to this phenomenon. Up until now, the vast majority of scientific studies were based only on data that is obtained empirically by means of repeated set of experiments. Currently, the announcement of any scientific discovery is valid only if it is confirmed by a series of conducted experimental studies, and the results of which are officially recorded by scientific devices and appear to be stable. On the other hand, knowledge, obtained through intuitive insights with no experimental confirmation, is defined as non-argumentative and provable, treated as pseudoscientific and thus completely disregarded as valid.

However, other group of scientists actively employs their intuitive levels of Consciousness, putting forward bold ideas and theories, which later find appropriate confirmations often through unexpected means, becoming true sensations. For example, the American physicist Hugh Everett in the middle of the 20th century has proposed the theory of Many-Worlds interpretation of the Universe, which was not accepted by the scientific community back then.

However, now there is a growing number of physicists, confirming his theory. Among them is French physicist Alain Aspect, David Bohm - one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century, Sir Roger Penrose – (an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science, known for his work in mathematical physics, in particular for his contributions to general relativity and cosmology. He has received several prizes and awards, including the 1988 Wolf Prize for physics, which he shared with Stephen Hawking for their contribution to our understanding of the Universe), as well as Russian scientist in the field of Space Research – Vladimir Grigorievich Efremov. In medicine, the scientists, supporting this conception, are the Professor Robert Lanza of the University of North Carolina and Dr. Stuart Hameroff - an anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona, known for his studies of consciousness. Professor Hameroff is also a director of consciousness research Center at the University of Arizona. He argues that human consciousness does not disappear without a trace after death, it is being literally absorbed into the fabric of the Universe, and the mechanisms required for the implementation of this process, are embedded into the nervous system. Speaking on the Science Channel, Dr. S. Hameroff asserted that the human brain is a natural quantum computer, our consciousness – is its software, while the Soul represents the entire Information, accumulated at the quantum level. According to him, quantum information cannot be annihilated in any way. Hence, as the physical body dies, it merges back with the Universe, existing in this state indefinitely. According to his theory, the human mind has a quantum nature. The central hypothesis of his theory is the fact that real mediums of consciousness are defined. They are protein microtubules, which are located inside the neurons; it is they, and not the neurons, which actually accumulate and process the Information in our consciousness. In their structure, they are best suited to be carriers of the quantum properties of the brain because they can retain the prolonged quantum states, that is - run as quantum computers. "When the heart stops supplying blood to the brain, microtubules seem to discharge," - explains Mr. Hameroff. - However, the information stored in them is not destroyed, is not lost, disseminating off into space”. According to the professor, the carriers of quantum information and, therefore, the Soul, are made of a certain material, which is "much more fundamental than neurons - the very fabric of the Universe”. "I think that consciousness, or what preceded it, has always existed in the Universe - says professor Hameroff, - perhaps from the time of the Big Bang, or even prior”.

However, let us get back to the question of the individual understanding I have derived from this phenomenon, and how has it affected my life.  Back in 2003, I came across a small booklet, titled "The Art of Dying" by Oris. The information, depicted in this book series has prompted me towards much more profound self-analysis than all the previously studied materials from other books. I am deeply grateful and thankful to him for the disclosed information, which served as imaginary "building blocks" of the extension of my Self-Consciousness and subsequent spiritual growth. Since then, these little pamphlets and booklets, provided for an exorbitant interest, expressed to the subsequently even more accurate and profound information, introduced by the author from the high intuitive levels of his Self-Consciousness, gradually transformed into a multi-volume publication series under the general title "Iissiidiology".

What is so remarkable about Iissiidiology in regards to myself? Now I can assert with confidence, that it has convincingly outlined multiple conceptions, principles and methods of achieving the most favorable and harmonious planetary coexistence for all people, focused development and establishment of a higher level of their evolutionary maturity, as well as acquiring of spiritual and economic prosperity, which can provide complete confidence in the bright future to every member of the entire global human community.

The key concepts of this Knowledge are based on such fundamental notions as Multiverse, singularity, multi-polarization, holography, gradualness, simultaneousness, instantaneousness, as well as the understanding of the quantum nature of Self-Consciousness of any possible Form of Intellect. I will try to apply schematic and highly simplified description of a small part of structural dynamics, in which we, as people (individuals), cognize ourselves. Any inquisitive reader will be able to find more detailed and comprehensive information regarding this in Iissiidiology Fundamentals book series – “Immortality is available to everyone”, certain volumes of which are currently available in English on our website:

In accordance with Iissiidiological conception, we, as ever-developing and self-conscious Forms of Intelligence, are manifested throughout the Universe simultaneously and instantaneously literally at every single unit of its diverse structure - as complex-configurational Conscious-Fields or Universal Focuses of Self-Consciousness, which (provided for its multi-dimensional structure) within our 3rd-4th -dimensional reality wave range, consisting of numerous Worlds and Space-Time Continuums, represented by our focuses of Self-Consciousness or Focus Configurations (otherwise known as f-Configurations). Each f-Configuration is perfectly embedded in its own World by means of certain conglomerate of worldviews (SFFUURMM-Forms), including the Ideas regarding various natural phenomena, politics, economics, science, social relationships, health, religion, and everything else, which the current World consists of, including the worldviews concerning Itself as the unique Self-conscious Form, manifested by means of a particular physical conductor - specific biological body (known as “NUU-VVU”-Form).

