For a long time, in the information space of mankind, there were sayings like: “thought is material”, “as you think, so you will live”, “What you are afraid of will happen to you" and similar sayings. They reflect different aspects of the same process or phenomenon – thought-creativity. With thought-creativity, many draw the deliberate and purposeful attraction into their lives with some specific events, people, things, and so on. There exist many techniques and methods (visualization, mental experience, maps and albums of wishes, etc.), with which we consciously, by using thoughts and feelings, model the desired end result. After some time and depending on the stability and intensity of our efforts; there is a chance to obtain what we want. As a rule, when more mental energy is invested into our desires, the more likely that our desires will come true. 

Conscious thought-creativity is aimed at modeling some specific objects of our destiny. But how is what we call "the surrounding reality" formed around us?  But, who has created these ever-changing scenery and events around us, which are mandatory and a necessary element for the implementation of such process as "life"?  

And finally, in my opinion the most important questions – “Is it true that the surrounding reality objectively exists, is it single and is it the same for all its inhabitants?”

"The true essence of all what your Self-Consciousness faces

in the surrounding reality, is not in the specific form

perceived by you, but is reflected in its content

which is still incomprehensible to you!"


Oris "Iissiidiology. Fundamentals”, Volume 3.

What is the main reason for existence?

In order to answer these difficult questions, let's try to define the meaning of manifestation and existence of any self-consciousness form. Using many esoteric, religious, and scientific sources, I came to the conclusion that the meaning is to accumulate experience, getting to know yourself in different states and circumstances and the realization of various aspects of your "I" through a variety of different interests. And everything in the universe is arranged in a way to facilitate the implementation of these processes. On this basis, we can assume that at every moment the world is created in a way to satisfy the thirst for learning of our inner world. In other words, the surrounding reality represents numerous possibilities for the realization of our various interests (conscious or unconscious).

And exactly what constitutes the basis of a person’s psycho-mental creativity at that particular point of time (inclinations, habits, customs, viewpoints, current mood, global aspirations, etc.) will influence the kind of surrounding reality he will form. It was mentioned above that by consciously, mentally simulating some objects of reality, they can be "materialized”. And if we continue to analyze it logically, then if our thoughts are not very intense or highly concentrated, the result would not come so soon and it would not be as much in line with our expectations. Meaning the thought-sensual influence on the "matter of life" would still be there, but in a lesser degree. Moving further, we come to the conclusion that we, in one degree or another,  in every moment "materialize" all what we think of, whether consciously or not. That is, we at every moment of our lives (which is a kind of "testing ground" for the realization of the aggregate of all our interests, goals and aspirations) create some average alternative of what we think and sensually aspire to!

But it is an abstract theory in greater degree; another view on the long-known truth. It would be more interesting to learn the mechanism of materialization process. How exactly the projection of our thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires is turned into concrete and tangible events, into things around us?

New answers to the ancient question

In my opinion, it is Iissiidiology, which is the most profoundly and versatile that reveals the nature of such process as the "formation of every person’s reality" – it is a system of concepts about the structure of the Universe and of a human. From series of different theories and doctrines it stands out because in a completely new way, it explains the fundamentals of science, religion and esoteric processes and phenomena. It is based on such world order principles as many-world existence, singularity, multi-polarization and other principles, as well as conceptions about the quantum nature of any self-consciousness mind form.

For me, Iissiidiology’s position is very convincing, therefore, along with current scientific knowledge; it forms the reasoning basis for this article. So, the concept of many-world existence suggests that there are many variants of our world existence (with the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and their inhabitants), that are "parallel" worlds. And to each such world belongs its own version of a particular person, as if it is another variation. And there are an unlimited number of variations of each person at every moment of time. Therefore, according to Iissiidiology, they all exist at the same time-the variations of the worlds.

Any realization form, as per the basic Iissiidiology conception, is formed by the dynamics of self-consciousness focus, which "... allows each "person" at every next moment of his life to realize himself at exactly what is a greater degree, or towards the realization of what qualities it seeks the most at any given moment... ". It is exactly the self-consciousness focus that plays a major role in shaping the individual subjective reality, by the way of sequential and consistent attunement to the most vibrationally appropriate personal interpretation and the development scenario, from the whole set of numerous options at every moment of time. An additional quantum (portion) of information that enriches us with additional micro-experience of some mental experiences is being synthesized (accumulated, added) with each such attunement (the focus shift).

