Factors of biological inheritance and education in the human formation process often sparked violent controversy, especially regarding issues, pertaining to the formation of complex features of humanism. The science has conclusively proved that these factors are inextricably linked: the hereditary features can only be implemented under the influence of the external environment, while the influence of environmental factors is always limited to individual hereditary features. It looks like some kind of vicious circle, but is it actually so? How much are these two factors actually interdependent? Is it possible to influence the biological inheritance? If so, how? These and many other questions arise due to the collision of these scientific approaches. 

In this publication, I am pleased to present the answers to these questions through a comparative analysis of various scientific fields like genetics, epigenetics and Iissiidiology, which is a new system of knowledge, interpreting multiple scientific areas of research by means of more universal perceptions. The ideas, constituting the foundation of Iissiidiology, in my opinion, disclose additional, missed by science, facets in the process of understanding of higher matters, and provide solutions for the increase of human capabilities.

It is known that the aesthetic education and the relevant environmental conditions are essential for the humanization of the human being. However, in order for this to be the most effective and purposeful, so that everyone could fully realize their potentialities for the benefit of others, it is vital to know the hereditary mechanisms of manifestation of latent abilities, archived in the DNA structure as well as our consciousness.

DNA in the framework of official scientific perceptions

Let us review what the DNA and the genetic code is from the standpoint of modern genetics. At the beginning of the millennium, something extraordinary has occurred: the human genome was decoded as set of instructions, describing the way we function. It all began when in 1990 James Dewey Watson (molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist) was appointed as the Head of the Human Genome Project at the National Institute of Health. In 2000, a working draft of the genome was released, followed by the complete genome - in 2003, however even today the further analysis of some of its sections are still under research.

This is the largest international collaborative scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs, which make up human DNA, and of identifying some 25 to 30000 genes in the human genome. In the nucleus of every cell in our body, there is a control center – DNA, the program of evolution of all living beings. The code of this giant filamentous molecule contains important information that regulates the activity of cells and transmits hereditary characteristics from generation to generation. It can change because of positive mutations that alter it favorably for the body, unfavorably, or even destructively in certain cases. The information contained in the DNA consists of nucleotide sequence (adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine), which form a set of triplets (codons) that determine the order of amino acids in the protein molecule.

The discovery of nucleic acids belongs to Johannes Friedrich Miescher – the Swiss physician and biologist, who extensively researched the nucleus of leukocytes (white blood cells) constituting the structure of the pus. Painstaking work of this remarkable researcher has succeeded. In 1869 the scientist has discovered a new chemical compound within leukocytes, which he has named nuclein (from the Latin – nucleus). Further studies showed that nuclein is a mixture of nucleic acids. Subsequently, the nucleic acids were detected in all vegetative and animal cells, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it was discovered that there are two types of nucleic acids: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). The difference in definitions is stipulated by the fact that the DNA molecule contains deoxyribose sugar while the RNA molecule – ribose sugar.

Let us for a moment review the subject of a gene as a structural element of this macromolecule, which is an elementary unit of inheritance, representing a specific sequence of nucleotides in the DNA. Every cell of human genome consists of approximately 30-40000 genes in the chromosomes that are separated into sections - loci, i.e. the locations of a particular gene. Sequencing of the entire set of genomic DNA revealed that the human genome contains of 25-30000 active genes, which encode proteins and functional RNA, which represents only approximately 1.5% of the total genetic material. The remaining part is non-coding DNA, often referred as the "junk DNA”. The human genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes, where each chromosome contains hundreds of genes separated by intergenic space. Intergenic space contains non-coding and regulatory regions of DNA. Genes contain the information regarding biosynthesis of a single polypeptide chain with a certain amino acid sequence as well as the RNA molecules structure: matrix or informational (encoding proteins), ribosomal, transport and some other, so-called non-coding RNA. The average size of the human gene consists of 30000 pairs of nucleotides.

The shortest genes contain only two-dozen letters of nucleotides, for example, genes of endorphins - the proteins that cause the sensation of pleasure. Genes of interferons - proteins that protect people from viral infections, have a size of approximately 700 nucleotides. The longest gene encoding one of the proteins of the muscles – dystrophin, contains 2.5 million nucleotide pairs. They have several functions, one of which – is encoding the primary structure of the polypeptide (protein). In each cell (except erythrocytes, which lack the kernel) there are genes encoding enzymes of DNA replication and repair, transcription, translational components (ribosomal proteins, rRNA, tRNA, aminoacyl synthetases and other enzymes), adenosine triphosphate (ATP or ATF) synthesis enzymes and other components, necessary for the conduct of cells "housekeeping" process.

