The ongoing crisis in science and technology we observe today is considered an integral part of marginal level of the development of our civilization. Last century’s futuristic ideas and actually implemented achievements as well as modern concepts of the future are analyzed herein. Analysis of the latter identifies weaknesses of certain projects, therefore a new concept, implying an infusion of modern society with unprecedented set of conceptions – Iissiidiology, is introduced and elaborated.

Innovative science and technology challenges

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The beginning of the 21st century was quite unlike any forecasts, made fifty years ago - there is still exist no artificial intelligence, flying cars or cities located on other planets. A future, predicted by many futurologists of the last century is largely a distant and still unachieved mirage. There iPhone, Twitter and Google, but even they are still utilizing a slightly modernized operating system, initially developed in 1969. It seems as the technical progress is severely stalled. New gadgets are introduced constantly, however, global issues, the solution of which seemed to be close, remain unresolved to this day.

The writer Neal Stephenson tried to articulate these concerns in his article "The starvation of Innovation": “My lifespan encompasses the era when the United States of America was capable of launching human beings into space. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on a braided rug before a hulking black-and-white television, watching the early Gemini missions. This summer, at the age of 51—not even old—I watched on a flat screen as the last Space Shuttle lifted off the pad.  I have followed the dwindling of the space program with sadness, even bitterness.  Where is my donut-shaped space station? Where is my ticket to Mars? Until recently, though, I have kept my feelings to myself. Space exploration has always had its detractors. To complain about its demise is to expose oneself to attack from those who have no sympathy that an affluent, middle-aged white American has not lived to see his boyhood fantasies fulfilled. Any strategy that involves crossing a valley—accepting short-term losses to reach a higher hill in the distance—will soon be brought to a halt by the demands of a system that celebrates short-term gains and tolerates stagnation, but condemns anything else as failure. In short, a world where big stuff can never get done.”Source link

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Mr. Stephenson’s opinion is shared by Peter Thiel, founding CEO of PayPal payment system. The article, which he published in the National Review edition, is titled "The End of the Future". It reads in part:

When tracked against the admittedly lofty hopes of the 1950s and 1960s, technological progress has fallen short in many domains. Consider the most literal instance of non-acceleration: We are no longer moving faster. The centuries-long acceleration of travel speeds — from ever-faster sailing ships in the 16th through 18th centuries, to the advent of ever-faster railroads in the 19th century, and ever-faster cars and airplanes in the 20th century — reversed with the decommissioning of the Concorde in 2003, to say nothing of the nightmarish delays caused by strikingly low-tech post-9/11 airport-security systems. Today’s advocates of space jets, lunar vacations, and the manned exploration of the solar system appear to hail from another planet. A faded 1964 Popular Science cover story — “Who’ll Fly You at 2,000 miles per hour?” — barely recalls the dreams of a bygone age." Source link

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

There are many arguments in favor of the theory that technological progress is slowing. Its supporters suggest examining a computing industry in this respect. The entire range of fundamental ideas in this area, at the very least, is forty years old: UNIX has celebrated its 45th birthday in 2015; SQL was invented in the early seventies, approximately at the same time the Internet was invented along with object-oriented programming, followed by graphical user interface development, and so on and so forth.

Economists usually estimate the effectiveness of technological progress in terms of labor productivity growth and GDP (gross domestic product value). Changes of these parameters during the 20th century confirm that the growth rates are falling for several decades - in the United States alone, for instance, the effect of technological progress has reached its peak in the mid-thirties of the 20th century. If labor productivity in the US has continued to grow at the rate, that was specified between years of 1950 and 1972, by 2011 it would reach a value, being at least one-third higher than in reality.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

In 1999, the economist Robert Gordon published an article, where he suggested that the rapid economic growth, which is usually associated with technological progress, in fact, was a time-limited surge. Mr. Gordon believes that a new industrial revolution that took place in this period has caused the surge. For example, at the end of 19th and the first half of the 20th century came electrification, distribution of internal combustion engines, breakthroughs in the chemical industry and the emergence of new forms of communication, in particular - film and television industries. Growth continued as long as their potential has not been used up entirely.