The "components" of perceptual system

What is the informational basis for the formation of all our mental states, which determine one or another version of the surrounding world? Where is all this "stored"? According to IISSIIDIOLOGY conceptions, for each person there is inherent the so-called personal information space of self-consciousness (individual ODS). It includes the entire set of a person’s beliefs about the world and himself in the world, which he consciously or unconsciously, uses when making decisions in his life. All what we have known in our life, what shaped our world as a whole, our position on each issue, notions of our parents, teachers in schools and universities, friends, the media, and simply public moral and ethical principles are included there.

The unique system of conceptions of each of us is a kind of information basis for the formation of individual characteristics of psycho-mental dynamics, that is, our thoughts, feelings, motives, aspirations, values, interests and needs. Every moment the activity degree of our interests changes: what earlier had the most paramount importance fades into the background and is being replaced by previously completely unimportant and uninteresting realizations. It was mentioned in the previous section about the nature of existence of multiple forms of our self-consciousness. So, different versions of every person belonging to different worlds differ between each other by primarily the content of information space, and hence, by features of psycho-mental states, interests and needs. And different sets of pursued interests correspond with particular scenarios of the world. Therefore, the life "scenery" is different for all variants of one person.

But what is the connection between the quality of our mental states and the material world? Let's try to understand this issue based on scientific theory and research.

The role of electromagnetism in the formation of the surrounding reality

First of all, let's turn our attention to the basic concepts, which, according to the modern scientific world, describe the mechanism of formation of material reality. According to the standard model in physics of elementary particles that is currently known, there are about four fundamental interactions – types of interaction between elementary particles and its bodies’ components. These are: electromagnetic, gravitational, weak and strong. Each interaction type plays an important role in the formation and flow of various nature processes. But for the most successful communication of ​​this article’s main idea, I will focus my attention on the electromagnetic interaction, because this type of interaction provides the relationship between the atoms themselves; thereby determining the properties of substances. That is, the electromagnetic interaction, in the greatest degree, if comparing to all other types, manifests itself in the formation of the material, visible and tangible for us surrounding reality.

According to current scientific conceptions, the electromagnetic interaction takes places through an electromagnetic field, where its carriers are its quanta - photons. Only objects that possess an electric charge (including neutral overall but consisting of charged particles) may participate in the electromagnetic interaction. These are the most well-known fundamental elementary particles, in particular, all quarks, all charged leptons (electron, muon and tau lepton), and also charged gauged bosons W±.Due to long-range activity, the electromagnetic interaction is manifested in both the macroscopic and microscopic scales. In fact, the vast majority of physical forces in classical mechanics - the elastic force, friction force, surface tension forces, and so on - are electromagnetic in nature. The electromagnetic interaction determines the most physical properties of macroscopic bodies and, in particular, the changes in these properties during the transition from one state to another. The electromagnetic interaction is the basis for chemical reactions. Electrical, magnetic and optical phenomena are also subject to electromagnetic interaction.

Biological bodies are emitters too

 For more than two centuries it has been known that weak electric fields are present in living cells and tissues; the voltage of which is called the resting potentials, action potentials, omega-potentials and so on. These bioelectric potentials are used in medical practice, and are recorded as electrocardiogram, electromyogram, electroencephalogram and other types of research. At the heart of generation of these fields are the processes of tissue metabolism, so the topography and the dynamics of their voltage during quiet wakefulness are subject to changes in metabolism as a result of vital functions biorhythms, inherent to both the body and the individual organs and systems.

During physical exercise, as well as in pathological states of the organism, the dynamics of field pressure changes significantly. Similar and with swimmers-athletes (13 men and 8 women), in training swimming races, at a distance of 3-5 km, an increase in the voltage field of 10 cm from the chest almost 7 times was revealed.

During psycho-emotional pressure the significant changes in the dynamics of the field force was also established. Such pressure is the mental stress. As already known, in this state our brain emits mainly medium and high beta waves (18 to 30 Hz). Stressful for us are those destructive emotions as different states of affect, aggression, panic attacks, alertness, quick thinking and anxiety and so on. The high activity of beta waves always corresponds to large release of stress hormones.