Cell “housekeeping” process is overseen by approximately one fifth of the entire number of genes. Most genes in each cell are "silent”. Set of active genes varies depending on the type of tissue, organism development period and external or internal signal receiving factor. It can be asserted that each cell has its own unique gene accord "sound", which determines the spectrum of the synthesized mRNA, encoded proteins and therefore, the properties of all cells. The DNA itself is not directly involved in protein synthesis, but it serves as a template for the construction of the matrix or messenger RNA molecules, where the gene code (transcription) is transferred. The ribosomes are responsible for "translation" (broadcast) of mRNA code into the amino acid sequence of the synthesized protein.

Comparison of the structure of DNA in terms of genetics and Iissiidiology

DNA, as a structure that provides storage, generation-to-generation transmission and realization of the genetic development program, in terms of Iissiidiology is considered as an information base on all existing forms. The human evolution as well as the entire multitude of other life forms is associated with many factors, one of which implies the inclusion of our DNA of linkages, inherent to other forms of Self-Consciousness (proto-forms): animals, plants, minerals, and so on.

Iissiidiology interprets the part of the DNA that scientists define as “working DNA model” as relationships of varying degrees of similarity between different types of proto-forms, which in turn function based on variable proto-form “SFUURMM forms” (perceptions), reformatted into the human type of reasoning. Various organs and systems of our body are represented by thousands of proto-form genes, including viruses and bacteria. It is important to note that the human body is not only a collection of a few trillion, in fact, human cells, but also of more than 100 trillion bacterial, viral and fungal forms of self-consciousness. As you can see, so far in this bio-life conglomerate, creators of the human genome are not at all prevailing, because other forms of self-consciousness (proto-form) creators exorbitantly surpass them in terms of constituting the total number of all possible DNA structures in our bodies.

Hence, it can be concluded that the genetic code, represented by a multi-million nucleotide sequence is comprised of not only human, but also the proto-forms experience, common to other forms of Self-Consciousness, produced by representatives of various kingdoms of nature throughout existential conditions. The formation of such diverse, proto-form relationships is possible according to principles, which are described in Iissiidiology. One of them is the “diffuzgentnost” (diffusion) principle.

The term is derived from Latin – “diffusio” – meaning spreading and mutual penetration of partical material into one another, resulting in partial transfer / exchange of their individual properties. It allows form-creators of one type of proto-forms to create the necessary basis for energy-informational linkages by attracting additional information fragments that structure the focus dynamics of another type of proto-forms.

Every self-conscious being, manifested in the surrounding reality, by means of Self-Consciousness focus dynamics, implements multiple transformations through the introduction of diverse relationships (informational fragments), which, upon their interaction with specific regions of DNA, transform into an electrical impulse, and re-project throughout neural pathways for further decryption into brain epiphysis, the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and so on. That in turn produces necessary perceptions and imageries, correlating to the current Self-Consciousness Form integrated experience.

Thus, all existing types of proto-forms, including humans, by transgression into the mutual information field of own SFUURMM forms (perceptions) experience, are involved in evolution (amplification) of one another in a selected development direction. This is evolutionary essence of diffuzgentnost, i.e. the possibility of continuous re-projection of the entire experience, gained by all existing forms by means of variable choices, promoting the universalization of perception and improving the quality of psyche-mental processes. An important link, which also explains the diverse experience integration mechanism in the structure of genes, is the photon nature of the DNA of any living organism, photon-wave foundation of which allows the representatives of animal, vegetative and mineral kingdoms to interact with DNA of all other forms of consciousness. Another words, everything, that is being individually thought or emotionally experienced anywhere in the world by a person, animal, plant or a mineral, is simultaneously projected into the resonantly corresponding wave areas of the DNA of all other living organisms, regardless of how far away from the place of the event they are located. Some recent scientific studies also show the relationship between the information field and DNA. In 1990, a group of Russian physicists, molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists began to study certain parts of the DNA. Following the macromolecule’s samples laser radiation, they found that it attracts light, absorbing it like a sponge, storing its photons in a spiral. The proof of this had been the fact, that the wave pattern remained in the same place where the sample was rayed and the light continued its spiraling twist, although physically DNA was no longer there. Many test experiments showed that the energy field of DNA exist by itself as an energy counterpart, since the wave pattern formed the same form as the physical molecule, and existed there after the removal of the sample.

