Current presentation, created by the reader of IISSIIDIOLOGY, demonstrates introductory and subjective description of basic conceptions and principles of Multiverse formation based on the information, depicted in Volume 1 of “IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals”. Simple examples are used to describe the multitudes of instantaneous manifestation mechanisms of various opportunities or choices, according to which the refocusing dispersion throughout the variety of different Worlds occurs. Additionally, the process of own destiny or existential history (rotation cycle in terms of IISSIIDIOLOGY) formation, as well as the primary factors (individual Self-Consciousness conditions) that affect the quality of subjectively generated World scenario, is also reviewed.

1.   Multiverse manifestation principles

Let us review a simplified version of the basic Multiverse formation principles, selected by the author in volume 1 of “IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals”. The Multiverse manifestation mechanism implies primordially ACTUAL, and not imaginary, simultaneous existence of all possible Form and event variations (accessible and inaccessible to our perception respectively), i.e. absolutely everything – of all possible eras and time continuums. The simultaneity of EVERYTHING THERE IS multi-quality manifestation process is provided by universal holographic properties, which organize the multiplicity and heterogeneity of any Self-Consciousness Form’s Focus Dynamic states  - humans, animals, plants, minerals, particles and atoms, stars and planets, etc.

IISSIIDIOLOGY defines various states of Self-Consciousness as Focus Dynamics - this affine creativity (or Interest) of individual attention Focus, provides the entire spectrum of existential functions simultaneously at various awareness levels (cellular, biochemical, physical, sensory-emotional, and so on), which produces certain frequency rhythms in the brain and the perceptual system. It is farther asserted that EVERYTHING consists of specific types of mind or consciousness, which appear in the relevant materiality types due to the unique Self-Consciousness Focus Configuration - various fragment types of Energy and Information projection (Focus) combinations.

Various combinations of Energy-Information produce multi-quality Self-Consciousness streams and activity levels, defining its functionality and potentiality: the speed and amount of memory, mental and physical health, addictions, skills, talents, and all current individual Perceptions of Self, including the predominant worldviews.

Figuratively it can be assumed that the Self-Consciousness focus Configuration - is clearly defined computer (hardware), and programs (software) of various functionality levels and scope. Dominant activity within Self-Consciousness of unconscious levels inhibits the recognition and realization processes due to low-frequency brain functioning ability, severe fragmentation and weak saturation of these levels by Energy-Information, which in turn weakens the recollection process. At the same time, the subconscious or SUPERCONSCIOUS activity levels enable higher brain rhythm frequencies, in turn increasing memory volumes, quality and versatility of Energy-Information, providing opportunities for higher quality choice, solution, Concept and Idea implementation.

In our Reality, slloogrentnost is manifested as a holography, although the holography itself, as author explains, is only a part of this principle. Simplistically, the slloogrentnost principle is based on the self-projection of Informational fragments spheroidally throughout all possible development directions. It was discovered in various scientific experiments that each part of the holographic film contains the entire information about the image, recorded on it. Slloogrentnost organizes and implements through the diversity principle, which implies the property of Information to self-project its Creative Activity (Energy- Information Focus Dynamics) throughout all possible development vectors, onto EVERYTHING THERE IS.

In relation to the Multiverse, it can be asserted that slloogrentnost describes general scenarios and common states of any of the infinite Worlds, while diversity characterizes specific multi-quality actions and conditions of individual parts of the same World. State of any particular World is reflected through the mechanism, called “World Memory of the Past" (simply put, it is the planetary and human "history"). “World Memory of the Past" - is a unique Energy-Informational content, structured by variable scenarios, initially implemented by all Forms of Self-Consciousness. “World Memory of the Past" defines such parameters of the current scenario, as variety and quality of populations, means of communication, each form of Self-Consciousness choice spectrum, surrounding reality conditions and capabilities (beginning from the Space-Time geometry, which defines gravitational, electromagnetic and any other planetary force fields, all the way to climatic, geological, geographical, environmental, and other properties).