The difference between such f-Configurations in our three-dimensional realities is defined by rotational shift per quantum of Information, which equals approximately 1/328th rotational shifts per conditional unit of Time (usually adapted as 1 second). Each rotational shift can be conventionally compared with a single frame in the film of the movie, where the frame itself- with a whole World with the entire palette of various Forms of life (human beings, animals, plants, minerals, insects, etc.), which, upon the consecutive rotational shift is replaced by the consecutive frame, and so on and so forth, continuously and perpetually, one after another, in spheroidal, non-linear fashion. This means that 328 frames (Worlds) with their unique individual interpretations (f-Configuration Stereo-Types) sequentially rotate per one unit of Time (a single second), which in turn are structured with a clear set of narrowly specific Perceptions of every single one of these Worlds. In addition, each Stereo-Type is also differentiated into 386 smaller energy-informational Conscious-Fields (Stereo-Duplicates). Consequently, all individual Interpretations live and evolve in an infinite multitude of parallel Worlds, according to their own existential scenarios, uniquely programmed for each World.

It is worth mentioning, that Perception system of our biological conductor (physical body) in a framework of 3rd-4th - dimensional reality wave range, is grossly imperfect. On average, it is designed to differentiate less than 24 frames (Worlds) per second – similar to the tape drive in the movie projector - and, therefore, the implementation of 328 frames per second cannot be registered by our Self-Consciousness in any way. At best, we can only inertially detect certain psychosomatic physiological body conditions as well as an average mental activity. Each individual Interpretation is structured by diverse holographic energy-informational relationships, which, according to their qualitative composition, (in terms of dimensional wave range they belong to), are aggregated into the so-called "energy-informational structures" – IISSIIDI-Centers (similar, but much more complex than what orthodox esoteric sources describe as chakras). In Realities of the 3rd-4th -dimensional range, where we creatively manifest and conduct our existential activity, we are able to track all of our psyche-mental reactions only following a certain time lapse (seconds, minutes, hours), - due to the degree of inertia of Space-Time, also directly tied to the quality of our psyche-mental activity, which in turn effects the inertial awareness of quality of our own thoughts and emotions, occurring with a certain delay.

This directly affects the very consciousness of our choices - in favor of the rapid increase of evolutionary development of the global society as a whole, and every human being in particular.  Since the offsets (rotational shifts) occur constantly and continuously, we - as Focuses of Self-Consciousness - always remain in the process of Focus Dynamics, similar to the once initiated play of a movie with endless number of frames, moving our Focus throughout these movie frames, qualitatively changing our relation towards them, depending on the Interest, expressed by the activity of our two inferior energy IISSIIDI-Centers, (when we are inclined to watch some thrillers with elements of violence, or we are glued to the programs, depicting the views of various romantic scenes and so on, satisfying all kinds of interests along the way – rationally-mental or sexually-sensuous).

Quite relatively, IISSIIDI-Centers can be characterized as follows: the first Center - provides any given Self-Consciousness an opportunity to physiologically manifest within the 3rd-4th -dimensional Worlds, and is responsible for the survival of the human biological form; the second – emotionally sensuous, is responsible for sexual reproduction of us as species.

The second pair of IISSIIDI-Centers: the third Center - responsible for the mental processes and manifestations of Intellect; fourth Center provides highly sensuous mental states and emotions. Both of these couples spheroidally, as well as energy-informationally (holographically) are interconnected with each other: the first center - with the third, and the second - with the fourth; in practice all of them, in their immediate coherent relationship, determine the qualitativeness of our existential creativity. Focus Dynamics occurs continuously with an acquisition of additional quantums of information, and as soon as the creative Interest is satisfied on one level (that is when Focus is configurationally combined with a Stereo-Type, corresponding to this resonant interest - immediately gaining quality by means of automatically obtained integral experience of its inferior quality choices), - the resonantly succeeding Focus re-projection occurs into the closely spaced (parallel) f-Configuration, according to suitable energy-informational parameters. All this takes place continuously and perpetually, along all possible creative realizational directions throughout the infiniteness of cosmic Existence.

