Dearest friends, today we are conducting a live video interview with average people on the street. We asked everyone, ‘What does it mean to be a True Human Being?





Question: Please tell us; What in your own opinion is the ‘True Human Being?

- In my opinion, such a true human being is someone with an open and warm heart. Someone who values not only his or her own essentials, but also rather the essentials of other people.
An honest and sincere individual. Someone who can always be there and understand you.
That is someone who loves everyone. His or her entire surrounding reality is love.
Without this important feature there is no creation and no humanity. I suppose that true human being is a primary role model. A true human should be a decent, kind and spiritual individual.
Such a person should have developed family qualities. God has created us not so that we could
only eat, drink, sleep, go to work and breed. God created us so that we could create our families
and protect other people. Being a true human should imply an internal culture
of motivating people for better choices and a positive worldview.  It should teach to see yourself in others. Currently it is extremely difficult to find such people. It is almost impossible to simply find humanly people, let alone True Humans. I think that primarily, spirituality should be developed above all other qualities. A True Human being should strive towards higher
spiritual objectives.

Question: What you think it takes to become such aTrue Human?

- I think that no one is initially born bad or good. However, the individual behavior patterns are
imbedded during childhood. It is necessary to learn to cultivate these qualities within one’s own self-conscious. That is the primary reason we have a notion pertaining to continuing self-development. The True Human quality development implies enjoying everything you do and doing everything you enjoy. Regardless of an outside opinion. If the parents teach their children such humanly qualities as love, tolerance, kindness and clemency, surely the children will grow up to be good. Everyone can do it if only, they desire it hard enough. Some people are perfectly okay the way they are and do not want to change. I suppose the preconditions to become such True Human exist in everyone. To become such an individual is not only easy, but also very desirable. I am sure that everyone would feel much better if only we all attempted to understand one another. The only way to become True Human is to understand others. It is that simple.
I am convinced that absolutely everyone can become True Human. The best way to become a True Human is to communicate to someone who has already advanced in that direction. Uncovering inner potential. is to be open and sincere with everyone. To become a True Human probably requires being kind, tolerant, sympathetic, loving and forgiving.  We all make mistakes in life, so forgiveness should therefore be the leading quality of such individual. True Humans treat others the same way he or she wishes to be treated. Even the most degraded individual can pull himself together. He can look into the sky and experience himself as an indispensable part of the entire universe, created by the Supreme Intellect.

Question: Speaking of True Human, how would you describe the notion of ‘Human Love’?

- It is forgiveness and tolerance. Love is a true happiness. It is the sincere and profound comprehension of others as well as self. In my opinion, love is caring, understanding and
support. I think that to love is unconditionally giving your love to others. True Human Love is, above all, mutual understanding and support. It is the desire to not only understand, but also
experience the emotions of others.It is a very important emotion, which sustains the humanly qualities in all of us.

Question: Which role of intellectual development plays in the life of a True Human being?

- If an individual is intellectually challenged, he or she may have quite a poor view of the world.
He or she almost entirely focus on survival issues. Without intellect, we simply are not able to realize the entire potential of our social responsibility. I think that people should read vast amount of diverse literature. Therefore, they may become all around polymathic and culturally advanced. When you communicate to intellectually advanced people you also receive vital Information. You will not be able to equally communicate to someone who is intellectually challenged. Therefore, when you read highly intellectual material, you can become even more intellectual. It is important to read a lot and have an inquisitive mind. Intellectually advanced individuals have an entirely different mindset. They are usually aimed at a globally beneficial
creation. On the other hand, if a person is weak internally, his or her reasoning ability is aimed at division and destruction. This individual has a consumerist mindset.

Question: Could you always define an intellectually advanced individual as being wise?

- Anyone can be wise while an intellect can be foolish.Wisdom comes with age, with existential experience. Only extensive experience makes someone truly wise. If someone can divert his or her knowledge and comprehension to the benefit of others, such person can in my opinion, be considered wise. However, if he or she simply possesses a lot of information, which does not really benefit any one around him, this individual is just an intellect. Spirituality and high morality are entirely different qualities than scientific knowledge. If a person is, by trade a mathematician or a physicist, it does not mean that he or she loves anyone except that particular field of study.
A purely intellectual approach applied without sensuousness can be different and often cynical.
Therefore, it is great if high intellect goes along with higher sensuousness. First, wisdom comes with experience. Second, everything is learned in comparison. By comparing various situations we become smarter and wise, making no mistakes along the way. True wisdom is an ability to understand others. If someone possesses intellectual abilities, he or she could be considered wise and constantly advancing.

Human life is above all, a practical application of any opportunities for manifestation of warm
kindness, unconditional love and the highest clemency, in harmony with continuous development of intellectual potential. True Human always remains in the state of individual responsibility. Even for mischiefs and errors which had occurred at someone else’s fault. This is because such a highly responsible individual can steadily focus upon the profound understanding of all surrounding events true cause. Such a person always realizes he or she is the only true creator of their own destiny. There is nobody else to blame for any spiritual aspirations or existential failures. Overcoming the seemingly endless cycle of evil, lies, hypocrisy and condemnation is possible only by virtue of one’s own self-control, courage and compassion. Nurtured in the fertile soil of higher love, altruism and intellect the state of higher intellect implies the necessity of sharing ones own knowledge and comprehension with others. This profound quest for high-frequency energy-informational mutual exchange becomes so strong, existentially vital and objectively indispensable, that factually there are no means of escaping it. Keeping this significant information and not sharing it with others can result in an internal collapse. It may cause a complete loss of meaning of life and self-existence purpose. The same goes for the essence of the higher altruism. Which by synthesizing with higher intellectuality, is transformed into a highly intellectual wisdom, the creative dynamics of which is not based on idle rhetoric pertaining lofty matters, farfetched contrived ambitious mind games, charitable humanity, but on the fact, that it is simply impossible for you to live and act otherwise. According to iissiidiology, consistently manifested altruism inevitably elevates the quality of your existence purposefully refocusing you into more and more favorable existential conditions.
Whereby opportunities for high-frequency self-expression exist in truly exorbitant amounts.

“The choices we make dictate the life we lead” (William Shakespeare)

Our choices attract the corresponding existential circumstances. So, be natural and live boldly, shine brighter, create
your life consciously, more positive and more exciting. Generously and liberally sharing your love and spiritual joy you receive from altruistically-intellectual acts with others. And soon enough you will experience yourself in a society, where everyone could be defined as the True Human.

With Love!