Dr. Tszyan Kanchgen, the Chinese scientist, in his "Theory of field’s control - Microwave Transfer of Biological Information” talks about the same issue. He has lead a series of experiments, which have shown an opportunity of direct transfer of the information from one biological object to another by radio waves. "It was previously assumed that the carrier of genetic information is a DNA molecule that contains the genetic code, but the achievements of modern physics allowed me to realize that the DNA - is only a" tape” with recorded information, while its material carrier are bio-electromagnetic signals. In other words, the electromagnetic field and the DNA – is a collection of genetic material, existing in two forms: passive and active - i.e. DNA and the electromagnetic field respectively. The first one retains the genetic code, providing the stability and the integrity of the organism, while the second one is responsible for all the changes in it. The affect by biological electromagnetic signals, containing both – the energy and information, is sufficient for this. By their nature, these signals – are the moving photons, which, according to quantum field theory, possess wave-particle properties". A device, which was created on the basis of this theory, is capable of "scanning" the information from one living object DNA, and send it to another living object. In one experiment with the electromagnetic field of a melon, Dr. Kanchgen was affecting the seeds of germinated cucumber. Raised fruit had a taste of the donor – a melon, and biochemical analysis showed that inside the DNA occurred the corresponding alterations, which have been passed down from generation to generation. A series of similar experiments in genetics allowed the researchers to suggest that the genetic code of an organism may be located not in the DNA molecule itself, but in its photon-wave energy-information twin.

It is possible to change the genetic information

Following the revolutionary and cutting-edge research in science and genetics of the past years, we are now approaching a new and very interesting point, beyond which there is even more valuable information, pertaining to the influence of thought process onto the human health and psyche. It is on this new fine line, where Iissiidiology, genetics, epigenetics, general science and self-healing integrate together. It is here, when we begin asking new questions: How our thoughts and emotions affect the perceivable signals and mechanisms inside our genes? How can we use this information in order to heal ourselves? Scientists increasingly suggest that the human genome and the activity of many genes are affected by external factors and behavioral reactions. Depending on the degree of quality and stability of psyche-mental human reactions to incoming external information, relevant groups of genes are activated, which lead to changes in physiological processes and appearance of new behavioral patterns in the psyche (Self-Consciousness Configuration), eventually becoming sustainable. On the other hand, there is an opposite view in the scientific community, which states that harmony of psyche-mental processes in the human consciousness depend on genetic information mostly expressing genes, working within the guidelines of these epigenetic markers, which are passed from generations to generations. However, I agree with Iissiidiology, which views it as interdependent and mutually reinforcing process, which requires additional research in the field of genetics, epigenetics and psychology.

Through the specificity of diverse processes occurring in the genes, not only the external features and the state of the functional activity of a biological organism, but also the generalized experience (or any part thereof), gained by the ancestors and specifically coded in chromosome configurations, can be transmitted over to generations. In other words, not only facial features and other characteristics of the physiological constitution, mostly inherent to both parents and their immediate families as well as the type of character, tendencies, habits, skills, abilities, but also an entire range of mental and psycho-emotional experience, peculiar to the lives of parents and other blood relatives of both generations, is a fundamental information for every newborn, initially linking him or her with certain, most likely development scenarios. Inherited genetic programs do not always manifest themselves immediately after birth. Sometimes these special patterns remain hidden until something in our life initiates them. The likelihood of developing of any particular disease may be present in our genes forever. However, the possibility of acquiring of that disease remains minimal until some specific event or emotion awakens certain memories along with the disease-causing gene, which would then “come out of the shadow".  Like many features of our physical body, these processes remain completely hidden to us.