But during a quiet and peaceful mood, the indicators of dynamics and tensions of individual’s bio-field decrease. Such mental states are accompanied by mainly, gamma, alpha, delta brain emission. The direct relationship between the parameters of the human bio-field strength and its emotional state becomes obvious. It mainly grows during negative experiences, and decreases with more harmonic ones. Of course, emotions – are just momentary reflections of a global trend in the human psyche. But they are inextricably linked with conceptions about the world, "large-scale" needs, and aspirations.More highly spiritual, altruistic, self-sacrificing, high-intellectual views, thoughts and desires are the source of more positive mental manifestations; while the more selfish, aggressive and hard-sexual interests tune the person to more stressful states.

 I would like to emphasize once again that the surrounding reality is formed (is selected by focus) individually and is completely subjective, meaning that it totally depends on mental quality characteristics of a given configuration of a self-consciousness form. In each subsequent moment, the focus attunement is carried out with such variant of our personality, through which the currently overdue greatest need for additional experience can be achieved. And particular circumstances correlate with this version of a personality.

 In the individual world of each one of us, anything that would not be necessary for learning even deeper layers of our "I" is not manifested. And all that forms our destiny - it is the result of the lack of some or other mental experiences. The main objective of all the events that happen to us - it is an opportunity to show ourselves our attitude to the various aspects of our life, and through the surrounding life circumstances to look at ourselves "from outside".

The world around us - a range of opportunities

If we follow the earlier conclusion, it turns out that that if wars, terrorism or sports competitions take place in the world around us; this means that we have a hidden interest towards murder or big sports? All the events are kind of indicators of interest present towards certain experiences. In this example, it is the presence of such qualities as gambling, the thirst for competition, the desire to feel like a winner, to subordinate others, and alike. And these mental manifestations correspond with certain parameters of pressure areas in the personality’s bio-field. That is, the individual aura of the person has such spectral characteristics, due to which there is a "resonance" with those scenarios where people with identical activity and sphere of creativity (such as war) are present. And the degree of any event or occurrence has influenced you, shows the activity of appropriate mental tendencies in your consciousness. If the fact of war in your individual world is manifested only through news on television, and in no way affects your daily routine, then the spectrum of mental states in which there is the greatest opportunity to explore yourself through participation in this event, at that moment of time is present in you in a very negligible degree.Similarly this relates to the big sports - if you have a burning interest in experiencing yourself as a professional athlete (with all appropriate psychisms), then you would start to actively develop the appropriate respective skills - would enroll in sports section, would be looking for a coach and so on. Due to the fact that absolutely all scenarios exist, sooner or later, with proper focus and efforts, you would have realized yourself taking part in one of the Olympic games.

And it is the same way with all that we can observe in our individual worlds. All around – is a set of possible development opportunities of our destiny in different scenarios. After all, all the variants of our lives already initially exist, and they define for us the infinite set of realization areas for personal creativity. The only question is in the prevailing need and interest at every moment for each configuration of self-consciousness form (personality).

  So, we found out that we, with our perceptions and mental states, can affect the surrounding reality. And that everything what happens in it, is a kind of indicator of different interests and needs presence, as well as an invitation for the realization in any form of creative activity – to choose any profession, religion, field of work, destiny…

Do animals, plants, minerals also provide opportunities?

If the surrounding reality corresponds to our conceptions about it, what is the role in our individual world of each of the members of the so-called animal, vegetable, mineral, and other kingdoms? After all, we, the people, have very little information about their existence. We can only guess as to why a leaf has that particular shape, and a mineral – has this particular structure.

The basis of life creativity of the majority of people of our time, 70-90% is "programs" that inherently are not human, but belong to consciousness forms of other types of intelligence (the proto-forms). For the most part they realize themselves as the most primitive and aggressive aspects of mental-sensual people’s dynamics. But at this stage of evolutionary development of mankind these protoformic inclusions are an integral and necessary evolutionary part of structures of our self-consciousness and the biological body. In IISSIIDIOLOGY, this principle of formation of all forms of consciousness in the universe is called diffusgentness (from Lat. diffusio - spread, spreading, mutual penetration of matter particles into each other with the partial transfer of their individual properties to the resulting state). This property shows that our self-consciousness, as human beings, integrates energy-informational interconnections that are inherent in other forms of intelligence. Because of the diffusgentness principle, the gradual and natural displacement of consciousness focus from human "body" to another proto-form is potentially possible. For this to happen the animal (vegetable, or other) programs of some development directions should become the basis for a sustainable psycho-mental human creativity, the appropriate change of basic life principles and values ​​.