According to R. Gordon, development of electronics and Internet have had limited impact on global economy in comparison with electrification, internal combustion engines production, telecommunications and chemical industries, therefore, says the economist, they are not as important: "The “Big Four” was a much more powerful source of productivity growth than anything that appeared in recent years. Most of the inventions that we see now are "derivatives" of older ideas. For example, video recorders have combined television and film industries, but the fundamental impact of their occurrence can not be compared with the effect, which an invention of one of their predecessors has made. Internet is also generally leads to the replacement of one entertainment form into the other – nothing else".

Peter Thiel in collaboration with Gary Kasparov have published the article in the Financial Times concerning the same issue, where he states: “The genuine progress in IT from the 1970s up to the 2000s masked the relative stagnation of energy, transportation, space, materials, agriculture and medicine. IT enabled the processes of globalization and efficient management that delivered economic growth without increasing real median wages. However, it also induced a misleading sensation of technological acceleration. We can now use our phones to send cute kitten photos around the world or watch episodes of The Jetsons while riding a century-old subway; we can program software to simulate futuristic landscapes. Nevertheless, at the same time, the actual landscape around us is almost identical to the 1960s. Our ability to do basic things such as protect ourselves from earthquakes and hurricanes, to travel and to extend our lifespans is barely increasing.Source link

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest futureScientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The newest cosmological perceptions of Iissiidiology

Many people can see that the development of science, technology and society the way it exists today, has come to a certain threshold (this can vividly be observed even on the pictures provided above - they were all made in 1950’s and 1960’s with no radically new ideas, capable of being implemented, emerged since). Investors want to invest only in short term projects; moreover, most of the emerging new products are intended solely for entertainment purposes. However, in order for us to transform over to a new development stage, the implementation of completely new and unprecedented ideas, insights, new perceptions and principles, disclosing and minutely depicting the fundamental Universal principles as well as peculiarities of social order on completely different, much more profound levels, is inevitable. In my opinion, one of the best sources of such stupendous new ideas and concepts - is the cosmological knowledge of Iissiidiology.

According to this knowledge, the entire surrounding reality is highly dependent and intertwined with our internal psyche mental activity and implementation. Once we are able steadily to remain in the state of mind, free from the various manifestations of negativism, irritability, aggression, revenge and anger, exhibiting positive reasoning, calm judgment and intellectual manifestations of altruism, the surrounding World’s quality will swiftly increase. Remaining in positive states of mind allows the processing of higher volumes of information per unit of time, substantially increasing the speed of undertaken decisions, all of which in turn inevitably results in drastic acceleration of any implemented objective achievement in comparison with current situation. Humankind’s generational change evolution process ensures the development of fundamental qualities, inherent to humans, such as intelligence, altruism, empathy, compassion, responsibility, and many others, in opposition to the decrease in activity of certain qualities, peculiar to many other forms of Self-Consciousness - aggression, anger, revenge, passivity and fanatical concern for survival. Perhaps due to this development, our entire life will qualitatively transform, becoming more conscious, based on highly spiritual, noble and grand scale objectives.

If all the nations, irrespective of their traditional beliefs will earnestly seek only the positive interchange and active creative cooperation, the global and large-scale reunion of all spiritually-aspiring people will commence, inevitably leading the entire human community towards the creation of a single global form of statehood, not divided by any religious, national, economic, territorial or any other selfish interests.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The implementation of this universal objective, at least requires devaluing sex to be the most coveted pleasure and the highest form of enjoyment, contrary to the current believe; additionally, we should cease the manifestation of hatred, jealousy, envy, hypocrisy and lies. If that behavioral pattern will continue to represent any interest to us, none of the favorable development perspectives will have any chance to be implemented. However, avoiding of depression will be possible due to the cultivating of such qualities as intellectual creativity, openness, honesty and responsibility. Provided for these qualities, the manifestations of apathy, indifference and lack of initiative will gradually cease, as we will understand their nature. Only after that we will naturally discover such stupendous variations for unimaginable levels of creativity, which currently the greatest minds of the mankind are not able to imagine even in their most courageous and optimistic forecasts.

Principles and methods of psyche-mental activity of the future humanity, which depends on the hormone performance, will become less dependent on biological conditions, resulting in substantial mutation of genetic activity patterns and the DNA. Due to a significant increase in the number of synthetic amino acids, an extra pair of chromosomes in the human DNA will initiate. Nerve, autonomic, hematopoietic, urinary, digestive, endocrine, as well as respiratory systems in biological organisms, will mutate accordingly.