2.   Choice Diversity and multiple Worlds

Here is the schematic example – most people have weekends and individual spare time, which can be spent many different ways, for example, by walking in the park. We will define it the "primary" choice, which provides a group of "secondary" choice scenarios - park, forest, sea, river, mountains, etc. (according to individual circumstances, stipulating the geographical location of the person). However, suddenly came clouds and the rain, thus canceling the initial choice group “walk in the park”, but offering another choice group. At the same time, all other situations, where the rain did not start or turned into a slight drizzle, and where this individual did go for a walk in the park, are carried out in parallel scenarios, inaccessible to his perception, but experienced by his other personal Interpretations in various states of Self-Consciousness.

Next, let us say a person chooses to take an "Internet journey", which becomes his next "primary" choice vector, simultaneous with which all other choices are also being implemented by his other individual Interpretations throughout the multitude of other Worlds with similar scenarios. A new choice vector implementation can also occur variably; above all, it depends on the individual’s primary inclinations and interests as well as the impact of rain on his mood. For instance, in the state of despondency, he can elect a group of "secondary" choice vectors (sub-scenarios), such as:

- "have some fun" (play online games, watch movies, etc.)

- "relax" (watch other types of videos, or participate in various cynically entertaining forums)

- "communicate" (chat rooms and social networking, where he could express his complains, seek sympathy, etc.)

- "discussion of the latest news" (to comfort offended ambition), and so on and so forth.

However, if an individual is interested in self-development and perceived the rain positively, he might of have chosen a different vector group:

- "do something more useful" (watch educational films, or read educational forums)

- "do something more useful for himself and for others" (exchange of own experiences, provide an advice)

- "do something more beneficial primarily for others" (write and share informative article or video clip, a poem, or a book). All these, and similar choices exist on the internet as well.

The influence of various factors and Collective Cosmic Intellects (forces of nature, various errands, contacts with friends, family, pets, co-workers, officials, etc.), imposes certain restrictions of time and quality on each sub-scenario variation.

Variable amount of time could be spent on every sub-scenario. It is argued that the first choice vector group elections will most likely enhance the non-positive Self-Consciousness states (irritability, resentment), while the choices from the second group will most likely help sustaining the overall positivism. Each such choice vector group has its own multitude of sub-choice scenarios, transitioning into another “primary” choice vector group.

Provided for the multi-polarization (diversity), new choice vectors await us at every moment of our lives, being either the “primary”, defining our most important development directions, or "secondary" sub-scenarios, specifying the quality and speed dynamics of parallel Worlds, while implementing the "primary" choice vector group by the variety of our other individual Interpretations. In our example, it is clear that the various individual Interpretations differ in terms of quality of their state of Self-Consciousness. More negative and egocentric individual Interpretations correspond to simpler choices and less favorable existential scenarios, while more positive and altruistic ones are capable of more complex and qualitative choices, corresponding to far more favorable existential sub-scenarios. If someone is ready to share something positive with others, he or she gets the same in return. Our emotional states are made up of certain activity levels of individual Self-Consciousness, limiting the quality of our actions by certain choices. In turn, our choices strictly correspond to the World scenarios quality, according to the iissiidiological Resonation Response Principle. It is the principle of attraction and interaction between similar or compatible types of Energy and Information, which in modern science is commonly defined as the “Law of attraction”.

Chains of elections or the transition between various activity types transpose into unique World scenario sequence (commonly referred known as “the history” or “fate”) or, in iissiidiological terms, - the rotational Shifts, forming various rotational Cycles. World groups, which are similar in terms of their quality, duration, intensity and event speed, are called sequential Worlds (stipulated by all simultaneously available choices). In our example, we have five sequential World groups.