As I mentioned above, upon each successive Stereo-Type refocusing, we (due to the imperfection of our perception systems) do not have the opportunity to browse and observe scenarios where we also manifest, since they, according to the consistency of Thought-Forms (Perceptions) are of the inferior quality and have a lower degree of information capacity. However, as soon as our f-Configurations become more advanced by means of accumulated -synthesized experience of self-cognition within the framework of the first pair of inferior IISSIIDI-Centers), we will be able to "detect", if desired, our lifeless biological bodies, remaining in our previous existential scenarios in various forms (buried or damaged), which can only be observed by people, who continue to be part of these Worlds.

At the same time, we always realize ourselves alive, "here and now", and do not even know that we have just “died” somewhere a moment ago, since we immediately shift into a new, qualitatively improved, live Stereo-Type, which in his individual information space (individual ODS) has no information of personally experienced instance of “death”. That new Stereo-Type has no idea of what is going on in parallel scenarios, from where its Focus have just re-projected, and continues to live as business as usual.

Here the following question may naturally arise: "What stands behind the phenomenon of "clinical death"? After all, millions of people at the time of the operation or prior to that, suddenly experience failure of all vital organs when doctors conclude a fatality, however, suddenly after a relatively short while (usually 5-6 minutes to an hour), patients regain consciousness and, supposedly returning from the “dead”, all talk about pretty much the same thing, expressing similar emotions.

Suppose that in one of the scenarios, (certain World), patient died during an operation and was pronounced dead due to the failure of heart or brain, and his or her Consciousness (Focus) re-projects into another scenario (another distinctive World) - very similar, yet slightly different vibrationally from the previous one, where, for example, doctors have made a successful operation and where “death” occurred a few hours following the operation, and not immediately upon its completion. There are other scenarios, however, where the patient was not even taken into hospital at all, and continues to live, unsuspecting. Usually, these are the qualitative groups of scenarios, which have the most favorable outcome, provided for the entire multitude of variable-quality events, occurring in our lives. Iissiidiology defines it as the multi-polarization of Focus Dynamics, provided for which we constantly remain alive, regardless of existential events. Sometimes in your Focus Dynamics, you can experience such physical conditions, when suddenly it feels like your heart has been poked by something and you feel the need to lie down and rest. Consequently, in certain scenarios, you continue your daily activities after resting, while in the other scenario you have actually “died” in your sleep during rest, instantly refocusing into an adjacent, but still slightly different (in terms of the quality of Perceptions or thought-forms), variation of your individual Interpretation.

The occasional signs of poor health display, indicate that somewhere in the parallel scenarios your terminal refocusing process has begun, thereby attracting your attention to the poor quality of choices you conduct, which resulted in accumulation of tensions with the World of your current existence. On the other hand, in those scenarios where, for example, the patient came back from “the dead”, his or her Focus – following the succession of terminal refocusings - has locked within the group of scenarios, where the operation was successful, and the patient has fully recovered. The entire array of sensations and visions is usually caused by the implementation of various hormones, activating the corresponding activity in certain parts of the brain, which, as the science has discovered a while ago, are responsible for the invoking of the states of euphoria, joy, happiness and merging with the Whole, or the emotions of fear, depression and anxiety, as well as multiple types of Perceptions the patients are able to decrypt only through the existing thought-form archetypes, which are active in their particular individual ODS.

The answers to the questions that troubled me for a long time after my NDE instance are partly reflected in the “Commentaries to Iissiidiology Fundamentals”, Volume 11, from the "Immortality is available to everyone" book series in the following paragraphs:

11.12313. Everything that sometimes occurs with "people" at the time of the “Clinical "Death", due to the intensification in Self-Consciousness of some of the "personalized" UU-VVU-copies (a process that you tend to subjectively perceive as "exiting out" of the physical body) is a narrowly-specific mental state, which has no relation to "death" or the so-called "after-life" and is stipulated by only a vital necessity of the given "individual", urged in his or her Self-Consciousness by subconscious level Form-Creators, towards a partial radical change in the direction of improving the quality of future choices. This psychic phenomenon represents not the dynamics of "Death" of the given "individual", but rather the dynamics of further continuation of his or her Life in a particular state of Self-Consciousness for an insignificant period, following which the refocusing process back into NUU-VVU-Configurations of the normal state of Self-Consciousness, occurs.

11.12314. Therefore, virtually the entire period of remaining in a state of “clinical death" is clearly fixed by inertial dynamics of "TES" (Temporary Ether Substance of Self-Consciousness) and is well remembered by any given "personality”. This is the reason why in our Life we sometimes have an unusual opportunity to really look back, analyzing everything we have ever said, thought, experienced and created; by evaluating of all our mistakes, decisions and actions honestly, we can then decide if we wish to continue to live the same way we always did, or start afresh by doing something, that is more consistent with your highest Ideas of who you really want to be. Provided for this state of mind, you will have an opportunity to make an impartial and in-depth analysis of your entire Life without the usual embellishments, fear or condemnation in order to determine the resulting Experience and you primary existential development direction.

