During the last century, many highly-educated individuals expressed their opinion regarding a new Knowledge soon to arrive, which would ultimately unify the main principles of science and religion to create a certain, close and enduring symbiosis, and finally eliminate the increasing antagonism between spiritual and materialistic methods of human cognition. This new Information trend is not only intended to link together and correlate the majority of various fields of knowledge that study the surrounding reality, but also to provide the multi-level explanation of various natural phenomena in general, and human life in particular, thus solving the currently unsolved scientific and social issues. A little time has passed, and now such a universal Knowledge is available to the humanity. It is called IISSIIDIOLOGY. It is based on the newest cosmological conceptions regarding the origination and existence of the entire universal structure (Energy-Plasma), as well as individual self-conscious elements in it (field structures, or Conscious-Fields) that constitute every existing thing, including all of us, the worlds of our manifestation, and the entire objective reality perceptible to us. 


Oris, the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY, has introduced these Conceptions to the human collective Consciousness from the higher levels – (in relation to the currently active average ones) – of his own Self-Consciousness; having “peeked into” the future higher-quality worlds, he has managed to describe them in detail.The reason why any occurrence or phenomenon takes place – is to master our self-determination ability always to choose our own existential path, based on our own “individual” experience and “collected” Information – (clause 10.10201, Volume 10 of “Commentaries to the Fundamentals” of IISSIIDIOLOGY).

For that, we constantly refocus into various circumstances (development scenarios), shifting our Close Attention Focus (CAF) throughout the infinite multitude of various worlds inside our own Self-Consciousness. IISSIIDIOLOGY, as the Knowledge of refocus-modeling principles, helps us to find answers to such questions as: “Where to go next? Which experience is of more interest to us? Do we need to experience it “ourselves”, or should we let our other “interpretations” (Stereo-Types) go through it, because we always exchange Information with them anyway?” and many more.

The versatility of this Knowledge has an incredibly wide scope, ranging from in-depth insights into the multitude of conventional scientific fields, such as many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics, String Theory, M-Theory, Theory of All, theory of time and inertia, wave DNA theory, evolution theory, and brain structure theory, to its practical application in our daily Life (defining its fundamental meaning, current content, development perspectives, and conscious choice making ability).

One of the axiomatic notions of IISSIIDIOLOGY states that absolutely EVERYTHING ALREADY EXISTS: all possible variations of our every choice, which we make each moment, already exist. At the same time, each of these choices is being implemented only in its own universe that differs from all other ones bythis very choice. Our task is to “tune” our Consciousness (like a radio) to the desired frequency, thus making a corresponding Universe real for us; it becomes materialized before us in the form of surrounding reality, reflecting the quality dynamics of our own Self-Consciousness.

Every single instant, we choose the world of our own conscious existence and refocus into it. And everything we perceive as one universe, in reality represents a countless amount of various incredible possibilities that, as though being superimposed onto one another, form an endless multitude of other, parallel, or alternative Universes.

Hence, the Life of a “human being” can be imagined as a peculiar journey along the time line of each possibility among a countless number of them included in innumerable Universes. The journey is occasionally accompanied by “shifts” into other possibilities within other Universes that make possible the implementation of any dream or fantasy we can imagine.

All of this is actually the refocusing process I was referring to; in fact, “death” being one among many of such instances, can never be registered or anyhow perceived by us, as living personalities. It is, so to speak, a usual, trivial element of our uninterruptible individual existence.

Our physiological immortality, just like with any other living beings, is conditioned by the very Principle of unity and integrity of various interrelations between the information structures that concurrently provide general universal manifestation effect of “humans” and everything else, which we define as “the Universe”. Everything that was ever born cannot die in any way, cease to exist, or “vanish into the thin air”. If, for some reason, a physical human body ceases to carry out its functions (followed by a natural change of its manifestation range, which is interpreted as “death of a personality” by the observers), the focus of human self-consciousness immediately shifts into another physical body which exists in a slightly different – parallel – world, and, without registering or feeling anything out of the ordinary, this individual continues to live his/her life as usual in that “newly acquired body”. The dramatic details of such unconscious refocusing transition (death) don’t retain within the subjective memory of a “new” personality’s form, and the person doesn’t even suspect that he/she just died in one of parallel worlds.