When any form of self-consciousness remains in a state of higher mentality and higher sensibility, it automatically leads to the development of the foresight, intuition and clairvoyance manifestation ability.

Iissiidiology states that being altruistic - is a very beneficial deed. Previously no one could provide substantiated, convincing and logical answers to the question of why should we help strangers, including those we might not ever see again. In this respect, iissiidiological conception asserts clearly that steady practice of altruism continuously raises the quality level of existence due to the purposeful shift into the increasingly favorable existential conditions. Hence, an increasing amount of people, deliberately seeking unification with everything, will steadily manifest within the consciousness of humanity, when such concepts as responsibility, tolerance, compassion, empathy, love and similar others, will actively enter into the lives of all people on the planet.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The most well-known conventional concepts of the future include: transhumanism, post-human and post-humanism,raelian movement, technocratic "Venus Project" and “Russia-2045”. Transhumanism utilizes science and technology to improve the mental and physical capabilities of a human being in order to eliminate those aspects of our existence, which are considered undesirable by transhumanists.

The posthumanism - is a concept originating in the fields of science fiction, futurology, contemporary art, and philosophy that literally means a person or entity that exists in a state beyond being human. The concept addresses questions of ethics and justice, language and trans-species communication, social systems, and the intellectual aspirations of inter-disciplinarity. "Posthumanism" is not to be confused with "transhumanism" (the Nano-bio-technological enhancement of human beings) and narrow definitions of the posthuman as the hoped-for transcendence of materiality. Posthumanism is based on the idea that human evolution is not complete and may be continued in the future.

Followers of Raelism (members of “Raelian movement”) are believers in an advanced race of extraterrestrials called Elohim, who created life on earth. As believers of life in outer space, they hope that human scientists will follow the path of the Elohim by achieving space travel through the cosmos and creating life on other planets. As believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ through a scientific cloning process (which includes memory transfer) by the Elohim, they encourage scientific research to extend life through cloning.

Strategic social movement "Russia-2045” has similar inclination, having transhumanistic orientation, supporting the human development by means of advocating accelerated technological progress and the integration of modern technology, as well as further growth of the resistance to "consumer society" at the expense of exploitation of the natural environment.

The "Venus Project" aims at achieving a peaceful, stable, permanent and determined development of the global civilization, by means of transition towards a resource-based global economy, general automation, the introduction of the latest scientific advances in all areas of human life and the use of scientific methodology of decision-making.

Following a brief analysis of various concepts by the prevalence of a trait (although it is impossible to distinguish them categorically), the movements we can divided into two general categories:

Along with the ideological concepts, the real pilot future city projects exist, such as Auroville in India, Masdar in the United Arab Emirates, Great City in China, eco-villages in different countries, and many others. In addition, the development forecast of existing major cities is being practiced, based on the sustainable construction principles. There are also futuristic projects of floating cities (“Lilypad”, by Vincent Callebaut), underwater cities (“Sub Biosphere”), recycling cities (“Lady Landfill”), ocean and underwater research stations (“Underwater Skyscraper”) flying cities and space stations (“Kalpana One Space Settlement” by Bryan Versteeg), and the underground cities (like “Sietch” underground city in Nevada). Such ideas, having a real embodiment and detailed design, mostly related to the material realm.

Many future city projects have a concept of alteration of certain thinking principles or a way of life. For example, Auroville is intended to implement the unity of people by creating an international society, living outside of politics and religious preferences. However, in my opinion, this project, though considerably filled with sensuousness, nevertheless sufficiently lacks the intellectual constituent, which would allow the benefit not only for the people who have accepted this idea, but also for those, who live outside of the current settlement.

The “Project Venus” by Jacques Fresco seems as rather technocratic, because despite its intellectual predominance (which allowed the creation of new city and society models) it lacks the sensuousness component, which could be embodied in creation of new human values and interpersonal relations.

“Russia-2045” and “Raelian Movement” projects have similar disadvantages. These projects are also dominated by the intellectual element with the strictly depicted human development scenario within the framework of a material realm, which excludes the development of spirituality, meaning that an essential part of individual Self-Consciousness development, which provides substantial enhancement abilities, capable of transforming the surrounding world for every individual, is simply not taken into account per se. My analysis of the above-mentioned conceptions have shown, that two major constituents - intelligence and altruism – are absent in all of them, which in turn indicates their inferiority and insolvency in implementation of such versions of the future, where the presence of both of these constituents is essential.