However, at that, there is also another side to this coin. Any type of inheritance – is just a physiologically and psyche-mentally expressed cliché of increased creative ability of sustainable psyche-mental manifestations, peculiar to parents at the moment of conception, who in turn have copied it from their ancestors. And, like any form-cliché, synthesized on the basis of sustainable interaction of specific information and psychic realizations subjectively caused by that form-cliché, it is influenced by homogeneous vibrations, but of more powerful and intensive nature. This means that the increased influence onto the Self-Consciousness configuration with fundamentally new perceptions, consciously modernized in the required direction, and bearing in its structure significantly more favorable (for the chosen development  vector) energy-information, upon the sufficiently high willful effort, can result in substantial alteration of inheritance trait in the genetic code, which will not be equally dominant, be expressed to a much lesser extent, or will be suppressed by stronger perceptions and not expressed at all. Depending on the development direction, in which we make our choices other than those that were transmitted by our parents and thus being inherent to descendants, hidden or pronounced genetic inheritance would either decrease or flatten, or manifested largely, when perceptions of the minimal degree of egocentrism will manifest through individual self-consciousness. Experimental data on the importance of positive thinking in the management of DNA, as indicated above, asserts that genes determine our behavioral patterns only partially; as to the rest, it is the human individual, who is largely responsible for their own illnesses, addictions and mental upheavals, occurring in his or her consciousness.

Here is an example of American geneticist Bruce Lipton’s research. Over the years, he specialized in the field of genetic engineering, successfully defended his PhD dissertation, and became the author of several studies. All this time, Lipton, and many geneticists and biochemists believed that a human individual is kind of a bio-robot, whose life is subject to a program, recorded in his genes. The turning point in the views of Dr. Lipton became his experiments, conducted in the late 1980s, when he studied the behavior of the cell membrane. Before that, the science was under impression that genes, located in the cell nucleus, actually determined the information passing through the membrane. However, Dr. Lipton’s experiments have shown that external effects on the cell can influence the gene’s behavior and even lead to changes in their structure. The scientist concluded:

“It is well known that two people can have identical genetic predisposition to cancer. However, one patient develops the disease while the other one does not. Why is that? Obviously, because their lives were different: one has experienced stress far more often than the other has; they had different self-esteem and sense of self, a different way of thinking. Today I can state with absolute certainty that we are able to manage our biological nature; with the help of our thoughts, beliefs and inspirations we can indeed influence our genes, including the processes occurring at the molecular levels. In fact, I did not invent anything new. For centuries, doctors knew about the placebo effect – it is when the patient is offered a neutral substance instead of the medication. As a result, the healing effect actually occurs. But, oddly enough, a scientific explanation for this phenomenon was not yet provided".

The placebo effect - is an important evidence that we are able to control the biological processes in our body. It is also known, that this effect is triggered when someone has a certain attitude, absolute certainty in something and an unstoppable aspiration; all that produces the effect of actual materialization of desired. In fact, in our everyday lives, we utilize this principle constantly. If we desire to watch a certain TV channel, we simply switch over to it. This TV channel potentially always exists, but we need certain desire, interest, and, sometimes persistence in order to switch to it. In the context of the utilization of conscious control impulses, the same process occurs.  If we try to tune our Self-Consciousness to resonate with a specific frequency, we can indeed commence receiving certain information – the information, which this wave carries. The higher the wave frequency we can tune to, the more harmonious and extensive information will be provided. Hence, if we desire to receive an information of a higher degree of veracity regarding anything, we should tune our Self-Consciousness to a higher wave frequency, which is only possible if we make choices, correlating to the state of highly intellectual Altruism and Highly sensuous Intellect simultaneously (translator’s example). Summarizing all the above, we can conclude, that people have power over the genome. Understanding of this statement makes us completely free, but at the same time vests us with a higher degree of responsibility for our own destiny.

How can we most effectively influence any part of our DNA?

According to Iissiidiology the human genome code, for all of its seeming immutability and sustainability, is not an absolutely fixed energy-informational index of our three-dimensional biological structure due to the fact that the DNA molecule is the most dynamic part of a biological organism, constantly emitting electromagnetic fields of various quality and intensity, the characteristics of which are continually changing due to the environment, and the influence of internal psycho-bio-chemical processes. By generating positive thoughts, based on positive emotions, we order only "positive" selection of chemicals (hormones) to be produced. Accordingly, negative thoughts produce negative adjustment, and this fact has an enormous influence on the behavior of our cells. This was also corroborated by some scholars, who conducted their study in the field of genetics. Famous American scientists, doctors Glen Rein, PhD and Rollin McCraty, working together with the HeartMath Institute, have shown that focused positive emotions and thoughts actually alter the DNA samples in a solution, producing a biological effect "inside and beyond the human body”. During one such experiment, subjects expressing corresponding intention managed to twist and untwist the DNA molecule. Twisting of the DNA helix is associated with the restoration of the molecule, while unwinding of the DNA helix precedes the cell division. In another experiment, the subject was able to have an impact on the state of the DNA, which was located about half a kilometer away. Such studies have suggested (although not yet proven experimentally) that through conscious intention, we can influence the processes at the cellular level and even change the structure of DNA - our own genetic code!