11.12315.Why do such states of Consciousness exist? They are suppositions, primordially programmed in your «rotation Cycle» and serve as the radical refocusing opportunity within the framework of any given "skrruullerrt” system" for a sharp transition from your current existential "scenario" over to a completely new existential development Direction. This condition of “clinical Death" is, in fact, the most feared “Last Judgement", which you simply have to go through in order to try to begin your live anew, more purposefully, making quality choices. No other "Judgement", carried out beyond the limits of your own Self-Consciousness, actually exists even theoretically, because energy-informational structures of your current NUU-VVU-Forms identically correlate to the structures of the entire Universe (meaning that you and the Universe – is the Single Unified Whole).

That is exactly what happened with my Consciousness, as I have experienced a gradual transformation through the reassessment of my previous existential values from the selfish standpoint of serving my own needs towards an increasing manifestation of Altruistic trends, reflected through the strong desire of Servicing Others by means of certain active choices, all of which subsequently formed into the conscious devotion of my entire existential paradigm to this high and noble Purpose, guided by higher-frequency universal knowledge of Iissiidiology.

In connection to this experience, I would like to introduce the philosophical thought of Mr. Kenneth Ring – an American scholar, who has conducted an extensive “NDE” research, as a conclusion: "... At the same time, this new curious phenomenon – “near-death experience” - apparently performs a vital mission by instilling a hope that even during the darkest moments of Life, there could be a Bright Light, showing us the correct Path. The question is - whether we have enough courage and wisdom to follow it".

For a better understanding of the mechanism of re-projection (refocusing) of the Focus of Self-Consciousness into other of our physical Interpretations, who, while differing in terms of extensive variety of quality and frequency characteristics, thereby constantly remaining alive just like we are “here”, I suggest my dear reader to refer to the source of the universal iissiidiological knowledge.

By commencing a detailed research of all aspects and details of operation of this complex mechanism, comparing and verifying it with the practice of your own life, you will be able to see the enormity and stupendous scale of the eternal and infinite manifestation of the Universe, including the existence of the humankind, as an integral structural constituent of this constantly evolving and uninterruptable, self-developing super-complex Essence. With ever-increasing scientific evidence on this subject, appearing like mushrooms after a summer rain, you will be able to realize, that such phenomenon as "death", including its particular manifestation, known as the "Clinical death" phenomenon - is nothing other than a specific "portion" of the general universal mechanism of refocusing from one qualitative state to the other (originally embedded into the multi-level structure of the Universe), appropriately reflecting the level of quality, achieved by any given Configuration of Self-Consciousness at the time of the occurred event. This "effect" allows us to re-evaluate and review our previously committed selfish choices in relation to others,  redirecting of own creativity towards another, more evolutionary development trend, striving for a harmonious synthesis of Highly intellectual Altruism and Highly sensuous Intellect in close cooperation with Unity of all developed Forms of Life.


So, dear friend,

While following my individual path of sequential and gradual expansion of my own Self-Awareness - from the obsession with the satisfaction of egocentric needs of my routine daily activities, through the powerful stressful conditions, all the way to subsequent revision of all my previous views and existential Objectives, - I have realized that:

                      The only way my youthful dreams of universal Equality, Brotherhood, Superior Love and Friendship of all people and nations, unified into a single organism, representing a highly developed planetary race, called THE PEOPLE, can be implemented into practice, is when an entire humankind will be united by higher Idea of ​creation of a harmonious society of exorbitant Abundance by means of establishing throughout the entire planet of 144000 Cities of Light of Knowledge and Love, based on high-frequency and intuitive comprehension of Iissiidiology, where every member of this community will be able to choose their evolutionary development through Spiritual Service to All, and the complete eradication within own Self-Consciousness  of all the selfish tendencies by means of the deliberate practice, aimed at the introduction of higher-frequency iissiidiological Perceptions;

                     Only a profound recognition and acknowledgment of the uniqueness and value of the immortal Essence of any manifested Form of Consciousness throughout the infinity of the Universe, will pave the way for the human community towards the gradual access of the unlimited True Human development possibilities within the unprecedentedly short period of time, making us the dignified Co-Creators, equal to many other highly-developed cosmic civilizations. This is exactly what all progressive minds of humanity have dreamed of for thousands of years.


To this end, many people from a variety of countries, led by their unanimous choice of implementation of this very noble Idea, have united in a multitude of recently established and unique International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC's), where key Principles of "Ayfaarian lifestyle", corroborated by the higher-quality iissiidiological Knowledge are being tested and put into practice on the daily basis. You can read of these remarkable settlements on our official website, where we share our accumulated experience with anyone, who wants to participate.

Please join us!

Author - Stingmeyllerat