"Individual" Immortality - is one of the primary subjects, being discussed by iissiidiology. In the current Space-Time continuums at this point, all "people" are afraid of "Death", every single one of them! Moreover, this fear is active inside us only because no one knows for sure what awaits us “there”, beyond the “threshold of Death”. This uncertainty scares and terrifies, oppresses and paralyzes, forcing us to clench to life virtually at all costs in order to delay its "inevitable end” for as long as possible.


Then finally, the new knowledge – iissiidiology emerges, which clearly, reasonably and supportively elaborates the opportunity of immortal existence, and that Immortality is being an inherent attribute of our lives; the only thing we have to do is to recognize, understand and deeply accept this notion, considerably new to most of us.

The true meaning of iissiidiology has nothing to do with revealing the hidden "secret of Immortality", but rather it is connected with the implementation and instilling of substantially far more veracious perceptions regarding the existence principles of the entire spectrum of Forms of Creation inside the collective consciousness "of humanity". As to the "secret of immortality", it should be treated as “Secrets of Life" cognition process, which similarly reveals all the legitimate inertial processes, that we subjectively interpret as "the Mystery of Death."

The primary meaning of emergence of iissiidiology throughout "current" Continuums is to prepare the most intellectually developed and spiritually-inclined part of "humanity" for conscious transformation into active and creative part of much more qualitative Forms of Self-Consciousness, structuring the immeasurably more harmonious and accomplished Continuums of our eternal universal Human existence.

Provided for the iissiidiological knowledge, we now have the opportunity of deep understanding, that our potential altruistic choices cannot be truly implemented until we – throughout the entire palette of various manifestations - learn to accurately recognize and consciously determine the most deceptive Perceptions of selfish Thoughts, Emotions, Desires and Actions, by means of which we currently infuse our lives with a multitude of unforeseen occurrences and negative misfortunes.

Iissiidiology thoroughly and compellingly discloses the great mysteries of Life and "Death", as well as the "individual" Immortality Principles; that knowledge should prompt “people” to begin cultivation of Energy-Information of higher levels of energy-Plasma within their own Self-Consciousness, sequentially becoming more balanced and harmonious, which would enable them to consciously and effectively refocus into more advanced Realities of their infinite existence. This has become possible provided for the introduction and dissipation throughout the human Collective Consciousness of entirely new Perceptions regarding organization and the formation Principles of not only human, but also all other forms of Self-Consciousness, as well as a deep understanding of the multidimensional structure of the Universe.

For over tens of thousands of years predominantly existing knowledge and religious beliefs have cultivated in the collective “human” consciousness only ignorant conceptions regarding finiteness of our physical existence and the inevitability of "Death", thus instilling an instinctive, ineradicable fear of future demise, and deepening egocentric “individual” tendency of dissociation with the Whole.

At the same time, iissiidiological knowledge, while meticulously revealing and deeply analyzing fundamental Principles, providing infinite physical existence for any living being, leads to a consistent and harmonious Unification with the surrounding reality based on Intelligence and Altruism states, which are inherent to all self-reasonable forms of Self-Consciousness. Profound functioning comprehension of the incredibly complex Space Mechanism, ensuring the “individual” Immortality implementation for each "human being", allows us to constantly self-ascertain in practice of our lives that the sincere display of unconditional Love, Kindness, Altruism and Positivism towards All is always incomparably "more favorable" than extended dwelling within various selfish tendencies.

Because the reward that we automatically receive for being in a state of Altruism is so exorbitant, that cannot be compared with any material, moral, mental and physical costs! This is by far the best opportunity to constantly improve and increase the quality of your "personal" life. At that, the more we consciously “lose” of what had previously represented to us an unquestionable value, the greater our ability to self-sacrifice becomes, in turn tremendously increasing our Existential conditions and Unification with the Whole.

However, without the Knowledge of iissiidiology powerfully stimulating the development of highly sensuous Intellect in every "human being" and increasing awareness degree upon the implementation of "individual" life creativity, this natural process becomes considerably sluggish, overextended in time, and finally loses its effectiveness entirely. It can be compared with the situation, when an important surgery, requiring multiple actions of an utmost precision, mindfulness and concentration, are instead performed blindfold, in which case every such attempt will be accompanied by countless conscious and involuntary errors, blind correction of which will generate additional mistakes and mishaps. And so on and so forth – infinitely. In fact, this is a vivid example we are witnessing from the entire history of “humankind”, when variable “human societies", utilizing false and ignorant notions, pertaining to the Nature of the “human race”, as well as the surrounding World, exhibit very slow and inefficient development.

In the era of the New Spirituality and New Science, both of which have adopted and successfully implemented iissiidiological conceptions regarding the structure of the Universe, such depressing and frightening concept as "Death”, including the "dying" process Illusion, will cease to exist as attributes of everyday life entirely just within one or two generations from now.

It will all become possible not only because of latest scientific advances, but also due to the fact that a new type of highly developed human self-consciousness form, completely delivered from the ignorant Perceptions of "Death" and consumeristic egocentrism, over the next thirty years will confidently enter into the sphere of higher quality planetary Creativity - Creativity of people conscious of their "individual" Immortality, skillfully utilizing it for the benefit of all.