Thus, studying this Knowledge, one can soon enough arrive at the inevitable conclusion that any Human Being is initially, eternally and infinitely immortal, and that each of us can attain a real, continuous, and conscious physical existence, if only we begin to actively follow and apply the principle of this Knowledge in our everyday life.

Of cause, such Knowledge cannot be simple and primitive! Just think about it: it is based on the principle of holographic nature (slloogrentost, in terms of IISSIIDIOLOGY) of everything in the Universe; this principle equally provides any Self-Consciousness with opportunities to be a part of more developed and integral Consciousness, whose perception of the universe is much wider and more comprehensive, as well as to advance its creativity on its own. That implies the presence of different dimensions throughout the universe that differ in quality. This approximately corresponds to the concept, presented by the Superstring Theory interpretation. This also implies the constant development and complication of everything, including this Knowledge.

IISSIIDIOLOGY describes all mechanisms of our subjective perception very minutely and comprehensively, although without the generally-accepted empirical evidence, depicting complete field structure dynamics as an integral interaction mechanism of the Universe, and all of its constituents (including human beings). Every instant of our Lives, we perceive the Universe by means of our senses and deal only with certain Conscious-Fields spectrum, on which we can focus upon by our perception system (thoroughly explained thereafter), and not with all their countless diversity. This is determined by the perception narrowness of our current worldview, the “broadening”, efficient, conscious and wise “management” of which, is, in fact, the primary condition, necessary for the purposeful and conscious refocusing into more favorable variants of our future.

The qualitative state of our existence, coupled with a level of our cerebral activity, are very important, since the above-mentioned Conscious-Fields, monitored by our brain’s structures, subjectively materialize into everything we see around us by means of our own Self-Consciousness. In other words, any physical object, including physical matter as such, exists just in a form of our subjective perception of them, whereas only the Conscious-Fields themselves (simply put – combinations of our thoughts and feelings) are real, and exist objectively. Therefore, our primary activity is a conscious manipulation of our thoughts and feelings, enabling us to “create” (but in reality simply choose out of many already existing choices!) the surrounding reality range within our own Self-Consciousness.

IISSIIDIOLOGY provides all the details regarding the brain functioning, which is intrinsically a quantum-holographic information transformer. Researching it, you will find out that this Knowledge is universal. There, you can also find the information that physical human bodies, as well as the whole material world are the result and the consequence of their more developed and more objective states, which has been corroborated in many scientific fields lately, such as psychology and physiology.

Everything, described above represents the intellectual side of IISSIIDIOLOGY. However, this Knowledge has one more important side – the development of elevated feelings. There exist 555 songs, being the unique addendum to harmonious development and more effective assimilation of high-frequency IISSIIDIOLOGY information. Their spiritualizing lyrics, filled with joy, warmth and heartfelt love towards everything, were written by Oris to the tune of popular melodies of the 20th and the 21st centuries. When we sing (or listen to) these songs and consciously tune to the profound comprehension of their meaning as a purpose of our lives, so effectively and simply put into words, we arrive at the state of love, cordiality, benevolence, understanding and mutual acceptance of all.

Thus, when we have bright and pure thoughts and feelings, we sequentially refocus into higher-quality human realities with amazing possibilities for individual highly-intellectual creativity, as well as for servicing for the benefit of the entire cosmic community.

Therefore, we invite you into the realms of IISSIIDIOLOGY – the newest Universal Knowledge regarding the Humankind existence Laws, the Universe, as well as other Cosmic Entities and Collective Intelligences. Everyone who wishes to cognize this Knowledge will get reasoned revelations of the great Mysteries of Life and “Death”, as well as of the Principles of “personal” Immortality. Utilizing them, people will start to cultivate Energy-Information of higher Energy-Plasma Levels within their own Self-Consciousness, thus gradually becoming more harmonious and balanced and acquiring greater chances for conscious and effective refocusing into tremendously advanced and perfected Worlds of their Eternal Existence.