Vital joint presence of both of these qualities is justified by the fact that the absence of one of them (mental or sensual imbalance) leads to devastating consequences for both - the individual person and the entire humanity as a whole.

However, there is good news as well. Progressive conceptions that can help in a harmonious, balanced and creative development of human civilization can still be found among the existing ones. From my perspective, the iissiidiological knowledge, harmoniously combining the two of these characteristics simultaneously, is indeed a perfect example of such conception.

So, what could await us in the nearest future, according to the information of Iissiidiology?

Applying the psyche mental efforts for a continuous implementation of predominantly the highest quality choices (consisting of highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect at the same time), you will automatically shift into a more favorable existential conditions.

Thus, in the near future, where interpersonal relations are approaching the True Human characteristics (highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect, supplemented by higher quality Responsibility and the humanitarian Freedom), science and technology will become so highly developed that the global human society will no longer require neither the accumulation of material wealth, nor any type of financial relations.

One of the objectives, the solution of which will serve as a powerful stimulus for the development of scientific and technical base, will be the profound research and the development of mineral resources of the Moon. This, in turn, would entail the establishment of close contacts with other “extraterrestrial” intelligent races and cosmic civilizations.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Unfortunately, now the humankind is militantly opposed to any extraterrestrial display and therefore not ready for such bilateral contacts. However, when people become free from the animalistic fear of the unknown, the contacts with other Earthly, as well as many extraterrestrial civilizations, will be possible.

This will become a powerful stimulus for the development of terrestrial technologies in all areas - from space exploration to meeting of everyday industrial, social and household needs, as well as the development of various biochemical, biological, genetic and quantum micro-field processes.

In parallel, it will become possible to establish mutual contacts with other terrestrial races that inhabit the depths of oceans and seas, creating unique intelligent communities. Technologies, allowing the production of an exorbitant amount of inexpensive raw materials, chemicals, industrial and food resources from the marine environment, will flourish.

The merging of ground and oceanic civilizations will also become a reality by means of conducting a simple surgery of implanting synthetic branchial-like devices or by activation within specific chromosomal regions of certain genes that are responsible for oxygen supply functions of whales and dolphins.

The differences that exist between the representatives of the aquatic civilizations and us are the result of genetic mutations occurring in biological organisms due to the prolonged existence in different habitats. Perhaps one of the conditions for such a community would be a decontamination procedure of the aggression gene in our DNA.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Stationary research centers will be built at great depths of the oceans, where thousands of specialists in various fields of science and industry will be able to live and work for extended periods. There also will be mining installations, aimed for mineral and ground vegetation processing.

Thousands of floating cities will slowly run on the surface of the seas and oceans, where those, who wishes to learn the wealth of the Earth's water resources, will be able to live comfortably and productively.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Many civilizations have not and do not enter in contact with us because of the lack of intellectually sensuous denominator for mutual communication and associative understanding. However, in the future the devices, enabling easy mutual communication will be created, transforming thoughts into image-associated forms (form-images), adapted to the specificity of the various types of Self-Consciousness. Subsequently, special sensors, able to “read” thoughts will be used in the temporal part of the head. At that, while uttered sounds and words might sound foreign, the meaning of the transmitted message will nevertheless be perfectly clear.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The future will unveil an exorbitant amount of formative manipulation of photons, when creation of unique "intelligent substance" by means of genetic engineering in cyber genetics, cyber bionics and astrobiology, will become possible. Almost the entire range of necessities will be made of synthetic materials and polymers. The metal will only be used in high-precision industrial, space, and scientific technological equipment construction. In architecture, there will be many new technologies, provided for the materials, combining the simultaneous metal durability and softness of silk.

For instance, one of the construction mechanisms of the future will be similar to the way a spider spins its web. At first, builders would create the basis of a necessary configuration, establishing directing fibers on it, following which, the robots, programmed for a certain fashion of design and weaving are engaged along these fibers, and in the matter of hours, substantial constructional territories turn into high domes with all necessary inter-floor overlapping and installed partitions. At that, powerful reinforced structures, capable of withstanding unimaginable payloads, are constructed.