All our perceptions, emanations (thoughts), emotions (feelings), as well as the DNA molecule itself, have their own implementation frequency as well as their own narrow-specific electromagnetic field configuration. Therefore, the creative activity dynamics of functionally similar gene groups stimulates or, conversely, inhibits the active manifestation of thoughts, emotions and aspirations within the structures of our Self-Consciousness. At every moment of our existence, depending on the degree of configuration quality, within the information space of our Self-Consciousness, only certain parts of the DNA structure can be activated. Once the focus dynamics changes its frequency, other regions of the genes immediately engage in this process, which is reflected in the qualitative life creativity, immediately changing the scope of interest application respectively. Hence, the conclusion that everything is interdependent and indivisible, explaining the fact why qualitative changes in one area correspondingly influence changes throughout.

Upon conscious and consistent altering of various parts of DNA gene activity dynamics with our positive thoughts, emotions and altruistically intellectual strive, we automatically (through the emergence of certain resonation effect in Space-Time) focus (i.e. qualitatively self-identify) only in these of our configurations, whose environment is structured by more favorable (harmonious) existential circumstances. Anyone, using a powerful altruistic intention, spiritual aspiration and sustainable thought-emotional focus within the highest quality states of Self-Consciousness, can fundamentally transform or modify the orientation of the entire high-quality creative genes activity of their DNA: namely, implement beneficially effective changes in genetic structure. That requires becoming more advanced and more humane. The essence of this condition is highly developed intelligence and altruism, which contribute to the emergence of a strong desire to live for others, learn to focus only on choices, corresponding to this noble objective. However, if you face any obstacles on this path, it is important to keep in mind that they were - consciously or unconsciously - once created not by someone else outside, but by you, in your own Self-Consciousness; therefore, they should not be considered as obstacles on the way, but rather as hidden and temporarily incomprehensible potential.

To minimize the number of adverse consequences of our choices, there is only one sure way: motivate most of your decisions with as much highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect as you can, which, throughout the inexhaustible implementation proto-form possibilities potentially structuring our focus dynamics, are peculiar to the true human existence principles – the primary reference points to the most harmonious human development path. It is important to note that the higher levels of altruism and intellectualism are also peculiar to various proto-form manifestation, which is expressed through the excessive activity of one of the two of its constituents. This is observed when people, practicing altruism are untenable in terms of intelligence, or vice versa, when people exhibiting intelligence are being extremely egocentric. Both, - the first and the second option reflect the parameters of human Self-Consciousness focus dynamics displacement towards some proto-form development direction. Consequently, it is a harmonious fusion of altruism and intellect, defined in Iissiidiology as highly sensuous Intellect and highly intellectual Altruism, which are the foundation of the True Human development direction characteristics. Additionally, the responsibility, compassion, empathy, tolerance, honesty, and other similar qualities being the harmonious constituents of these characteristics that can only be observed if an individual is actively striving in the direction of the True Human development.

Once such choices will become a natural part of human consciousness, form-creators of the DNA will commence steady modulation of only the high-frequency radiation dynamics into the geometry of space-time, contributing to automatic (resonant) increase of current existence conditions quality, which in turn will predominantly insure further development in the True Human development direction.

Biologically, our blood plasma will change its attributes and composition; the cells and the DNA structure will change as well, including activation of the next pair of chromosome strands, increasing of the number of synthetic amino acids. Thus, in the future, these massive mutagenic processes in our biological organisms will significantly modify our nerve, vegetative, haematogenic, urinary, digestive, endocrine and respiratory systems. Over time, this will lead to the fact that the bulk of the DNA activity will largely shift from the inferior, long wave frequency spectrum into the superior, photonic energy-type relationships (short wave), where current biochemical reactions lose their decisive role per se.

