Question: - I want to ask about alcohol addiction. If I read iissiidiology and aspired to be better, and then particular states come, when nothing can help it, I betray everyone. And when I come out of these states, I again become as creative as I can. But all that could have been spoiled is spoiled. How is it possible to resist it? What can be done to ensure that next time, when the urge of alcoholic intoxication comes, I do not succumb to it? How is it possible to resist it? What motivations are needed?


Oris: - Good question. I think that the more profound the knowledge becomes, the deeper will become the understanding that any re-focusing into a state that excludes the presence of intellect and altruism, takes you further away from the goal which you aspire to. If your interest is weaker than the one that is based on some buzz, on some state of oblivion or non-thinking, or shut-off from problems, from some heavy states or difficult tasks, or from unsolvable problems, then you will not be able to resist. After all, alcohol usually represents a way to have a break. A person gets tired of some stress, or from something else, and allows himself to enter such a state of not-thinking, or rather, thinking about something else, about something that does not represent any difficulties. But unfortuantely, our body is designed in such a way, that an addiction is being developed. And the withdrawel from complex tasks, through alcoholism, is not a solution. In any case, these problems will need to be addressed later.


 But I really can understand people in such situations when some long-term emotional stress, some mental, some internal, tears him apart, or some unsolvable situation exists. And in this desperate situation, no solution can come to mind. Such a person is simply torn apart: to do one thing or another. If you were to do this, then the result is one, and if you were to do that, the result is the other. The first one is wrong, and the second one is wrong. Or something is right, but for the sake of yourself, or something is right, but for the sake of someone else. Someone will have to suffer from any of these choices. And what to do so not to hurt anyone, so that this trouble will go away? But there is no way. You cannot sleep. You don’t do anything, because thoughts are overcrowded. And of course, the easiest way out, is not to drink much. Initially, such a person does not want to get drunk. He says to himself, ‘I’m only going to take the pressure off a bit, that’s all.’ The pressure does not go away. ‘Well I’ll add a little bit more, and a little bit more.’ And then certain parts of the brain, certain neural interrelations, are brought to a halt, all brakes are lost. And to bring the situation back to normal is impossible. I understand such people. And any of you can understand them. The question is, whether you want to, or don’t want to. I think that if your self-development interest is high enough, you can find the right way out from such a situation, to take the necessary decisions and such mental stresses will occur less and less. Then the need to get away from these situations will decrease.


I think that a person who studies iissiidiology, not the one who studies, but the one who already has a deep understanding, is to a lesser degree, inclined to such decisions. Only because he understands that this will not bring any positivism. It will bring no harmony to his future, but only introduces some protoformic directions. From which it may not be possible to get out of, or it will be quite difficult and time consuming to exit them.


There are also states of inglimiliss realisations. When the mind does not allow some part of particular levels of formo-creators to be realised. If you do it consciously, then, in principle, you should understand that, ‘I’m doing this to realise myself in this direction’. And after, when this state is gone, when the realisatiion has occurred, then there is no need for another dose of alchohol. Need only occurs in such cases when you understand that it is not possible to realise yourself in this direction without the turning off of the mind. And you cannot turn off the mind just like that. And because the mind is very active, sensual realisations become impossible. There is a fine line that is very easy to cross. Therefore, the deeper you will convey through iissiidiology, the more qualatative decisions you will be able to find in such situations.


- Thank you.


- The question is not unequivocal. And to give a clear answer, and for me to say, ‘just do not drink, and that’s it,’ is not impossible. It is not for me to teach you. Everything in life happens, but it is important to know the limit. None of us are sinless. Everyone has some lack of experience, but it is important to stop on time. For example, to drink one glass of wine instead of five, in order to relax and feel normal, and not to lose your human form. Or to drink a beer instead of wine, if you really have a need for it. But this is only my personal opinion. This is not the opinion of an iissiidiologist. And iissiidiologist would have explained that it is necessary to understand that this choice is not a valatative one. Therefore, you need to direct your attention to something else. But I understand that with such a lack of experience, in some aspects, it may not be possible, it is simply impossible. Yes, and to experience what is missing, is only possible in such states where the minddoes not particiapte.