Each World represents a complex slloogrent Form-system, which is created by re-projection of concurrent Focus Dynamics of all participants of its manifestation. Simplistically, our individual World Form-system - is our sequential World group, providing us with specific set of choices with other participants of current scenario subjective World dynamics imposition, who also influence our choices. Thus, every moment of our lives represents the sequence of choices or the multi-polarization possibility throughout various embodiments of our individual interests. Hence, individually, we experience of only a single sequential choice vector in our individual World, while all other similar choices in parallel Worlds are carried out simultaneously by our other personal Interpretations, having slightly different Self-Consciousness Configuration. We can always track our own Interpretations activity through the states of internal dialogue, for example, before an important conversation, by determining options for a more adequate self-expression, or following any event, by recalling and analyzing our behavior.

All these internal searches for another possible solution - are the consequences of events we experience in our parallel scenarios by our different Interpretations. Each Form of Self-Awareness (not just human), implements a refocusing into the next World group at every moment of its individual Life, according to the quality of its individual choices it is capable of committing at any given moment of time.

In order for us to refocus into more favorable scenario, it is important to understand and determine our “primary” choice vector, which preconditions our primary development direction, i.e. primary motivational purpose and motive of our existence. Often our inability to comprehend or even define our primary existential motivations, results in inefficiency and sometimes, complete deviation from our primary objectives, when we are faced with a painful choice - "to be or not to be". Just keep in mind that the “amount” of Altruism and Intellect, which is present in your existential choices, directly affects the quality of your existential World scenarios, which you subjectively generate.

3.   Primary Multiverse formation principles

a.      Uniqueness of each individual Focus Configuration, representing the combination of strictly relevant to each other, types of Energy and Information, which in turn form the entire spectrum of variable elements of the Universe - from the amoebae, minerals, plants, animals, humans and the elementary particles to the planets, stars, Galaxies, etc.

b.      Continuous rotation and multi-polarization of each Form of Self-Consciousness of current World Form-Systems into the sequentially related ones.

c.       " World Memory of the Past" (human and planetary “history”) - is a unique Energy-Informational content of every World Form-System, structured by various rotational Cycles of primordially implemented choices, which in turn serve as individual experience of each Self-Consciousness Form,  inscribed in the given scenario, as well as all possible properties and capabilities of Space-Time, planetary fields, human and other achievements.


Thus, the slloogrentnost and diversity principles of EVERYTHING THERE IS provide simultaneous manifestation of various World quality conditions, or World scenarios. All scenarios already primordially exist, and their manifestation occurs through our choices.

Similar Multiverse ideas are reflected in the correlated state conception of Hugh Everett, in the biocentrism conception of Robert Lanza, in the superposition and superstring theory principles and throughout other theories and hypotheses of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

There are instances of fictitious memory, when participants of the same event remember it differently. Sometimes, when various items were considered lost, they were later discovered at the same place after being missing during an extensive period of time, even though the participants recall not seeing them there previously. Other examples include instances of intuition or specific situation premonition, encouraging to spontaneous actions, which in turn are partly conscious, but without logical justification of the motivational reasons, and so on. They all are stipulated by the simultaneous existence of an infinite amount of various Worlds and their multiple development scenarios.

Summarizing the above statement, we have concluded that any interaction provides us with multitude of various choices, and these interactions occur according to the Resonation Response Principle. Whereby our Self-Consciousness Configurations, just like filters, allow for subjective “unpacking” of only resonant (within the same frequency range, compatible) scenarios, thus forcing us perceiving them as the only occurring ones. All other implemented choice variations remain inaccessible to our perception mechanisms, since our current Self-Consciousness Configurations remain in dissonance and inconsistency with them. Our worldview perceptions as well as our current states of Self-Consciousness always strictly correspond to the specific World groups. More qualitative states of Self-Consciousness correspond to higher quality World scenarios, while less qualitative states of Self-Consciousness correspond to lesser qualitative World scenarios respectively.

Therefore, by developing higher quality Self-Consciousness states of humanity and rationality, openness and kindness, highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensuous Intellect, we automatically become participants of more favorable World groups with higher quality scenarios, beneficial for the development of the entire humanity as a whole.