Increase in quality of psyche-mental process will be accompanied by the rapid development of technology in various fields of science. For example, all the qualitative trends that you would like to increase or, conversely, weaken, with the help of precisely aimed laser radiation at specific areas of the brain, will be possible to change and replace with the expected ones. Approximately the same results could be achieved with the help of individual development of special microscopic nano-devices (nanorobots), programmed for a deep infiltration into the chromosomal structure of each cell’s thorough targeted reconstruction, or a simple adjustment. How will this be performed? After the introduction of few nanobots, they first commence an intensive self-replication, due to certain chemical elements in our bodies, gradually filling the cells of all organs and systems, eventually beginning to implement the reconstruction program of the entire biological organism. Through careful experiments, carried out with consideration to this knowledge, the scientists will establish links between individual DNA regions and corresponding individual’s Self-Consciousness form-creator activity types, and will be able to use these characteristics for the implementation of targeted genetic engineering.

Scientists already know the responsibility areas of various parts of the DNA and various genes, but in the future, it will become possible to regulate the work of almost all relevant areas of genes – activating or suppressing them respectively. At that, please bear in mind that if your focus dynamics will begin a steady immersion into the implementation of various selfish tendencies, a certain reorientation will occur, where the targeted virtual self-form modeling capacity will consistently diminish, ultimately leaving you in scenarios, where such technology and genetic form transformation opportunities and our other universal abilities, are completely absent.

Life will constantly - and in the coming years more and more demandingly - begin to establish for each of us certain quality borders of our choices, which will determine the consequent tendency of our lives: either we increasingly self-dismiss out of this development trend and remain within the inferior-quality existential circumstances with extremely limited creative opportunities, including lack of biological organism rejuvenation capacity; or, we can become highly altruistic and intellectual, gradually commencing to experience drastically increased creative potential of new worlds with far more harmonious relationship conditions in the human community, where not only our creative implementation opportunities exorbitantly expand, but the properties of the surrounding world change accordingly, since the configurations of forms we focus into, precisely reflect the configurations of the surrounding space-time geometry: our own quality determines the quality of the world around us.


This article contains an overview of various scientific standpoints that indicate the fact that our genetic code is not static and can change under the influence of external factors and behavioral responses. Based on individual understanding of Iissiidiology, answers to the following questions were provided: What is a DNA structure? Can a human being or any other form of existence affect the genetic information inherent to that structure, and how effectively it can be performed? A comparative analysis of scientific data regarding the ability of the person and any other form of self-consciousness to influence the genetic information was also provided.

The following conclusions can be drawn:

- inheritance and environmental factors, as well as psyche-mental human activity are inextricably linked, in their totality being the basis for the new gene level relationships formation, contributing to the universalization of the human and other forms of Self-Consciousness DNA structure, creating additional development opportunities;

- genetic information as a set of energy-informational linkages, includes not only human, but also other experience, passed to us through identical genes, structuring organisms of animals, plants, minerals and so on, which is derived in different existence conditions; before commencing the development in the True Human direction, we first must walk throughout a multitude of proto-form implementations with our focus dynamics; this is the essence of an evolutionary development;

- Diffuzgentnost and the photon nature of DNA allow continuous re-projection of all experience between all existing forms of Self-Consciousness and the interaction with their DNA, which is the reason for the formation of additional experience, which, upon its intuitive perception, becomes a clue in solving various problems;

- Inherited genetic program not always manifests immediately after birth, its activity and intensity depend on the quality of the choices made by the given form of Self-Consciousness;

- One of the most effective ways to influence the DNA - the development of certain traits, such as highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect; but here, too, it is important to remember that due to the principle of diffuzgentnost between all forms of self-consciousness, the predominant activity, peculiar to some of proto-form development directions may occur;

- Thus, any individual distinctive characteristic development scenario, both biological and psychological, may be the result of the unique genetic composition (genotype) and a unique experience. In any event, quality of psycho mental states and the individual characteristics of human biological organisms, through certain choices, constantly change, becoming either more brutal or painful, which is an indicator of Self-Consciousness proto-form implementation immersion, or more refined and universal, meaning more humane. We are what we represent of ourselves. The surrounding world and people in it - are such, as we imagine them to be, as we treat them, as we think about them and type of relationship we establish with them.

In the course of the given work, I became convinced that we are quite able to rewrite history, imprinted in our genes, thereby change our destiny in a corresponding development direction. I also came to conclusion that information, pertaining to the structure and DNA influence methods, presented in Iissiidiology, will greatly help scientists in their subsequent work on the genome description. This includes the identification (sequencing) of all genes, establishing their functions, state characteristics, finding of disease mutation sources, and all the future research in the field of genetics and epigenetics, which will lead to new breakthroughs.

Author: Aygillgirlliyya