Therefore, all the diversity of forms of intelligence is present in the form (selected) by our reality – for the expansion of our options for further development, but in different “manifested bodies”. In fact, there are much more different types of proto-forms than we think, but many of them we simply are not able to perceive in any way due to the limited capacity of sensory systems of our biological forms. But this topic is discussed in more than one book, so I will not delve on it.

The subjectivity of surrounding reality

In the previous sections, it was mentioned several times about the subjectivity and uniqueness of each one of our individual worlds. Here is what is written in the IISSIIDIOLOGY books: "Our perceptual system are similar to those of the TV, which converts a variety of electromagnetic waves that fill all space, into visible images to us. But because the Perception of each one of us has very individual properties and characteristics; the same images perceived by us acquires in the consciousness of each "person" a whole new meaning, connotation and originality. Therefore when each of us looks at the same objects, he sees, defines, and understands the same surrounding world only in his own way - not like others. Since potentially every image contains information about other possible forms, then depending on from which operating vibration level ("point of view") we are able to carry out our observation, such information and will be accordingly perceived by us through the observed object".

The space around us represents dynamics of a set of numerous fields with different parameters that carry enormous amounts of information. But the human biological shell, (particularly the brain) is not designed to handle this entire data stream; it is similar to thin wire that cannot be used in devices with large capacity. Therefore, the outside information is repeatedly "filtered" and "re-coded" by biological structures of the brain before we think of it. And it will be only a distant echo of the original meaning.

Literally, everyone sees the world differently. After all the formation of unique "pictures" by the brain, which is recognized by a person, is affected by many factors: the ratio of photosensitive proteins in the structure of the retina, the active relationship between neurons of different brain regions, the current state of hormonal, blood and other organ systems. And all these features are incorporated in the genome of an individual, and are passed down from generation to generation.

The "frequency" of material world

An interesting fact that illustrates that there is no objective reality for all its inhabitants is that fact that parameters of the "tangible" reality for each intelligence form are individual.  Properties of the human perception system are such, that the subjective realization of a "plot" of space (with all the dynamics of field structures) as something tangible or physically existing, occurs only when information about it will be involved in focus shifting on average of 328 times per second. This figure approximately equals to the average speed of an impulse going throughout the network of nerve fibers in a human body - 1/328 seconds.

As is known in neurophysiology, the information communication between nerve cells is performed by neurotransmitters. There are many kinds of them, and each one carries its own information. And depending on the information that has spread to the neural network of the body, the production of various hormones takes place, which determines the further mental and physical activity. And it will depend on qualitative filling of information space of a consciousness (the most urgent need in the synthesis of some aspects of qualities), the kind of neurotransmitter will be highlighted at that moment of time.

Therefore, every 1/328th of a second a kind of informational update of a consciousness occurs, according to newly entered information about the surrounding reality through our neural network. And we. in a new way, are forming our subjective reality. But changes in it are so negligible that we do not see them. They begin to be visible after a longer period of time, but even then the dynamics of surrounding reality does not leave the impression of a "static fragments change", but is perceived organically as the natural course of an objective process, which we call the "flow of Life."


Summing up, I will briefly answer the question that was placed at the beginning of this article, where does all that each of us see around us come from. So, all variants of scenarios that we attune with our focus 328 times per second, already exist in the universe as quantum probabilities. But the scenario which is chosen by our focus primarily depends on the set our ideas about ourselves and how the world around us should be. On these representations depend our thoughts, our feelings, and our aspirations - everything that shapes our mental states.

  Other important conclusions:

  • The surrounding reality is not objective and is not the same for all of us. It represents just a subjective reflection of certain emission spectrum (electromagnetic and not only) through the perception system.
  • The surrounding reality of each self-consciousness form is a reflection of topical life representations, interests, as well as many opportunities for their realization.
  • The Scenario of the surrounding reality directly depends on the quality of our psycho-mental states.

The more there will be positivism, cordiality, sincerity and openness, in your relationship with the outside world, and a high intellect and a deep sense of responsibility in your deeds, the more harmonious, joyful, easy, and favorable for the achievement of the highest goals will be your life circumstances.

Author: Liirrgmmiilliss.

Translated by: Astiyraalls