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Gigantic shopping and public buildings will be constructed throughout the area of several dozen square kilometers, which will be located under a transparent dome with breathtaking enhancements, bearing multiple levels rising one above the other, with transparent and bright premises and features. Silent panel hovercraft devices, attached to the shoe soles along with countless escalators will insure swift and enjoyable movement throughout.

There also be lifting and levitation structures, capable of creating stable local antigravity effects, which in turn will provide opportunity for manipulation with tremendous masses, effortlessly moving them to any distance. Spacecraft, constructed in this fashion will be able to self-propel at speeds, approaching 300 kilometers per second, while performing maneuvers of any complexity type. Just this discovery alone, combined with radical biological organism rejuvenation methods already invented, will serve as a powerful stimulus for the beginning of the era of virtually fantastic mass stellar travel!

Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

Eventually, it will be possible to fly without any smart devices or appliances. That is because in our DNA there are certain individual genes, responsible for implementation of levitation abilities. As soon as these genes will be identified by scientists, anyone, even a child, will be able to acquire hovering skills following only an insignificant genotype adjustment. Additionally, another spontaneous tendency will take place in parallel with the above mentioned one - millions of people will begin to perform certain genetic corrections, enabling them to research the water expanses of our Planet. There will be no restrictions in acquiring of any type of abilities, since it will be widely known, that everyone has a right to their own free will and corresponding choices.

Holography, and everything, related to it, will exponentially develop in the nearest future as well. It will affect all areas of our lives, beginning with cinema, art, media and internet resources. With its help, anyone will be able to design any premises, living room for example, creating a "piece of live forest”, various realistic 3D art, down country or an ocean. Accommodation of high-speed holographic objects will require equal in size areas and volumes, as they can only be temporarily forged into the overall dynamics of the surrounding reality objects.

However, none of these, and many other truly stupendous achievements and phenomena, described in Iissiidiology, will occur without radical change of our entire civilization’s reasoning and sensuousness paradigms. Only by changing these two fundamental conceptions, thus, our very consciousness, we can change the world around us, where the described technologies as well as an unimaginable multitude of yet unknown, can become our everyday reality.

Latest discovery examples

So, which of all these unimaginable future achievements, described by Iissiidiology, have already appeared in our lives, due to the latest advances in science?

For example, the NASA team under the leadership of Harold White has commenced the development of space Warp Drive, able to move objects faster than the speed of light. With it, scientists are seeking to travel the 4.3 light years, separating us from Alpha Centauri, in two weeks. The offered propulsion system compresses the space curvature in front, and extends it behind the spacecraft, allowing an incredibly fast movement. Source link

The truly stupendous breakthrough came in medicine, which is trying to maintain life for as long as possible, thus bringing us to one of the analogues of immortality - regardless of whether it is biological, digital, or cybernetic. This is facilitated by the already developed technologies, such as the production of artificial blood (red blood cells of universal O-type, that can be transferred to anyone without complications), the cultivation of body parts from the patient cells, the treatment of paralysis (electrical impulses in the nervous tissue of the spine allowed scientists to restore the moving ability to people, who otherwise would remain paralyzed for life), the treatment of the aging process (certain chemical, which was responsible for the effect of age-reversing is identified) and a new heart 3D printing (using fat cells and collagen).


Scientific and technological development perspectives of the nearest future

The ongoing crisis in society, including its scientific and technological sectors, is vividly obvious virtually for everyone. Hence, radically new thoughts, ideas and concepts, profoundly revealing and explaining the fundamental Universal, as well as the humankind’s social existence principles, are urgently required.

After a short historic excursion, while studying currently existing concepts of the future, I have concluded that Iissiidiology is a concept, able to provide and insure a completely new stage of human civilization’s development, introduce unprecedented ideas of the consequent progress, based on the harmonious development of highly intellectual Altruism coupled with highly sensuous Intellect.

Information contained in Iissiidiology, when actively practiced in our everyday life, in the nearest future can provide anyone with the unique experience of new technologies, that most radically will rebuilt not only the surrounding world, but also the entire spectrum of the conventional physiology of the human body, reprogramming it for thousands of years of active creative and productive existence.

With Iissiidiology, we are able to integrate and merge the currently essentially separated conceptions regarding our emotions and the material world, life and death, academic science and spiritual views. Moreover, the intensification of the intuitive levels of consciousness opens up tremendous prospects for the True Stellar Creativity!

Author: Ovulldds

Translator: Nikolay Gopenko